With over 20 years of pre-kindergarten experience to her credit, Marilyn A. Christensen has cultivated significant expertise working with English language learners, inner city students, and early childhood intervention special education students. In her work with the Houston Independent School District, where she has excelled as an educator and teacher since 1992, she coordinates instruction for students receiving in-classroom support, student inclusion in both regular and self-contained classrooms, and on-site therapy. Alongside her work with the Houston Independent School District, she also spent time on the staff of the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council as a counselor, program director and assistant camp director from 1997 to 2001 and was a long-term substitute teacher for the fifth grade and behavior

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Drawing upon more than 25 years of professional expertise, Lila Molaison Samuel, Esq. has practiced almost exclusively in the area of family law, representing cases regarding child custody and visitation, divorces, Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act jurisdictional issues, and community property partitions. Before entering law school in her late 30s, Ms. Samuel flourished in several other fields, including work with the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services for two years. Before embarking on her legal journey, Ms. Samuel earned a Bachelor of Arts in history and political science from Louisiana State University and a JD from Loyola University’s School of Law. After graduating from law school in 1991, she became board certified to practice family law through

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Donna Gray


Donna L. Gray has been a successful small business owner in Snyder, Texas, for more than 55 years, currently serving as the president of Texas Red Products LLC & Pit Sealant since 2020. Over the course of her career, she has owned five different companies, beginning in 1963 as the owner and operator of Donna’s Beauty Shop. She later owned and managed La Charme’ Health Spa from 1968 to 1975 and Snyder Bookstore and Giftshop from 1978 to 1990, and was a part-owner and secretary of Ice Melt Products LLC in 1992, as well as a part-owner and treasurer of Desert Brine, Inc., from 2005 to 2020. In years prior, Ms. Gray excelled as an assistant postmaster for the U.S.

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Elaine Cole


As the daughter of a teacher and a preacher, Elaine M. Cole knew that she would live a life of service to her community. She wanted to pursue a career that allowed her to travel, meet other people and understand different cultures. She received a Bachelor of Science in business administration and human resource management from Robert Morris University in 2003, and a Master of Science in executive leadership from Champlain College in 2017. In her career, she spent 17 years as a travel agent and supervisor with U.S. Airways from 1990 to 2002, and eventually decided to join the Social Security Administration in Pennsylvania. Ms. Cole became a public affairs specialist for the Social Security Administration and has been

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After receiving a Bachelor of Arts from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University and a Master of Fine Arts from Yale Drama School, “Helaine London” (Lani Click) created an original survey, which was later transformed into an article called “The Playwriting Student: A Threatened Species,” published by the Yale Alumni Magazine. She worked as a playwright for many years, and taught on the faculty of University of Connecticut and Hampshire College, as well as the Community College of Baltimore County, where she produced a traveling vaudeville show starring senior citizens. Decades later, she established Palm Beach Purses in south Florida, where she excels as a designer. While living in south Florida, she has delighted in the easy access to vast tropical

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With two decades of administrative expertise to her credit, Pamela D. Price, MSA, PMP, CSM, CSPO, excels as the proprietor of Priceless Dreams, with her success cemented in her affinity for teaching. Throughout her higher education, she learned that the percentage of Americans who applied to and attended college remained considerably low at the time. Likewise, as a teacher, Dr. Price realized many of her students possessed a literacy rate below the expected level for their age range. Eager to return the kindness she received from others growing up, she resolved to establish a foundation and create opportunities for the less fortunate. Over the course of her education, Dr. Price has accrued several degrees spanning across multiple areas of academia.

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After working in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 10 years, Demetria K. Davenport, LMT, decided to become an entrepreneur in order to pursue her aspirations. She subsequently earned a manicure license from Michigan College of Beauty and was encouraged by a coworker to venture into the field massage therapy. She later received a massage therapy certification from the Stassios Institute of Therapeutic Massage as well as additional certifications in joint replacement therapy, shoulder rehabilitation and pain management. Ms. Davenport also recently completed the Goldman Sachs entrepreneurship training program. With many qualifications to her credit, Ms. Davenport has found success as the owner and operator of Luxurious Essentials Massage Spa for nearly 15 years, where she specializes massage, facials and

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Christine Darden


After accruing more than 40 years of practiced experience in the aerospace industry, Christine Mann Darden, DSc, retired in 2007 after having held a plethora of roles from data analyst to director of the Office of Strategic Communications and Education at the NASA Langley Research Center. During her years at NASA, she was selected as a member of the Federal Executive Service and served as director of the Aero-Performing Center Management Office. After her work as a data analyst in her early career, Dr. Darden worked as an aerospace engineer, a group leader of the sonic-boom minimization group, and a project manager and lead for the high-speed research IIA planning activities in the late 1990s. Before her tenure with NASA,

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After experiencing her own bariatric surgery in an effort to turn her life around, Cathy A. Arsenault realized the importance of patient advocacy, as she wanted to help other people empower themselves and their bodies after making a drastic change. She has garnered certifications in patient navigation from the Dr. Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute, in patient experience leadership and patient advocacy from the Beryl Institute, and in high performance leadership from Cornell University. Ms. Arsenault is the former co-chairperson of the North Carolina Hospital Association state patient and family advisory council, and currently holds the position of co-chairperson of the patient and family advisory council of the UNC REX Healthcare System. As a pioneer of bariatric patient and

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Barbara Belew


Growing up, Barbara J. Belew was exposed to the piano through her mother, who was a piano teacher. Naturally, she developed a love for music and began playing the piano at the age of five. After experimenting with the harp, she realized that she enjoyed the instrument greatly and wanted to pursue a career in music. Ms. Belew earned a Bachelor of Music from Hardin-Simmons University with summa cum laude honors in 1951. Moreover, she concluded her academic efforts with a Master of Music from Indiana University in 1953. A certified music teacher, Ms. Belew excelled as an associate professor of music at McNeese State University for many decades. In addition to this appointment, she currently serves as a harpist

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