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From the time Phyllis Whitcomb Packard was young, she dreamed of a career in the arts. She worked hard to make that dream a reality, and eventually became a fiber arts instructor at the University of South Dakota. With her foot in the door, Ms. Packard wasted no time in proving her aptitude in the field. She quickly advanced to positions in the Art Department at Yankton College and Worthington Community College, art consultant with the South Dakota Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts, originator and manager of prison industry Tapestry Weaving of Black Sheep Weavers, and executive director of the Vermillion Area Arts Council. She has also participated in more than 75 invitational shows thus far.

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Renowned for her ability to create innovative artistic opportunities, Shelley Joy has thrived as an artist and performer. As a fine artist, Ms. Joy focuses on creating oil paintings to sell and display in galleries around the world. She has notably been an exhibitor at Museo de San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Toyamaya Museum in Japan, and the New Atrium Museum of the Louvre in France, among many others. On the performance side of the spectrum, Shelley Joy prefers to collaborate with accomplished musicians, singers and actors to create events where people can come and learn something. She specializes in theatrical art. Additionally, she has written songs and poetry. To

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Coming from a family long involved in the fashion industry, Gloria D’Angelo Ingrao felt a strong desire to keep the legacy alive. Her grandfather was the first to join the world of fashion, when a men’s coat he designed won a competition in Paris in the late 1800s. Her father then took up the trade, opening a suits and coats company, D’Angelo’s, in the early 1900s. Ms. Ingrao joined her father’s business as an administrator in 1975 and fell in love with the work. She had been brought up to be creative, so fashion was a perfect fit. She advanced to become the president of D’Angelo’s Originals Ltd. in 1978. Then, in 1981, Ms. Ingrao decided to branch out. She

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A genuine seeker of knowledge, Kathleen Overin Slobin has incorporated a wide variety of interests into her career. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Pomona College during the turbulent 1960s, she felt called to become a painter. Her mother was a practicing artist. As she grew older, however, her focus shifted to sociology and public administration.  Today, Dr. Slobin holds numerous degrees across those fields. She is presently leading a seminar for family caregivers at California Pacific Medical Center. Additionally, she has been a storyteller at the Asian Art Museum since 2010, a docent at the California Academy of Sciences since 2009, and a professor emeritus at North Dakota State University since 2007. Dr. Slobin has

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Motivated her desire to find an interesting and meaningful career, Carol Bennett pursued a combination of library science, journalism, and acting over the years. She started out at the reference department at the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library at Tulane University, where she met someone who had worked with the U.S. Army Libraries. Ms. Bennet applied at their recommendation because the prospect of seeing the world enticed her. She subsequently traveled to Germany with the organization and became responsible for several international military libraries. Upon her return to the U.S. two years later, she used her experience to serve local libraries like the Princeton Public Library. Ms. Bennett also began taking classes at the University of Maryland around that time. She became

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Driven by her love of art, Anita Jean Wildermuth decided to teach and share her passion with the younger generations. She was inspired by her elementary school art teacher, Lawrence Urbscheit, and her father. Both encouraged her to pursue art professionally. To help her achieve her goal, Ms. Wildermuth earned a Bachelor of Arts from Luther College and a Master of Arts in teaching from Rockford College. She also became a certified teacher in the state of Wisconsin. Degrees in hand, Ms. Wildermuth set out to make her mark. Her first professional position was art teacher at Dodgeville Public Schools, followed by art teacher at Viroqua Public Schools and Beloit School District. She retired in 1998. Her favorite part of

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Growing up with artistic parents, Corinne Samios was almost destined to end up in a creative field. She had always had an eye for color and design, so when her aunt recommended she apply for a job as a colorist with old Deerfield Fabrics, she decided to give it a shot. Ms. Samios didn’t think she would get it since she was still studying interior design and architecture at the Traphagen School of Fashion and the Art Student League at the time, but she persevered. Ms. Samios came out of the interview process on top, and ended up starting her first professional position in 1957 at the young age of 19. From that point forward, Ms. Samios worked hard to

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Passionate about art for as long as she can remember, Mary French Sweet is proud of her continued contributions to the field. She has notably been an exhibitor in a group shows at the Albuquerque Museum and The Gallery Store since 2004, the Dartmouth Street Gallery since 2002, and the Weyrich Gallery since 1985. Ms. Sweet is also represented in the permanent collection, “Arts Thrive,” in the Albuquerque Museum, as well as in the permanent collections of the La Posada Hotel, the Carlsbad Art Museum, and the First National Bank of Albuquerque. Some other exhibitions include “The Spirits of Two Deserts” at the Museum of Fine Arts in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, “East Meets West” at the Donkey Mill Art Center in

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In pursuit of her passions, Barbara L. Lobron dedicated much of her life to her career. She started as a reporter and writer for the Camden Courier-Post right out of college, and really fell in love with the industry. Ms. Lobron worked hard to solidify her place after that. Her efforts led to her advancement through roles like editorial assistant of Medical Insight Magazine, managing editor of Camera 35 Magazine, associate editor for U.S. Camera/Camera 35 Magazine Annual, account executive for Bozell & Jacobs, and freelance editor for Word Woman, as well as to her growing interest in photography. Ms. Lobron’s next positions, copy editor of Camera Arts Magazine, editorial coordinator of Popular Photography Magazine, and associate editor of Sony

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Judith Marlane


Very self-driven, Judith Marlane has always wanted to excel. She attended the High School of Performing Arts as a dance major, and threw herself into her studies. Dr. Marlane would leave the house very early so she had time to practice before school, learn from masters of the craft like Robert Joffrey during the day, and take extra classes at Carnegie Hall of Lessons at night. All of her dance, theater, and music training combined into an exciting and fruitful career in the performing arts. One of Dr. Marlane’s first professional position was producer, writer, and broadcaster for Channel 13, WNET, in New York. Her aptitude quickly caught the attention of her peers, propelling her to roles like president of

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