Listee Features — November 2, 2017


Inspired by a host of wonderful teachers, Matilee Howard Johnson decided that she, too, wanted to play a part in the development of younger generations. She worked hard and achieved her goals, becoming a teacher at the Everglades School for Girls in Florida from 1957 to 1961 and a teacher at The Hamlin School in California from 1960 to 1961. Moving up the ladder, Ms. Johnson became the teacher and dean of students at the Westminster Girls’ School in Georgia in 1961. She spent the remainder of her career there, eventually retiring as the headmistress in 1977. ​ During her time at the Westminster Girls’ School, Ms. Johnson served in a variety of other roles as well. She was a

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From her first introduction into the world of economics, Dr. Shelley I. White-Means knew she had found something special. The field opened doors for her, and provided her with a tool she could use to better understand the world around her. Now with more than three decades of experience as a health economist, Dr. White-Means has thrived as she worked to both deepen her understanding of her craft and spread the knowledge she gained to others. She has been a professor of economics in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Transnational Sciences at the College of Pharmacy within the University of Tennessee Health Science Center since 2004, and is mostly responsible for working with first year pharmacy students. Her research

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