Listee Features — January 3, 2018


Passionate about fulfilling her goal of making a positive difference in the lives of others, Sally Maria Schott is extremely active in her field. She has been a founding partner of Alliance Music Publications since 1994, the supervisor of student teachers at the University of Houston since 2004, a member of the educational advisory board of the Houston Chamber Choir since 2004, the president of Schott Bradshaw Publication, LLC, since 2006, the supervisor of student teachers at Sam Houston State University since 2008, and an advisory board member of Houston Boychoir since 2013. ​ Prior to her current endeavors, Ms. Schott served as the choral director of South Houston High School from 1974 to 2004 and the choral director of

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An esteemed artist and painter, Judith-Ann Saks is thrilled to be living out her childhood dream. She started out by completing coursework at the Texas Academy of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and Rice University before ultimately earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tulane University in 1966. She furthered her education with postgraduate work at the University of Houston in 1967. ​ After completing her academic studies, Ms. Saks dove right into her field. She participated in group shows at the Birmingham Museum of Art in 1967, the Meinhard Galleries in 1977, the Galerie Barbizon in 1980, and the Park Crest Gallery in 1981, as well as shows at the Margolis Gallery between 2005 and 2006.

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