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Experienced in design, architecture and management, Tracey Kasper is highly qualified for her positions at Avison Young. She joined the management company as the vice president of project management when they acquired her former employer, The Walsh Company, LLC, and added the title of principal last year. Her responsibilities include handling business development, marketing, giving presentations, and managing a team of professionals. ​ To prepare for her endeavors, Ms. Kasper earned a Bachelor of Science in interior design and business administration from Northern Arizona University and became certified as an interior designer. Additionally, she obtained certification in leadership in energy and environmental design and joined the National Council for Interior Design Qualification, Inc. Ms. Kasper then set out to accrue

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An esteemed member of the architectural design community, Jane K. Hence continues to thrive at the head of JKH Design, which she has owned since 1989. She is responsible for designing more than 55 buildings, renovations, and additions in New England over the course of her career thus far, as well as co-designing more than 40 buildings in Rhode Island and Connecticut.  Ms. Hence has also served as a freelance interior designer since 1982, and garnered experience as a designer and consulting associate for Michael McKinley & Associates, LLC, in Stonington, Conn., from 1993 to 2001. She is proud of her experiences, as each has allowed her to showcase her artistic abilities while helping clients see their dreams materialize right

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