Listee Features — June 14, 2017


From an early age, Renée Danette Petrola knew she wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a teacher. Armed with a strong passion for academia and writing and stellar listening and observational skills, the profession was the perfect fit. Ms. Petrola’s path led her to the Mount Sinai School District in Mount Sinai, N.Y., and she spent 43 years as a teacher there. Her responsibilities included teaching four classes in writing and a reading literature program to sixth-grade students, encouraging students to become involved in competitive writing and poetry contests, teaching students to utilize computers, desktop publishing and Smart boards, conducting conferences with three other teachers, ​and consulting with special education teachers. ​ One of the highlights of Ms.

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Driven by her passion for law, Marcia Wishengrad dedicated 53 years to the field before retiring. She started out by earning a Bachelor of Arts and a JD from Cornell University in 1957 and 1960, respectively, upon which she immediately joined the practice of Brady Devlin Grubbs Lawler & Reed. After two years, Ms. Wishengrad transferred to Irving Segel, Esq., and in 1963, she became an attorney for the Monroe County Family Court in Rochester, NY. That year, she also opened her own private practice, where she stayed until her retirement in 2013. During that time, she garnered additional experience as an attorney for the Monroe County Legal Aid Society, a senior urban renewal attorney for the City of Rochester,

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Renowned for her prowess as both a sculptor and an educator, Yefkin Megherian has spent her life pursuing her passions. Her professional endeavors began at Warwick Valley Central School, where she taught high school science from 1946 to 1947, and were followed by 18 years as a teacher for the New York City Board of Education. In 1986, Ms. Megherian elected to leave academia in favor of devoting her career to her love for sculpting, and it paid off. She continues to thrive in the field to this day, and has reached international acclaim. ​ Some of the highlights of Ms. Megherian’s career include completing a statue of Pope John Paul II, which is now part of the Vatican’s art

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Born in St. Louis in 1917, Carol McCarthy Duhme has dedicated her entire life to serving others. She got her start in 1939, when she earned a Bachelor of Arts from Vassar College and became a teacher at an elementary school for approximately five years. In 1959, Ms. Duhme joined the St. Louis Association of Congregational Church, and, except for a brief interlude from 1964 to 1966 when she served as a trustee at the First Congregational Church of St. Louis, she stayed there the rest of her career. During that time, between 1959 and 1995, she held the positions of moderator, member of the church council, member of the board of deaconesses, member of the board of deacons, and

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