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Able to interact with anyone in a positive manner, Patricia Joyce Gray excelled as a legal association administrator. She came from a family who didn’t believe women should go to college, so she ventured into the workforce right out of high school. Ms. Gray did so well as a receptionist and clerk at Nationwide Finance that she caught the attention of her peers and higher-ups. The person who had formerly held her position, Loraine Dewart, was looking for someone to go into court with a judge and take shorthand notes. Ms. Gray was hired, and the rest is history. She began to learn more and more of the inner workings of the courtroom, enough so that she started moving up

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Growing up a time when most girls weren’t sent to college, Delaine Eastin feels fortunate that her parents placed such a high value on her education. They encouraged her to pursue her dreams, and she ended up graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of California, Davis, in 1969 and a Master of Arts in political science from the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 1971, as well as a California Lifetime Community College Credential. The degrees propelled her to positions like instructor at California Community Colleges, accounting manager of Pacific Bell, city council member of Union City, California, corporate planner of the Pacific Telesis Group, and assemblywoman of the California State Legislature. Ms. Eastin’s

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Seeking the opportunity to apply her technical skills in a professional environment, Elizabeth H. Dudley joined AT&T Bell Laboratories in 1959 and never looked back. She worked hard to prove herself and rose to the top based on the merit of her own work. Over the years, she was called upon to serve as a manager, security for the industrial research and scientific development company, applications systems coordinator of management information, systems and senior systems analyst, and systems programmer. Ms. Dudley also dealt with personnel at the company; she set up a database with personnel records, filed claims on equal opportunity, and managed the badge systems. Although she found her work there very rewarding, she ultimately retired in 1989. Her

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Devoted to the future of the country, Margaret Jean McKee spent nearly five decades in the political arena. Her first real taste of the field came while she was in college, when her uncle volunteered her to work for Prescott Bush’s Senate campaign in Connecticut. The feeling of sitting in his headquarters with her fellow staffers was phenomenal; she felt like she was really making a difference, and knew it was what she was meant to be doing. Upon graduating Vassar College with a Bachelor of Arts in 1951, Ms. McKee immediately joined the Business and Professional Division of the New York Finance Committee of the Eisenhower for President Campaign as a staff assistant. She stayed there for a year

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A product of military life, Janet Mae Micklos grew up constantly on the move. The flexibility she experienced as a child eventually translated to her professional career. Over the years, Ms. Micklos has held a wide variety of positions, though all were geared toward helping others. She began as a physical education instructor at Terrell Wells Middle School in Texas in 1969, and then became a dental assistant at a private practice in Oklahoma in 1970. From there, Ms. Micklos served in roles like physical fitness instructor at Victor Valley Community College, director of the physical department at the Victor Valley YMCA, application processor for the state of Delaware, clerk and typist to the adjunct general of the Joint United

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Celebrating more than five decades of professional excellence, Patricia E. Muir continues to thrive as a professional association administrator. She is currently lending her knowledge to her peers as a consultant and as a reading educator on the Social Justice Committee of the St. Andrews Church. In the past, Ms. Muir has garnered experience as a reading tutor at Fairview Elementary School, an office manager at the Federal Documents Clearing House, an assistant at the Independent Telephone Pioneer Association, and a traffic manager at the American Storage Company. She has also held numerous positions with the American Library Association; between 1977 and 1998, she served as the staff liaison of the Government Documents Round Table, the Armed Forces Library Round

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When Nancy Collins was a child, her father showed her the value of finding a profession she could love. She has carried that vision throughout her entire life, and continues in that vein even to this day.  Over the years, Ms. Collins has mostly chosen to work for nonprofit organizations because that was where she felt she could make the greatest contribution, see the greatest change, and have the most fun. Some of her more notable roles include executive director of The Marconi Society, assistant to the chairman of Novo Holdings A/S, assistant to the president of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, and assistant director of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. She has also served as the corporate development

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