Listee Features — Administration


Celebrating more than five decades of professional excellence, Patricia E. Muir continues to thrive as a professional association administrator. She is currently lending her knowledge to her peers as a consultant and as a reading educator on the Social Justice Committee of the St. Andrews Church. In the past, Ms. Muir has garnered experience as a reading tutor at Fairview Elementary School, an office manager at the Federal Documents Clearing House, an assistant at the Independent Telephone Pioneer Association, and a traffic manager at the American Storage Company. She has also held numerous positions with the American Library Association; between 1977 and 1998, she served as the staff liaison of the Government Documents Round Table, the Armed Forces Library Round

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When Nancy Collins was a child, her father showed her the value of finding a profession she could love. She has carried that vision throughout her entire life, and continues in that vein even to this day.  Over the years, Ms. Collins has mostly chosen to work for nonprofit organizations because that was where she felt she could make the greatest contribution, see the greatest change, and have the most fun. Some of her more notable roles include executive director of The Marconi Society, assistant to the chairman of Novo Holdings A/S, assistant to the president of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, and assistant director of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. She has also served as the corporate development

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