With nearly 30 years of experience in chemical engineering, Dr. Bridgette Gomillion-Williams has earned a strong reputation in the scientific world. Years of hard work have led her to be an expert in polymer material science and engineering with specialized experience in reactive extrusion and foaming. Her ability to see the “not-so-obvious” solutions to problems and implement them has served her well in the field; she has a proven track record of innovating breakthrough product and process technology. Ms. Gomillion-Williams considers her greatest achievement thus far to be inventing and patenting the Continuous Flow Chaotic Maker. In the future, she intends to use the opportunities that are available to her in research and development to broaden her knowledge in material science.

Dr. Gomillion-Williams initially began her career at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in polymer chemistry in 1990. Shortly after that, she began working for the Dow Chemical Company, and in 2000, she furthered her education by earning a PhD in polymer science from the School of Material Science and Engineering at Clemson University. Since then, Dr. Gomillion-Williams has enjoyed a variety of research roles, including one as the technical research specialist at Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corporation. Although she is no longer with the material science and engineering company, she garnered invaluable experience working with soft polymer foams, manufacturing parts for medical devices, conducting on-site research into production problems, supporting research and development teams, supporting manufacturing functions, and writing and executing protocols. Now, she is using her background to serve as a senior silicon chemist at Quanex Building Products.

​To keep up with developments in her field and community, Dr. Gomillion-Williams has maintained affiliation with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the American Fiber Society, the American Chemical Society, and the Society of Plastics Engineers. She hopes to use her experiences to connect with others interested in chemistry by teaching at the college level.

In recognition of her achievements and accomplishments, Dr. Gomillion-Williams received a number of accolades. Notable, she has been honored as an Elite American Executive, a Top Female Executive, and a Professional of the Year. She is also featured in Pro-Files Magazine. She attributes her success to her natural curiosity.

When she is not working, Dr. Gomillion-Williams enjoys golfing, reading, and playing the piano and flute.

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