Listee Features — May 21, 2019


Hardworking and passionate, Dianne Dillitzer has thrived as a reader/evaluator at Measurement, Inc. She joined the educational assessment services company in 2015 after previously serving in the same role at Pearson from 2009 to 2015 and at Measurement, Inc., from 2004 to 2008 and in 2002. Prior to this, Ms. Dillitzer garnered experience in roles such as computer laboratory assistant at Franklin Middle School, reading development instructional assistant at Hubble Middle School, receptionist and administrative assistant at Dain Bosworth, and administrative assistant at both Dolphin Temporaries and the First Trust Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. She has also served as a computer laboratory assistant at the College of St. Catherine and a word processing operator at Word Processors Personnel-ADIA and

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Inspired by the beauty of the California coast, Phyllis Faber dedicated much of her career to environmental advocacy. She moved to the state in 1970 and found the ecosystem to be remarkable; she knew it had to be protected. Ms. Faber proceeded to join a committee that later created the California Coastal Commission, of which she served as the commissioner for seven years. This led her to spend five years as a partner of Madrone Ecological Associates, 10 years as an instructor at College of Marin, and 17 years as the editor of Fremontia, the journal of the California Native Plant Society. Today, she continues her efforts as the publisher and director of the California Native Plant Society Press, as

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Cathryn Hilliard


Initially studying at the University of California Los Angeles, she later earned an Associate of Arts from Los Angeles Pierce College in California in 1963. Ms. Hilliard began her career as a secretary for a congressman and the legislative aide for a U.S. senator between 1966 and 1969. Subsequently, she worked as a public administrator and a public affairs officer for the Association of Bay Area Governments in Oakland, California, between 1970 and 1976 enabling the first Environmental Management Plan for the San Francisco Bay Area. During this time, she received a certificate from the University of California Berkeley in 1975 and a Bachelor of Arts in political science at California State University, Hayward in 1976. Soon thereafter, Ms. Hilliard

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