Listee Features — June 2, 2017


Roxanne Barton Conlin is driven by her ability to speak for people who do not have voices. She initially wanted to be a movie star, but a nun at her school persuaded her to use her dramatic flair and brains to become an attorney. At the time, less than 1 percent of practicing lawyers were women, but Ms. Conlin was extremely determined. As a victim of domestic violence, she understood the pain of feeling powerless and alone, and, once she saw the good her talents could do, she made it her mission to “help individuals who have been hurt by others.” ​ Ms. Conlin started the journey toward achieving her goals at Drake University, where she earned a Bachelor of

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Driven by a lifelong passion for drawing and painting, Nancy R. Shaw thrived over the course of her nearly 30-year career. She initially didn’t even think she could make a living in the art field, but, encouraged by her mother to follow her dreams, she decided to give it a chance. Her perseverance paid off in 1972, when she landed the role of assistant curator of American art at the Detroit Institute of Arts. The job was everything she was hoping for; a stepping stone into the industry, a chance to share her love with others, and a home. After only three years, Ms. Shaw was promoted to the position of Curator of American Art, and became the first woman

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