When Anne C. Perry was very young, a medical condition forced her to have an extended stay at the hospital. She felt so cared for by the nurses and had such a good experience that she began to consider pursuing a career in medicine, too. Ms. Perry worked hard to achieve her goal, and was thrilled when she obtained her first position, staff registered nurse in obstetrics at Moses Ludington Hospital, in 1970. Her experience there proved she was meant to be part of the health care industry; she loved helping others and connecting with her community.

The next stop on Ms. Perry’s journey was nurse and social worker at the Essex County Head Start Program, followed by prepared childbirth instructor, clinical director at the Essex County Clinic, and office nurse for Michelle Moore, MD. Some of her other roles over the years include office nurse at Adirondack Mountains Family Practice, staff registered nurse in obstetrics and pediatrics at Franklin Memorial Hospital, and family nurse practitioner at the Family Practice of Laurie Churchill, MD, the Discovery House Washington County, and the CRMS Health Center. She also taught as an adjunct professor of health policy in the Nurse Practitioner Program at Husson University for six years.

Eventually, however, Ms. Perry sought to have a wider reach; she wanted to use her knowledge and expertise to make a difference on a grander scale. She decided the best way to do this was to join the government. Ms. Perry became a representative for District 31 in the Maine House of Representatives in 2002 and held the role until 2010. She ran again, this time for District 140, and rejoined the House as a representative in 2016. She continues to serve in that capacity to this day. Her focus lies on the institution’s Health & Human Services Committee, the Substance Abuse Services Committee, and the Task Force for Healthcare for All Maine.

One of the highlights of Ms. Perry’s career was the work she did on substance abuse; the first bill she introduced was called the Prescription Monitoring Program. She is also proud to have been at the forefront of the fight to get nurse practitioners included as providers in the legislation. Ms. Perry thinks this helped how nurse practitioners were seen in the community, which was very important to her. Her efforts led her to be honored with an award from the Main Chapter of the American Nursing Association in Nursing Leadership and Advocacy in 2019.

In her spare time, Ms. Perry enjoys gardening, spinning, weaving, knitting, kayaking, and participating in civic engagements. She has been a member of the Calais Rotary Club since 2001, a board member of Washington County: One Community since 2008, the chair of Washington County: One Community and the president-elect of the Maine Nurse Practitioners Association since 2011, a board member and associate vice president of Eastern Maine Health Systems since 2014, and a board member of the Regional Medical Health Center since 2018.

Her professional designations include a Bachelor of Science in nursing from the University of Maine at Portland, a Master of Science in nursing and family practice from Husson College, and a certification from the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

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