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Carolyn Robison


Initially an English major in college, Carolyn Love Robison, PhD, has loved literature for as long as she can remember. She wanted to find some way to incorporate her passion into her career, but she discovered early on that teaching wasn’t for her. While looking into other options, Dr. Robison came across the library science program at Emory University. She decided to give it a shot, and quickly found that she had made the right decision. She ended up graduating with a Master of Library Science in 1965. Degree in hand, Dr. Robison got to work making her dreams a reality. She started out by getting a job as an assistant librarian, an architecture librarian and a lecturer at the

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Diana Beattie


Interested in biochemistry since college, Diana Beattie dedicated her career to advancing the field. She started her journey by earning a Bachelor of Arts from Swarthmore College in 1956, followed by a Master of Science and a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh in 1958 and 1961, respectively. Dr. Beattie remained with her graduate alma mater after graduation, serving as a research associate from 1961 to 1967. She subsequently accepted positions such as research associate in the VA Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, faculty and biochemistry professor at the Mount School of Medicine (now the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai), and professor and chair of the Department of Biochemistry at the West Virginia University School of Medicine. Her last

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Julie Poirier


Dealing with serious injuries, from catastrophic to surgical, paraplegic, and amputees, Julie M. Poirier, JD, originally planned on attending medical school. After realizing how difficult the field of law truly was, it only inspired her to try harder and succeed beyond the expectations of both herself and others, considering herself an “underdog.” Ms. Poirier is currently the principal of her own firm, the Poirier Law Firm, LLC, since 2015. Prior to this role, she was a senior workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of Perry Dean Ellis from 1999 to 2015. Before starting her career, Ms. Poirier pursued a formal education at the University of Georgia, where she was a member of the UGA American Society

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Celebrating four decades of service in education, research and writing, Diane Falk is a leader in her field. She is the daughter of Constance Moorehead, a renowned actress. She followed in the footsteps of her late father Lee Falk, who was, in addition to being a theater writer, producer and director, a popular culture creator, writer and illustrator of two newspaper adventure stories, “Mandrake the Magician” and “The Phantom.” Ms. Falk maintained her father’s legacy by contributing to several continuations of his stories, as well as his biography. She also attended her father’s alma mater, Columbia University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in English and world literature, and an interdisciplinary Master of Library Science and Journalism. She also

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Ellen Shelley


Although E. Dorinda Shelley, MD, had long wanted to pursue health care, she didn’t decide on dermatology until college. Her professor, Philip C. Anderson, encouraged her to build her career in the field, and she took his advice. Dr. Shelley’s first professional position was assistant professor of dermatology at Stanford University, followed by assistant professor of dermatology, associate professor, and professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She also served the latter school as the chairman of the College of Medicine at Peoria. In 1983, Dr. Shelley transferred to the University of Toledo, where she remains to this day. She started at the institution as a professor and the chief of dermatology, and became a clinical professor of dermatology

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Joanne Romeo-Schaffer


An expert in many areas of mathematics, Joanne J. Marino Romeo-Schaffer has to be very clear in her description of what she is going to do and why, because there is no sense in teaching anything to students if there is not an everyday principle that they can use it for. That notion goes up to different equations in college. It is also sometimes elementary and seventh through eighth grade mathematics, so it covers the whole broad stream of the subject. Her teaching is clear and has examples on how it can be used in everyday life. Ms. Romeo-Schaffer believes there have been studies done that show a relationship between reading and success in mathematics, including word problems. Ms. Romeo-Schaffer

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Brenda Jones


Confident and knowledgeable, Brenda Gail Jones felt that pursuing education was a natural choice. She grew up with a strong support system that placed an emphasis on learning and development, which led her to join the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. This organization was transformative for Ms. Jones; it gave her the experience of leadership, organization, working with others, and being a role model. Ms. Jones carried what she learned with her as she pursued her dreams at San Francisco State University. She earned a Bachelor of Arts from the school in 1972 and became a teacher at the Lakeport Unified School District the next year. Ms. Jones loved working with children, but after only nine years in

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A vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Carole J. Seitz became involved in her profession because her mother was a pianist. She and her sister took piano lessons beginning at four years old through the wonderful string program where she grew up in Wichita, Kansas. She started violin in the fourth grade, taking free lessons that were given by the public schools. Ms. Seitz still plays the piano every day and substitutes for the organist at her church when needed. Retiring in 2015, Ms. Seitz is a professor emerita of Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, previously joining the school in 1962 as an associate professor of music. Serving in this role for one year, she chaired the Music and Fine Arts Department at

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G. Valerie Egan


Although G. Valerie Egan started her career as a programmer and project manager at Merrill Lynch, she quickly realized that her true passions lay with human resources and recruiting. She worked her way up the ladder, and was eventually able to advance within the organization to the human resources department. There, she combined her skills and interests to recruit for information technology positions. Ms. Egan spent 18 years with the investment management company before deciding it was time to move on. She loved the work, but wanted more room for growth. That led her to AT&T, where she served as the assistant vice president for staffing and college relations, and to Aon Human Capital Services, where she served as the

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Nancy L. Schatken


The daughter of a World War II surgeon, Nancy L. Schatken admired her father and enjoyed the stories he shared about his work. While living in New York, she was hired to set up medical meetings for pharmaceutical companies to advertise their products to healthcare professional in 10 cities across the United States. Ms. Schatken was responsible for organizational duties like hotel bookings, travel and venue location. She considers herself a curious person, and attributes her curiosity to the drive she has used to progress throughout her career. Since 1998, Ms. Schatken has served as owner and founder of Mostly Medical, Inc., in Hallandale, Florida, previously serving in the same roles at its New York and St. James, Barbados, locations

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