Listee Features — April 2018


After decades of experience as a research scientist, Thelma Dunnebacke Dixon considers herself lucky to still be having fun in the role. She loves witnessing change and development, particularly in cells, and has really found her niche at the Viral and Rickettsial Disease Laboratory of the California Department of Health Care Services. She has worked for the institution since 1976, and previously held the title in the Virus Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley, between 1954 and 1976. ​ One of the highlights of Dr. Dunnebacke’s journey was having a species of free living amoeba named Naegleria Dunnebackei in her honor. She was also proud to be a grantee of the National Institutes of Health and the National Science

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Known as “The Book Doctor,” Mary Jo Kelly-Nix has dedicated her life to bringing books to life for other people. Her goal is to help every child she meets become a lifelong learner, and to teach them how to think, research, and be creative. She prepared for her endeavors by earning an EdD, a Master of Education, and a Bachelor of Science from Louisiana State University in 1980, 1973, and 1970, respectively. She then became a certified English teacher, social studies teacher, city materials media center director, and school librarian. Now, Dr. Kelly-Nix is living out her dream as a librarian in the Dufrocq Elementary School Library and in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System. She previously garnered experience

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Fueled by a curiosity for the world around her, Diana Jeanne Cosand has found biology to be the perfect career. She loves that it grants her the opportunity to better understand the nature she grew up admiring, and to support causes dedicated to its conservation. One of her first positions in the field was ranger naturalist at Yosemite National Park. Ms. Cosand’s experience in that role was a real turning point because it sparked her desire to teach environmental biology. She proceeded to obtain roles as adjunct faculty in biology at Cerritos College, Irvine Valley College, Fullerton College, and Santa Ana College. In 2000, Ms. Cosand became an assistant professor of biology at Chaffey College, and in 2002, she became

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Renowned for her expertise in education, home economics and health care, Allamay Anderson has been thriving as a professional development consultant in New York City since 1978. She started her career as a school food service dietitian for the New York City Board of Education from 1968 to 1988, and in 1988, she transitioned to become a home and career skills teacher at Louis Armstrong Middle School. A year later, Ms. Anderson joined the staff of Manhattan High School as a special education teacher, where she stayed for six years before becoming as AIDS resource coordinator. Ms. Anderson also garnered experience as a partner of Masiba Building Corp., owner of AEA Development Service, and executive board member of the School

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Positive, hardworking and honest, Eva Jo Sparks has become a trusted member of the forensic consulting community. Her expertise lies in white collar crimes like financial and health care fraud, predatory lending, and mortgage crime, and led her to create her company, Oklahoma Expert Witness. There, she is responsible for forensic accounting and investigations, detecting embezzlement, reconstructing financial records and books, preparing cases for court, creating trial exhibits, and testifying in federal and state courts. ​ The most gratifying aspect of Ms. Sparks’ job, however, is assisting pro se litigants who have been wrongfully cheated and have no means to assist themselves. One of her most notable cases involved an attorney altering her expert report regarding Medicare fraud. She worked

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The founder and president of IEM LED Lighting Technologies, M. Nisa Khan has thrived in the semiconductors and engineering field. She and her company develop LED lighting technologies through research, innovation, and engineering. Their services include providing training and tutorials for R&D, manufacturing, engineering, and marketing for LED and SSL lighting. They also offer comprehensive LED/SSL luminaire product design, optimization, simulation, and testing for various existing and new lighting products.  Dr. Khan also works as an independent consultant and performs feasibility studies in various LED lighting and display industries.​ ​ ​Dr. Khan is the author of the research and college textbook, “Understanding LED Illumination.” It was described as the “most comprehensive introductory book in LED lighting,” by Professor Chou at

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A medical researcher with decades of experience, Charlotte G. Neumann is most proud of the work she has done in Africa. Her focus is on the malnutrition of women and children, although she also has experience in maternal health, childhood obesity, and nutritional intervention for HIV drugs. To share what she has learned, Dr. Neumann has also worked as a research professor at the Fielding School of Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles, since 2009.  She considers her favorite part of the job to be guiding the younger generations and getting physicians involved with nutrition. Dr. Neumann credits her husband for getting her involved in her field. She met him while studying at Harvard University, and found

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Backed by strong leadership experience and a passion for forestry and construction, Dean Naomi Brown has thrived in the Department of Natural Resources in the state of Alaska. She currently serves the organization as the deputy state forester in the Division of Forestry, as an acting state forester, and as the co-chair of the computer group. In the past, her roles included acting director of agriculture and manager of the Northern Region of the Division of Land and Water Management. Outside of the Department of Natural Resources, Ms. Brown garnered experience as a journeyman carpenter with Enserch Alaska Construction, Inc., a geologist with Placer Dome United States Inc., an office manager with Northwind Aviation, assistant construction engineer and field construction

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Recognizing a need for teaching, Ruth Hadfield Beatrice decided to put her background of working with children to use. She obtained a Bachelor of Science from West Chester University in 1953, and became an educator in the Bristol Township School District and the recreation director in the Philadelphia Department of Recreation that same year. Ms. Beatrice proceeded to garner experience in her role as an educator in The School District of Philadelphia, the Worcester School District, the Spring-Ford Area School District, and the Souderton Area School District. She took on the same mantle in the Central Bucks School District in 1970, and stayed there until her retirement in 1993. During this time, she furthered her own education with a Master

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Known as a teacher who worked hard to instill a love of learning in children, Deborah Ann Davenport continues to thrive as a teacher at Aoy Elementary School. She started in the role in 1994, backed by her prior experience as a teacher at Alamo School between 1985 and 1994. Although Ms. Davenport finds her profession to be challenging, she also finds it very rewarding, and feels that it has taught her a lot. One of the most important things she’s learned is how to be flexible and think outside of the box; every class of students is different, so what works may vary year to year. The best part of her career is watching the faces of her students

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