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Born to father Lawrence Meredith Clampson Smith and mother Eleanor Houston Smith, Gertrude Gouverneur Meredith Stevenson Smith was initially inspired to pursue a musical education due to her parents’ love of classical music — both her mother and sister played the piano. After earning her high school diploma from the Germantown Friends School, she completed coursework at Hollins University in Virginia where she discovered her love of string instruments. She subsequently joined the New School of Music in Philadelphia, and obtained a diploma in viola after three years of study. Following her graduation, Ms. Smith realized that a musical career wasn’t what she had expected it to be and began to look elsewhere for inspiration. She found the answer in

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Jennifer Swain


Jennifer Swain grew up amidst the agricultural and farming industries and took great pride in the work even as a child. She had a sense of how crucial farming was to addressing the world’s problems and keeping people healthy, and wanted to continue this work when she grew up. Ms. Swain’s journey began at South Florida State College, where she completed an Associate of Arts in biology and biological sciences in 2013 before pursuing additional coursework in environmental biology at Indian River State College the following year. Deeply committed to education and driven by a lifelong learning ethos, Ms. Swain continued her studies at Florida Atlantic University for the next several years, earning certificates in geographic information systems and environmental

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Joan Hutchins


Joan Morthland Hutchins celebrates more than six decades of distinction in business leadership, manufacturing and agriculture. A trailblazer for women in the construction industry and large-scale commercial agriculture, Ms. Hutchins considers her greatest accomplishments to be the diversity of her knowledge and ability to succeed across industries. She began her career in 1961 as a junior mathematician for the Shell Development Company after graduating from Radcliffe College at Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts. She remained with Shell Development Company until 1963 and spent the next year as a mathematician for British Petroleum. During her time in the energy industry, Ms. Hutchins worked on the development of several key mathematical models for use in the oil industry, work she

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Driven by a desire to help small family famers, Gail L. Hayden earned her Bachelor of Applied Science in agricultural business and management from the University of California Davis in 1978, and began her career in 1979 as part of the original team to develop certified farmers’ markets in the state of California. This was during a time where there were severe gas shortages, which prevented people from driving out to farms to get their food. Creating a system of farmers’ markets allowed small farmers to maintain control over selling their own products instead having to outsource to a middle man. It also helped to ensure there was a supply of local, home grown food for communities, instead of having

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Marjorie Baumberger, since her birth on a small Appalachian hill farm and attending a nearby one room school through the fourth grade, had the support of a community of neighbors working toward not only their own good but also that of the community.  Graduating high school, she was named class valedictorian.  At that time she considered attending college, however, it was several years later after volunteering for a two year term with the AmeriCorps National Service that Ms. Baumberger received her associate degree in business. At that time, Ms. Baumberger was named to the 2003 All Ohio Academic Team of two year colleges.  She has been a member of Ohio’s Appalachian country for the past decade, participating in their endeavors

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Hardworking and motivated, Margaret “Betty” E. Turner dedicated herself to professional growth. She started out as a secretary at the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and ended up becoming the first female grain inspector and the first female licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Ms. Turner’s expertise in export grain inspection, operations management, and state to federal regulatory compliance helped her thrive as an office manager with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Some of her responsibilities with the government agency included managing office operations and budgeting. Ms. Turner was also responsible for helping to promote the agency’s mission of supporting economic growth and development in Virginian agriculture and encouraging environmental stewardship and consumer protection.

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Coming from a non-agricultural background, Temple Grandin was fascinated when her mother remarried and brought a ranch into the family. There were not many women in the cattle industry at the time, but she was determined to prove herself. She proceeded to earn a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Franklin Pierce College in 1970, a Master of Science in animal science from Arizona State University in 1975, and a PhD in animal science from the University of Illinois in 1989. Dr. Grandin’s first professional positions were livestock editor for Arizona Farmer Ranchman and equipment designer for Corral Industries. Her efforts in these capacities led her to step out as an independent consultant through Grandin Livestock Systems in Urbana, Illinois,

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Wanting to be a positive influence and to inspire others to be better, Kathy Harris has dedicated her life to her community.  She strongly believes that it doesn’t take someone who is rich and famous to change the world; it just takes someone who continues to put in the effort. One of the main ways she does this is through her work. As the co-owner of Harris Farm since 2000 and the secretary of CW Matthews Contracting since 1999, Ms. Harris is known for her work ethic and positive energy. She is responsible for tasks like bookkeeping and record keeping, computer navigation and data entry, creating and managing databases to ensure FDA compliance, documenting control to suffice for FDA horticulture

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