Listee Features — September 19, 2017


As the daughter of the world-renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead and the linguist, social scientist, and anthropologist Gregory Bateson, it’s no wonder that Mary Bateson has spent her career as a cultural anthropologist and American writer. Inspired by her parents’ work, Dr. Bateson set off to follow in their footsteps, earning a Bachelor of Arts from Radcliffe College in 1960 and a PhD from Harvard University in 1963. Since 2002, Dr. Bateson has held the distinguished title of professor emerita at George Mason University, where previously she had been a professor of anthropology and English. Dr. Bateson has also held the positions of dean of faculty and professor of anthropology at Amherst College, and associate professor of anthropology at Northeastern University.

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Best known for watercolor painting, Leila Hentzen Smith was inspired to become an artist by growing up with her grandmother, who was friends with famous artists. She loved having the opportunity to speak with them and see their work, and she eventually decided to further her education in the subject and pursue the field professionally. Along the way, Ms. Hentzen Smith earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Miami University in Ohio in 1955 and was a diplomate at the Famous Artists Schools in 1959. ​ One of Ms. Hentzen Smith’s preferred art methods is plein air painting, because she says that when she paints on location there is a huge difference in what she sees. She paints landscapes, flowers,

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Following in her father’s footsteps, Linda Miller worked as a police officer for 22 years, servicing her community and helping to protect and care for the well-being of others. She is particularly proud of her efforts to educate the next generation of law enforcement, which included explaining how she was treated as a female on the force and teaching the importance of treating one another with respect regardless of gender. During this time, she also pursued her interest in fitness and taught aerobics to fellow staff members. It was a natural progression, therefore, for Ms. Miller to turn to serving her community in a different way, through health and nutrition, upon retiring from the force. ​ Since that retirement, Ms.

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With nearly 30 years of experience in chemical engineering, Dr. Bridgette Gomillion-Williams has earned a strong reputation in the scientific world. Years of hard work have led her to be an expert in polymer material science and engineering with specialized experience in reactive extrusion and foaming. Her ability to see the “not-so-obvious” solutions to problems and implement them has served her well in the field; she has a proven track record of innovating breakthrough product and process technology. Ms. Gomillion-Williams considers her greatest achievement thus far to be inventing and patenting the Continuous Flow Chaotic Maker. In the future, she intends to use the opportunities that are available to her in research and development to broaden her knowledge in material

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Dr. Jeanne Salyer knew she wanted a career in nursing from the time she was five years old and played nurse with her grandfather. Now an expert in cardiovascular and pulmonary nursing, Dr. Salyer began her career at the University of Alabama with a diploma in nursing, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and a Master of Science in medical-surgical nursing. She went on to earn a PhD in nursing at Virginia Commonwealth University. In addition, Dr. Salyer completed postdoctoral training in outcomes research at the University of Minnesota. She attributes her success to the importance her family placed on getting a great education. ​ During her distinguished career, Dr. Salyer held numerous positions at the School of Nursing at

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