Listee Features — December 2018


Taught from a young age to always do her best, Emily Moore has given her all to her career in physical education. She initially became interested in the field when she discovered she had a natural ability to be successful in team sports. Adding to her love for athletics was how the team spirit carried over to her personal life, leading her to set an “uncompromising standard of excellence.” Ms. Moore decided she wanted to pass on those values to others, so she obtained a Bachelor of Science in physical education from Morgan State University in 1965 and a Master of Science in education and counseling from Hofstra University in 1972, as well as certification in K-12 physical education. She

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Driven by her love of art, Anita Jean Wildermuth decided to teach and share her passion with the younger generations. She was inspired by her elementary school art teacher, Lawrence Urbscheit, and her father. Both encouraged her to pursue art professionally. To help her achieve her goal, Ms. Wildermuth earned a Bachelor of Arts from Luther College and a Master of Arts in teaching from Rockford College. She also became a certified teacher in the state of Wisconsin. Degrees in hand, Ms. Wildermuth set out to make her mark. Her first professional position was art teacher at Dodgeville Public Schools, followed by art teacher at Viroqua Public Schools and Beloit School District. She retired in 1998. Her favorite part of

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Nothing has given Joan Brodsky Schur more gratification than working in the classroom with students. She feels very privileged to have the freedom to design curriculum and to pass her knowledge on to others. Ms. Schur is currently putting her skills to use as a social studies consultant at City and Country School in New York and as an instructor at the Bank Street College for Continuing Professional Studies. She has been with the former since 2002 and the latter since 2005. Her responsibilities include writing for teachers through the National Council for the Social Studies, specifically on how to teach social studies, writing, American history, 18th and 19th-century world history, and the history of the Ottoman Empire. Prior to

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Janice LaRae Alden Anderson has worked hard all her life. Although her career did not go the way she intended it to, it has been extremely rewarding nonetheless. She grew up dreaming of going to college to become a journalist, but an accident stalled both that path and her job as a lifeguard. Instead, Ms. Anderson went straight into the workforce. She accepted a position as an executive secretary at the Pillsbury Company shortly after high school, and served in the role for six years. The next stop on her journey was water safety instructor and trainer, which allowed her to spend more time with her children. When Ms. Anderson got divorced, however, she was forced to rethink her career

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Renowned as a teacher and psychologist, Frances Jane Wirth is proud of the impact she had on the students she worked with. Her goal was to help the children build the courage to improve and grow, so seeing their successes was a true joy. Ms. Wirth’s first job in the field was as an elementary education teacher at Decatur Public Schools, followed by an elementary education teacher at River Trails District 26, a teacher and research assistant at the Purdue Kephert Clinic for Autism, the director of the graduate women’s residence hall at Purdue University, a guidance counselor at School District 218, and a dance teacher in Orland Park and Oak Forest, Illinois. She then became a school psychologist at

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Although Amy Hoover did not start out intending to fly planes, she was hooked from the moment she stepped onto her first small aircraft. She was just out of graduate school and looking to have some adventures, and soaring through the skies certainly fit the bill. Dr. Hoover proceeded to obtain a private license in 1987 and to accept a job as a back-country air taxi pilot in Idaho in 1992. She then furthered her skills by becoming certified as a flight instructor and as a flight instructor instrument through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 1992 and 1995, respectively. This propelled her positions as a back-country flying instructor at FAA seminars in Challis, Idaho, a flight instructor in Boise,

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Growing up with artistic parents, Corinne Samios was almost destined to end up in a creative field. She had always had an eye for color and design, so when her aunt recommended she apply for a job as a colorist with old Deerfield Fabrics, she decided to give it a shot. Ms. Samios didn’t think she would get it since she was still studying interior design and architecture at the Traphagen School of Fashion and the Art Student League at the time, but she persevered. Ms. Samios came out of the interview process on top, and ended up starting her first professional position in 1957 at the young age of 19. From that point forward, Ms. Samios worked hard to

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Marsha Wright


Surrounded by music her whole life, Marsha J. Wright never considered another path. She honed her skills in high school, where she sang in a barbershop quartet and played in the band, and then at college, where she earned both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science in music education from Fort Wayne Bible College and Ball State University, respectively. Ms. Wright hoped to combine her talents with her dedication to her church, so she also became a licensed ministerial through The Missionary Church. The first stop on Ms. Wright’s professional journey was Fort Wayne Community Schools, where she served as a junior high music teacher from 1970 to 1976. She became the minister of music at the

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Backed by expertise in Christian therapy, adoption, narcissism, PTSD, depression, and anxiety, Judy Sobczak continues to thrive as a licensed psychologist. She has worked out of her own private practice since 2002 and loves the fact that her job offers her the opportunity to work with clients from all walks of life. Dr. Sobczak has even treated clients who were key media figures, and although she can’t reveal their names, she takes pride in knowing that she’s part of the fabric of what’s going on in the world. Dr. Sobczak considers the highlight of her career, however, to be meeting Dr. George Kates, the director and owner of a clinic she worked in early on. He has been a key

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A good, honest nurse who always put her patients first, Linda Hege is thrilled to have lived out her childhood dream. She had wanted to become a nurse since she was 3 or 4 years old; she was passionate about helping others and felt the field would be a good fit. Ms. Hege never lost sight of her goal, and in 1967, she triumphantly graduated from Lenoir Rhyne College with a Bachelor of Science in nursing and set off to make her mark. The first stop on Ms. Hege’s professional journey was Forsyth Memorial Hospital, which she joined as a staff nurse in 1967. As her reputation for excellence grew, so did her responsibilities within the institution. In the decades

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