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Knowledgeable in research and training policies, as well as experimental psychology science policy, Pamela Flattau, PhD, is very “pre-brain,” meaning that she was taught about human behavior in the 1960s. There were very good constructivist theories on how the brain operates, which have since been worn out. One theory that she was exposed to as an undergraduate led to a Nobel Prize in 2014, which involved Swedish and British neuropsychologists working together to show how the brain was “probably” wired. Dr. Flattau was the first congregational science fellow to work in Washington, DC, between 1974 and 1975. She eventually made the transition from that point from science to public policy. Since 2014, Dr. Flattau has served as the founder and

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Ann-Marie Bartels


After focusing exclusively on public relations, Ann-Marie Bartels, AAP, first joined the Mid-America Payment Exchange in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1987 as public relations director, serving in this position for one year before moving up the ranks to communications director from 1989 to 1995. From there, she continued to serve in various other roles such as vice president from 1995 to 1998, president from 1998 to 2000 and president/chief executive officer from 2000 to 2009. Currently, Ms. Bartels serves as the chief executive officer of EPCOR since 2009. Ms. Bartels began her career as the public relations director of Showtime Inc. in St. Louis in 1976, remaining in this position for two years before becoming the public relations coordinator of

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Paula Mitchell


Overseeing the curriculum office, district-wide libraries and counseling office for student success, Paula R. Mitchell, EdD, was initially encouraged by her school’s director of nursing to become involved professionally in the organization and company. As a health professional and as a nurse, she had a duty to the public and the community to serve and as she moved throughout her career, she kept that in mind in the positions she took and the community as well. Dr. Mitchell first joined El Paso Community College in Texas as a nursing instructor in 1979, remaining in this position for six years while also serving as curriculum facilitator for one year. She then moved up the ranks to numerous other roles including acting

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Dina Sevayega


Responsible for reviewing academic proposals admitted by the colleges and universities across the state of New York, Dina M. Sevayega, EdD, recently retired from her position as a college and university evaluation associate with the New York State Education Department (NYSED) in 2019, previously working in this post for 27 years. During this time, she also attended and participated in accreditation visits throughout New York and conducted several reviews in higher education institutes wanting to operate in the state. Prior to this role, Dr. Sevayega began her career teaching with the Columbus Board of Education in 1964, remaining in this position for three years before transferring to the Youngstown Board of Education from 1967 to 1976. From this point on,

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June Crow


June Crow has served as the chief financial officer of Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Delta (BGCMSD) since 2014, previously serving the organization as the director of finance and the 21st Century Community Learning Center program from 2005 to 2014. In her current role, she is responsible for the financial management of the organization. Her area of expertise and length of service positions her to see the holistic picture of the club’s mission “to enable all young people of the Mississippi Delta, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens” and the activities required to bring this mission to fruition. She diligently maintains her unique prospective and ensures the

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Ruth Brennan


Not wanting to stay in education for the entire duration of her career, Ruth A. Brennan most recently served as an arts columnist for the Rapid City Journal for one decade, previously serving the journal as an arts-staff writer from 1968 to 1983. She began her career teaching at Edison Junior High School in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, in 1954, remaining in this position for one year before becoming a registrar/veterans adviser at the University of Colorado Denver extension from 1955 to 1956. In addition to this tenure, Ms. Brennan served on the board of the South Dakota Arts Council from 1988 to 2011, for which she secured funding and programming, and as an arts consultant in planning, building and

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Brenda Jones


Confident and knowledgeable, Brenda Gail Jones felt that pursuing education was a natural choice. She grew up with a strong support system that placed an emphasis on learning and development, which led her to join the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. This organization was transformative for Ms. Jones; it gave her the experience of leadership, organization, working with others, and being a role model. Ms. Jones carried what she learned with her as she pursued her dreams at San Francisco State University. She earned a Bachelor of Arts from the school in 1972 and became a teacher at the Lakeport Unified School District the next year. Ms. Jones loved working with children, but after only nine years in

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G. Valerie Egan


Although G. Valerie Egan started her career as a programmer and project manager at Merrill Lynch, she quickly realized that her true passions lay with human resources and recruiting. She worked her way up the ladder, and was eventually able to advance within the organization to the human resources department. There, she combined her skills and interests to recruit for information technology positions. Ms. Egan spent 18 years with the investment management company before deciding it was time to move on. She loved the work, but wanted more room for growth. That led her to AT&T, where she served as the assistant vice president for staffing and college relations, and to Aon Human Capital Services, where she served as the

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Nicole D. Swain


A 28-year veteran of the banking industry, Nicole Swain is committed to making things happen. One of the highlights of her illustrious career was reaching out to a “Shark Tank” contestant she believed didn’t have the right banker. After watching his episode, she wrote him a Facebook message offering her services. Ms. Swain ended up doing $10 million in business with him. Today, Ms. Swain is using her tenacity and perseverance in her position as the executive vice president and chief banking officer for First Choice Bank. Her role includes overseeing business development opportunities for both commercial and private banking and providing custom solutions based on her clients’ specific needs. Ms. Swain attributes her ongoing success in this capacity to

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Growing up on a farm, Reynotta Jahnke Hoberecht, EdD, recalls finding flint in the soil on a rainy day at three or four years old, which she later found out the Native Americans used for tools such as arrows. From then on, her curiosity and interest in anthropology began. She most recently served as an administrative assistant within Travis Unified Schools in California from 1995 to 2003. Prior to this role, Dr. Hoberecht began her career teaching within the district in 1971, remaining in this position for 28 years. She taught eighth grade English and remedial reading at Golden West Middle School for eight years, and then remedial reading at Golden West High School from 1995 on when the war

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