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Holding considerable expertise in business management, Teresa Gail Reynolds has excelled as a managing partner with Reynolds Electric Heating & Air Conditioning Service, LLC, for more than 40 years. Opening the business with her husband, Danny, when they were just 20 years old, she has been proud to serve her community for the past four decades, providing employment opportunities that enable their employees to take care of their families. In her day-to-day work, Ms. Reynolds oversees their eight technicians, all of whom they were able to keep on during the pandemic; keeps the office running smoothly; and manages marketing, collections and payables. In 2000, she earned a bachelor’s degree in business from Amberton University and has plans to pursue a

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Holding considerable expertise in financial reporting and performance standards; project, records, facilities and risk management; policy and procedures; process improvement and staffing support; strategic consulting and revenue cycles; and transportation services, Tonja Smith, MBA, was inspired to pursue a career in health care by her cousin, who has autism and intermittent explosive disorder. Earning a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Morris Brown College and a Master of Business Administration from the Keller Graduate School of Management at DeVry University, she embarked on her career as a business office manager with Emory Healthcare in 2004. She then became the business manager for DeKalb Surgical Associates and the DeKalb Medical Center from 2006 to 2007 and the senior financial analyst

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A coaching expert and talent development manager with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, Kimberly Erceg has spent nearly 20 years developing her passion for helping others reach their highest potential. After briefly studying journalism, Ms. Erceg recognized that her interests lay in business and logistics, and she completed a Bachelor of Science in communications and supply chain management at the Pennsylvania State University while working her way up the ranks at Guardian Life Insurance. She began her business career in sales, starting in 2001 as a sales representative for Cardinal Health, Inc., moving to Quest Diagnostics, Inc. from 2004 until 2006. The following year, Ms. Erceg transitioned to a corporate training role with P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, spending the next

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Angela L. Dills is the owner and operator of Angela’s Custodial Service, a commercial janitorial services company cleaning retail, office, and municipal spaces in the Douglas City, California, area since 2008. Before launching the company, Ms. Dills had spent several years as a county government employee. She began making plans to move on after work furloughs became more frequent and rumors that her position might be outsourced started swirling. Located in a county with fewer than 10,000 residents, Douglas City lacked a reliable after-hours janitorial service, and Ms. Dills sensed an opportunity. Angela’s Custodial Service started with just a single account, her local credit union. Ms. Dills approached the owners after noticing dust and spiderwebs in the lobby, remembering that

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Katharine Needham


Since 2008, Katharine “Kit” Needham has been the director and entrepreneur-in-residence at the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University, where she oversees a series of innovative classes and programs designed to provide innovators and entrepreneurs with the skills, tools, and connections they need to build their businesses and thrive. She is the assistant dean of for the Entrepreneurship Initiative and director of Project Olympus, the Swartz Center’s business incubator and one of its largest programs, offering would-be business owners coaching, consulting, and a roadmap to incorporation. With five decades of expertise in the banking and financial industries and a natural talent for developing ideas and finding new ways to do things, Ms. Needham has also operated Needham Consulting,

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Joan Hutchins


Joan Morthland Hutchins celebrates more than six decades of distinction in business leadership, manufacturing and agriculture. A trailblazer for women in the construction industry and large-scale commercial agriculture, Ms. Hutchins considers her greatest accomplishments to be the diversity of her knowledge and ability to succeed across industries. She began her career in 1961 as a junior mathematician for the Shell Development Company after graduating from Radcliffe College at Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts. She remained with Shell Development Company until 1963 and spent the next year as a mathematician for British Petroleum. During her time in the energy industry, Ms. Hutchins worked on the development of several key mathematical models for use in the oil industry, work she

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Dr. Barbara Ann Woods is a business and management expert with more than five decades of entrepreneurial and human resources experience. Since 1999, she has been a project manager for SVR Inc., LLC, where she handles general operations and employee oversight for a team that monitors and supervises the dissertation process for students at various colleges and universities. Dr. Woods has been the founder and leader of numerous businesses since the early 1970s, and describes building a successful company as one of her major callings in life. Born into a family of nine children, Dr. Woods was an exceptional student with big dreams who found limited family support for her ambitions. After graduating high school as a straight-A student, she

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Chelsea Williams


Chelsea Marie Williams is the founder and chief financial architect of Core Solutions Group, Inc., a specialized accounting and bookkeeping firm created to tailor to the unique financial needs of attorneys and legal practices. Based in Bloomington, Illinois, Core Solutions Group, Inc., has counted clients from across the United States since its inception in 2017, and is dedicated to creating a broad range of bookkeeping and compliance solutions for firms of all sizes, from full-service accounting to designing customized software solutions for firms on a budget. Her journey into the financial industry began as a high school student: at the time, career and guidance counselors advised students to enter healthcare fields, as the influx of aging Baby Boomers would create

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Beverly J. Coover is a lifelong business leader, manager, and a retired administrative officer of the University of Kansas School of Medicine’s department of family and community medicine. Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, Ms. Coover grew up on a farm and was introduced to the value of hard work and ingenuity at a young age. Naturally outgoing, people-oriented, and always looking for a challenge, she attributes much of her success to the values she learned from her upbringing. She started to excel even in high school, becoming lead editor of the school yearbook, and was voted junior class president out of a class of 109 students. After graduating high school, Ms. Coover worked full-time at the local Dairy Queen,

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With over two decades of experience in business recruiting and management, Dawn Marie Herlocher was inspired early on by her mother, Sandra Kline, to pursue a career that allowed her to help others. Earning her Associate of Science in business management from the Penn College of Technology in 1998, she then began her career as an office manager for Wynn Sport and an accountant for Nicholas Meets. In 2000, she joined Liberty Workforce, a staffing company, where she worked doing payroll. Ms. Herlocher became the business executive for Liberty Workforce in 2006, having taken over management of the company after the owner moved to Florida and retired not long after. She has since opened a second staffing company, Reliable Valley

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