Dr. Anne Montague Blythe approached everything she did with open-heartedness, generosity, and joy. She credits her attitude to her success in her both her professional and personal endeavors. She is currently focusing her attention on her project, “The History, Mystery, Magic of the Dark Corner, South Carolina,” for which she has served as a historian and documentarian since 2006. Previously, however, Dr. Blythe garnered experience as a curator in the Upcountry History Museum, an educator in various public schools in South Carolina and abroad.

One of the most memorable moments of Dr. Blythe’s career was teaching in Hong Kong. Her students loved learning about Southern literature, and they were so generous. Another professional highlight was when she stint in a program called, “The Star Seminar: Strategies for Teacher Advancement and Renewal.” This gave teachers, coaches, and substitutes a week of paid vacation for a week at Saint Christopher’s so that they could get some renewal.

Dr. Blythe prepared for her career by earning a Bachelor of Arts, a Master of Education in media arts, and a PhD from the University of South Carolina in 1970, 1975, and 1987, respectively. She also connected with her peers through affiliations like the South Carolina Historical Society, the Greenville Historical Society, DAR, and NSCDA.

As a testament to her success, Dr. Blythe was selected as a William Gilmore Simms Fellow in 1985, a Richard M. Weaver Fellow from 1985 to 1986, a fellow of The Institute for the Editing of Historical Documents in 1986, a Charleston Scientific & Cultural Educational Fund Research Grantee in 1987, and an Earhart Foundation Research Grantee from 1989 to 1990. Her achievements were featured in Who’s Who of American Women.

In Dr. Blythe’s spare time, she enjoys gardening, hiking, reading, oil painting, and writing. She has been the co-owner of Chappell Creek Press since 1988, through with she has published pieces like “Life Twice Loved” in 2017 and “Carolina Mountain Song” in 2010. She also produced South Carolina education radio and NPR specials, essays, and an educational TV special, South Carolina Women Writers from the 18th to the 20th Centuries, among others.


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