Listee Features — August 30, 2017


A nurse and a nurse educator, Dr. Diann Martin set out to attend a symposium in Ecuador in 2016 that ultimately changed the face of her career. It inspired her to create service learning programs in developing companies, and led to the development of new programs within her Conscious Nurse Academy, which is a four-month program designed to transform the lives of nurses both personally and professionally. The newest branch of the company is RoadScholars/RN International, through which she will provide clinical supervision to students looking to gain clinical experiences in third-world countries like Ecuador, Cuba, and the Philippines. Dr. Martin is proud of her ability to customize the programs to allow participants to study the local health care system

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Known by her peers as a trailblazer and as the mother of family reunions, Dr. Ione D. Vargus places a large emphasis on the importance of extended families. She began her professional work with families in 1954, and in 1986, she became deeply interested in the subject of African-American family reunions. Up until that point, Dr. Vargus had thought the extended family was dying out because people were moving apart and relocating, but she soon discovered that African-American families were using reunions to keep the family connected. She visited hundreds of such reunions coast to coast, and learned the traditions and strategies families used to come together year after year. Dr. Vargus found that, “reunions help support a person’s identity,

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