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Nelleke Nix


Nelleke Nix, a brilliant mixed media and printmaking artist with more than 60 years of inimitable experience, has presided over the NN Gallery in Seattle since 1970 as its director. Maintaining two studios since relocating to the U.S. from her native Holland in 1968, her success has afforded her the opportunity to serve as an artist-in-residence at the Lennox School in New York and the Jefferson Community Court in Seattle. She has likewise been commissioned in the U.S. in Seattle, New York and New Mexico, and abroad in the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Papua New Guinea and Egypt. Ms. Nix also taught and headed the Art Department at the Bush School, an all-girls’ school in Seattle, enjoyed teaching various summer art

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Jan Heyn-Cubacub


Having accrued more than four decades of inimitable experience in the field of performing arts, Jan J. Heyn-Cubacub has garnered a laudable reputation as a dancer, choreographer and educator. The daughter of a professional tap dancer, she studied ballet while coming of age and has always been possessed of a natural aptitude for the visual arts. She enrolled as an art student at Northern Illinois University in 1974. Quickly realizing that her talents were stronger than what the school’s fine arts program could support, Ms. Heyn-Cubacub transferred to the University of Illinois, where she attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance in 1978. From 1976 until 1978, Ms. Heyn-Cubacub found success as a dance captain at Marriott’s Great America

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Patricia Kagemoto


As a child, Patricia Jow Kagemoto’s father had a 35mm camera, which he would always take pictures of her and her sister with as they were growing up. She later took a photography course and just loved when the photos would come out in the darkroom; it was like magic in black and white. She eventually bought her own camera and went from there, learning to truly love photography. Ms. Kagemoto began her professional career as a printmaking workshop assistant at the State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz in 1974, remaining in this role for one year before moving up the ranks to print shop assistant. She then consulted in printmaking for Communications Village, Ltd., which was

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Coming of age in the midst of poverty, Odalys Marino relocated to the United States from Cuba in order to pursue a better life for herself and her children. After earning a Master of Arts in economics from the National University of Cuba, she arrived in the United States and worked in a variety of different settings, including a medical office, beauty salon, cleaning company and in accounting for a national bank, where she remained for nearly a decade and a half. During this time, Ms. Marino retained a love of sewing and designing clothes that she learned from her mother. Eventually, Ms. Marino’s considerable hard work and unwavering drive allowed her to foster her true dreams of becoming a

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Kira Seamon


Kira Kanani Seamon discovered the joy of dance while coming of age. As a classically trained ballet dancer, she thrived in traveling throughout the United States and Europe, and participated in a trainee summer intensive program at the famous Joffrey Ballet School. She later relocated to New York to continue her intensive training. After suffering what doctors called a career-ending leg injury at 21, Ms. Seamon resolved to study body mechanics and kinesiology, in order to heal herself and return to pursuing her passion. Ms. Seamon became a certified exercise physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine. She also received certification as a personal trainer and group exercise leader through the American Council on Exercise. A year after returning

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Victoria Beard


Prior to embarking upon her professional path, Victoria F. Beard earned a Bachelor of Arts in speech and theater from the Houston Baptist University in 1980. She subsequently began her career as an actor with Management and Industrial Training Films in 1981. While active in this position, she graduated from the University of Houston with a Master of Arts in theater in 1982. Deciding to become a theater teacher to inspire and create future patrons of the arts, Ms. Beard applied her knowledge from her stellar education to create a superb career in acting and teaching the arts. From 1982 to 1983, Ms. Beard served as an acting teacher at Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in

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Shirley A. Schrank is renowned as a retired nurse and visual artist with a career spanning more than 50 years. She began her career in nursing as part of a federal nurse training program instituted after World War II, earning a degree in nursing at the University of Rochester in 1954. Ms. Schrank concluded her academic efforts at the University of Rochester, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1960 and a Master of Science in nursing education in 1961. From 1954 to 1956, Ms. Schrank worked as a staff nurse in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Rochester, where she was subsequently active as a team leader of the Department of Medicine from 1956 to 1960.

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Jacquelyn Cattaneo


Initially planning on becoming a musician, Jacquelyn K. Cattaneo has worked as a portrait artist, teacher of portraiture and southwestern landscapes in Gallup, New Mexico, since 1972. She was also an exchange artist for the Soviet women’s committee of the USSR Women Artists and an artists’ delegate in Prague, Vienna and Budapest, Hungary, among numerous other cities. Ms. Cattaneo previously served on the formation committee of the Multi-Modal/Multi-Cultural Center for Gallup, and coordinated the Octavia Fellin Performing Arts Wing dedication at the Gallup Public Library and the art project renovation at the Works Progress Administration of McKinley County, New Mexico. Prior to the start of her professional career, Ms. Cattaneo pursued a formal education, completing coursework at Texas Woman’s University

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An acclaimed educator, Pamela A. Brandt works as the Art Department curriculum chairperson for Hartford Joint 1 School District, where she also served as the applied and fine arts curriculum chair in 2015. Previously, she contributed to the school district as a special education art teacher in 1984. Likewise, Ms. Brandt retains her professional affiliation with the Wisconsin and National Education Associations, the Hartford Elementary Education Association, the Wisconsin and American Art Therapy Associations, the Wisconsin and National Art Education Associations, and the Wisconsin Association of Mid-Level Educators. Ms. Brandt became involved in her profession because she was always fascinated with working in the Girls Scouts within the special needs groups. She decided that she wanted to be an art

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Meri Goyette


With the intent to bolster her community’s impact and reputation as a whole, Meri R. Goyette ventured into the arts after receiving a degree from Lasell Junior College in 1946. For years, she has been a dedicated art patron, striving to highlight and uplift the arts and artists. She also co-founded the Nashua International Sculpture Symposium, where sculptures are donated to the city of Nashua, New Hampshire, for public display, and is a founding member of the international Women’s Review Board. For her professional achievements, Ms. Goyette has been recognized throughout her career. To wit, she has been named Citizen of the Year, Remarkable Woman and Woman of the Year. She received awards as the Best Humanitarian from the Greater

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