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With decades of administrative experience to her credit, Linda G. Sye’s penchant for business became apparent during her secondary education. Following her departure from high school, she completed coursework at the Harvard Business School and the Patricia Stevens Career College and Finishing School in Chicago. Despite her limited formal education, Ms. Sye garnered a laudable reputation for her work ethic, which has propelled her through the upper echelons of the United States government for more than three decades. Throughout the course of her career, Ms. Sye excelled as the director of the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission until 1991. She subsequently served as the director of administration for the U.S. Department of Energy. In this capacity, Ms. Sye managed the daily

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Judith Marlowe


For over 40 years, Judith A. Marlowe has dedicated herself to excellence and service to others. She earned her Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, in English with a French minor from Thomas More College in 1969, where she was president of the student government. Immediately upon completing her Master of Arts in audiology from the University of Cincinnati in 1971, Dr. Marlowe launched her mission to ensure access to hearing and speech services by establishing the first audiology/speech pathology department at the leading medical center in northern Kentucky. Upon moving to Florida, she continued to initiate innovative programs, first with a leading otolaryngology practice, later as founding executive director of a non-profit institute awarded the first Walt Disney Spirit of

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A graduate of Roosevelt University, Judith Ellen Hamill initially earned a Bachelor of Music from Roosevelt University in 1975. Four years later, she received a master’s degree in urban planning and police from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Furthermore, she concluded her academic efforts with a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University in 1982. Since 2010, Ms. Hamill has excelled as the director of government relations for the John Marshall School of Law at the University of Chicago. Her responsibilities include securing funds for the law school from government resources at the federal, state and local levels. She also works alongside associates, who handle the donation of funds from various foundations and corporations in the area. At the

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Judy Tuggle


Having accrued more than 35 incredible years as a public school teacher and administrator, Dr. Judy G. Tuggle ultimately retired as the principal of the Warren Technical School in Chamblee, Georgia, in 2005. Throughout her career, she taught in New Hampshire, Kentucky, Florida and Georgia, served as a coordinator for career technology education, instructional technology and high school special education, and was a director for career technology education. Commonly known as CTE, the discipline involves preparing students for work by teaching specific career skills. Additionally, Dr. Tuggle served as a supervisor and house parent at the Greenwich Home for Children in Philadelphia, and an education director for the Philadelphia Association of Retarded Citizens between 1976 and 1977. Originally a music

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Angelia Parrish


After graduating from high school, Angelia P. Parrish wanted to attend college, but did not have the money to do so. In pursuit of a career, she left home and accepted a job in New Orleans as an equipment operator on offshore rigs, which is where she learned how to weld. Today, Ms. Parrish excels in administration in the city in regards to law enforcement, rentals, and oil and gas energies, and as a pipeliner with the Local Union 798. She attributes her success to being surrounded by the best of the best. With the Local Union 978, Ms. Parrish’s responsibilities mainly include helping the welders. This includes preparing for jobs, getting the welders prepared and securing materials for the

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Driven to make her parents proud, Wendy W. Smith originally planned to follow their example and become a college professor. However, during the course of her studies, she decided to pursue a career in the financial industry instead. Today, she excels as the vice president of insights planning analytics and technology for Amazon, where she began in 2019. Though her career has been suffused with highlights, Ms. Smith is most proud to have served as a leader for Amazon’s consumer division and operations team with a global scope of more than $100 billion in costs. Additionally, she is satisfied to have worked internationally in locations such as Ireland and Singapore. Additionally, Ms. Smith serves as the vice president of finance

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Anne Pruitt-Logan


Backed by 65 years of professional experience, Anne Pruitt-Logan, EdD, LHD, has served as professor emeritus with the Ohio State University since 1995. Earlier in her career, she joined Howard University as a women’s counselor. Subsequently, she held a number of educational roles with Albany State College, Fisk University, Case Western Reserve University and the Council of Graduate Schools. Over the course of her career, she has honed her expertise in educational administration, counseling and teaching. Additionally, Dr. Pruitt-Logan has lent her expertise to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, the U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee on post-secondary education, the National Science Foundation and the Wisconsin Center for Education Research. Dr. Pruitt-Logan was inspired to become involved in her profession after

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Annette Myers


Throughout the years, Annette Myers has found success as an energetic professional with a particular knowledge in administration and human resources. She presently serves as an administrative assistant and human resources manager for the Solid Waste Special Service District #1 in Moab, Utah. Ms. Myers’ duties include accounting, government research work and legislative, marketing and regulatory work. Ms. Myers came of age under the wings of her hardworking parents. Surviving the Great Depression and during World War II, her mother started working as an accountant and secretary when women were encouraged to join the workforce in the absence of men. Later, her parents opened their hotel and restaurant serving many returning from the battlefields. With a small child to care

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Deemathie de Silva


With more than 40 years of experience as an administrator and educator, Dr. Deemathie de Silva served as the director of the Trio Student Support Services at Wichita State University in Kansas. She is also a grant writer for student support services, assisting multicultural, first generation and low income students to succeed in college. During her tenure at Wichita State University, she also excelled as testing coordinator for the women’s equality program, a research associate in the College of Business, a lecturer of biology and an instructor of anthropology between 1977 and 1983. Since 1985, she has been the director of Operation Success. Throughout her career, Dr. de Silva has found success in a number of other professional endeavors in

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Carolyn Rubin


Carolyn M. Rubin has dedicated over 25 years of her life’s work in the health care industry. After pursuing a career as a real estate agent and a restaurant owner, she decided to switch careers so that she could dedicate more time to her two children. One night, she witnessed a commercial for medical assistance and began seeking certifications in the field. Beginning her career in 1995 in an urgent care facility and family practice setting, Ms. Rubin knew she had found her passion. She also had a desire to give back, and to help others who also wanted to follow their desire for a new challenge and beginning. Ms. Rubin mentored students who attended Omaha College of Health Careers

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