Listee Features — November 14, 2017


Born in Paris in 1930, Delphine Brownlee grew up following her dad, an opera singer, as he toured around the world. Some of her fondest childhood memories were being backstage with him at venues like the Metropolitan Opera in New York; it was there that she first became interested in entertainment as a profession. Today, Ms. Brownlee is proud to have turned that interest into a booming career. She remains committed to the field, and is currently offering her lifetime of experiences as a valuable resource for younger generations through her private studio. She has worked there since 1977. ​ Over the course of her journey, Ms. Brownlee has held numerous other positions as well. She was part of the

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A workaholic dedicated to making the world a better place, Mary Lynn Crow has been teaching within mediums like TV school, public school, and college since 1956. She spent her first three years as a teacher in Fort Worth and Tyler Public Schools, and the next 10 years as “Miss Mary Lynn” on Romper Room International TV Kindergarten in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Following her tenure with the program, Dr. Crow returned to in-person academics, serving as the counselor of Hurst-Euless-Bedford Public Schools, adjunct professor and counselor of education at the University of North Texas in Denton, and interim director at the Center for Professional Teacher Education. She also became affiliated with the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA),

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