Listee Features — August 2020

Amii Bean-Rozell


Inspired by her mother and father, a data management expert and a logistics coordinator, respectively, Amii N. Bean-Rozell has excelled as the director and an enterprise data manager for IHS since 2020. Previously, she worked for a number of years as a manager for engineering technology for EnerVest Ltd. and a senior data analyst for the World Wide Drilling Group at Apache Corporation. With EnerVest, Ms. Bean-Rozell maintained her focus on efficiency improvement initiatives to achieve optimal performance in multiple domains. Ms. Bean-Rozell began her career working with her mother. She initially wanted to be a chiropractor, but decided an undergraduate degree in business would be better for owning her own business at the time. Ms. Bean-Rozell’s mother helped her

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Linda Philabaun


For more than 40 years, Dr. Linda Philabaun led a successful career in Ministry and the thoroughbred horse business. A graduate of the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, she earned a Doctorate of Ministry in Palliative Care. She secured certificates in clinical pastoral education from the Cancer Treatment Center of America. There she utilized the holistic approach of care for many of the patients. Dr. Philabaun witnessed miracles there and developed a passion for cancer care and research. Moreover, she completed two residencies a Northwest Community Hospital with a focus in oncology hospice work. Since 1994, she has served in the Ministry for various Presbyterian Churches beginning as an Associate Pastor at Calvary Presbyterian Church in Round Lake, Illinois. From

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Angelia Parrish


After graduating from high school, Angelia P. Parrish wanted to attend college, but did not have the money to do so. In pursuit of a career, she left home and accepted a job in New Orleans as an equipment operator on offshore rigs, which is where she learned how to weld. Today, Ms. Parrish excels in administration in the city in regards to law enforcement, rentals, and oil and gas energies, and as a pipeliner with the Local Union 798. She attributes her success to being surrounded by the best of the best. With the Local Union 978, Ms. Parrish’s responsibilities mainly include helping the welders. This includes preparing for jobs, getting the welders prepared and securing materials for the

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Teri Helenese


Teri Helenese became involved in her profession because, for as long as she could remember, she had been much attuned to civil rights and social matters. She always considered herself an agent of change and often participated in highly impactful projects with the goal of uplifting others in mind. Since it proved to be a very natural progression, she went on to pursue a career in the field of civil work. She received a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Florida Memorial College, and a Master of Arts in political management from George Washington University. Ms. Helenese commenced her private sector career at Booz Allen Hamilton as a senior consultant, and eventually transitioned to such companies as Deloitte, Diageo

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Driven to make her parents proud, Wendy W. Smith originally planned to follow their example and become a college professor. However, during the course of her studies, she decided to pursue a career in the financial industry instead. Today, she excels as the vice president of insights planning analytics and technology for Amazon, where she began in 2019. Though her career has been suffused with highlights, Ms. Smith is most proud to have served as a leader for Amazon’s consumer division and operations team with a global scope of more than $100 billion in costs. Additionally, she is satisfied to have worked internationally in locations such as Ireland and Singapore. Additionally, Ms. Smith serves as the vice president of finance

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A devoted public school teacher of over 40 years, Rebecca L. Lane-Jergentz began her career as a teaching assistant at the Cincinnati Public Schools in 1980 and a student teacher at White Oak Junior High School in Cincinnati in 1982. Acquired by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati in 1983 as a science teacher, she likewise served as a curriculum advisor between 1988 and 1989. Relocating to San Jose, California, Ms. Lane-Jergentz has since been aligned with the John Muir Middle School as a seventh and eighth grade science teacher. Outside the classroom, Ms. Lane-Jergentz has played an instrumental role with various relative organizations. She served on the San Jose Unified School District’s science task force and was involved with numerous science

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Kye Fox


Inspired to make the world a better place, Kye Kilpatrick Fox serves as a community activist, the president and the chief executive officer of Urban Advisory Services, specializing in health, education, and women’s and children’s issues on a local, statewide and national scale. Growing up in a household that was very community driven and active, her father, Charles Kilpatrick, encouraged her to participate more on the civic front, as he worked as journalist and interacted with several important local figures. Eventually, her father began preparing for retirement and suggested she assume some of his board positions. Ms. Fox subsequently became involved on the board of the San Antonio Public Library, which inspired her to advocate on behalf of her community.

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Leading a successful, diversified career for many years, Bernice M. Barris retired at the pinnacle of her career as a drilling company executive and president of ABC Drilling in 1987 after five years in her role, inheriting the business after her husband passed away. She formerly spent 25 years as secretary of Hupp Well and Pump in Cleveland. Now retired, Ms. Barris also worked simultaneously as a private practice nurse in Cleveland for many years. As a teenager, she was initially looking to become a nurse because, at the time, people were required to become a registered nurse in order to move up to a flight attendant position. Among her numerous civic and community activities, Ms. Barris most notably contributed

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With a natural affinity for sales and meeting new people, Tabitha Kucharczyk is uniquely qualified for her work as a real estate agent. In 2015, she accepted a position with Keller Williams Realty, with which she currently excels as the head of an eponymous team of agents. In this capacity, she focuses on real estate sales, specifically dealing with the listings that others will not. Prior to her present post, Ms. Kucharczyk gained valuable expertise in the field as a broker and realtor with ERA Real Estate, as well as the lead coordinator assistant for Tropical Realty & Investments of Brevard Inc. Earlier in her career, Ms. Kucharczyk served as a real estate advertising sales executive for Florida Today Communications.

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Patricia Kagemoto


As a child, Patricia Jow Kagemoto’s father had a 35mm camera, with which he would always take pictures of her and her sister as they were growing up. She later took a photography course and just loved when the photos would come out in the darkroom; it was like magic in black and white. She eventually bought her own camera and went from there, learning to truly love photography. Ms. Kagemoto began her professional career as a printmaking workshop assistant at the State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz in 1974, remaining in this role for one year before moving up the ranks to print shop assistant. She then consulted in printmaking for Communications Village, Ltd., which was

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