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Nancy Regalmuto


Nancy M. Regalmuto became involved in her profession because she was born that way. She realized she was different the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, as she made a big fuss about it in school. She felt it was a big conspiracy, as though everyone knew and she could not understand why nothing was being done about it. She was very disruptive about it in class and was even sent to the principal’s office, who called her mother to come get her. Ms. Regalmuto was able to identify, diagnose and heal whatever was going on and find the answer. She had miracles that came through her from God, feeling she could touch people and God would instantly heal

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Sara Bertka


Possessing a natural talent for art, Sara Bertka’s high school, Bluffton High School in Ohio, had a well-developed art program that exposed her to many different options, forms and mediums of art. She started off on the path of fine arts, but she began to desire to make art a career after graduating in 2016. That was when Ms. Bertka found a school for graphic and digital design, pursuing a formal education at the School of Advertising Art, now known as the Modern College of Design, in Kettering, Ohio, where she graduated as valedictorian and attained an Associate of Arts in 2018. Prior to earning a degree, Ms. Bertka was a contact graphic designer for BMoore Connected in Bluffton and

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Samantha Benigno


Samatha Benigno Orpaz has garnered a lauded reputation as the chief executive officer and founder of Mynd Mvmt LLC, a company using an innovative approach to the treatment of mental health and substance abuse issues. Their primary mission is to help others realize their power to live the lives they want most. Specializing in biopsychology, which is how the mind and body work together to create our experience, her company helps people make lifelong changes by effectively changing how the body and, as a result, the mind operates. “We help people create new neurological habits and patterns in the brain that stand up under stress and over time,” Ms. Benigno explains. Run by career mental health professionals and employing a

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Kitty Calhoun


Skilled in ice, rock and alpine climbing, Kitty Calhoun always wanted to live like it was her last day on Earth. She wanted to be able to experience things she hasn’t experienced before and overcome her fear of heights. Therefore, Ms. Calhoun became the co-owner, director and a guide for Chick with Picks and Chicks Rock Events, which she has continued to do since 2000. Since 1999, Chicks Climbing & Skiing has been welcoming and empowering women through life-changing experiences in the outdoors, including rock climbing, ice climbing and backcountry skiing. The company’s women-specific, women-only instruction is designed to help women become confident, self-sufficient climbers and skiers and connect with one another to strengthen their outdoor women’s community. They proudly

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Kathryn Oplinger


Kathryn Simshauser Oplinger became involved in her professional because she was a student of chemistry and was considered for a scholarship to John Hopkins University. However, her husband-to-be was from the U.S. Naval Academy at the time of the Vietnam War. She decided to support her husband and education had to take a backseat. Ms. Oplinger comes from a family of inventors, who were all equals in arts and sciences. Her father only had a fifth-grade education, as he was German in World War I and wasn’t allowed to finish school. The family tradition that they have is never giving up and trying to contribute back for what they have been given in life. Since 2019, Ms. Oplinger has been

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Amanda Ackerman


Formerly a stay-at-home mom, Amanda J. Ackerman’s father, Monty Rainey, opened up RPM Storage Management LLC, of which she is now a co-owner and chief financial officer since 2014. His background includes working as a district manager for one of the nation’s largest REITs, where his district was among the top five in the company in year over year revenue growth for four years in a row out of 28 districts. He then worked as a district manager for a large self-storage management company, where he also had the number one district in year over year revenue growth. They started with only five properties, and now have 23 that they manage. Ms. Ackerman handles all of the human relations and

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Lena Graham-Morris


Having produced over 50 events, workshops and seminars dedicated to the economic development and sustainability of entrepreneurs and small businesses, Lena Graham-Morris was raised by entrepreneurs when people were still trying to figure out what “entrepreneur” meant. During this time, she started to see the way that different people were treated. When she had her own studio, she would see different obstacles that she went through from being an entrepreneur. Ms. Graham-Morris was in the hospital for 45 days experiencing three surgeries, and her show was canceled. After that, she had the opportunity to work for the African American Chamber of Commerce. It was then that she saw all of her experiences come together. She had a passion inside of

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Debi Burrows


The owner, head storyteller and marketing strategist of Penguin Suits, Inc., since 1992, Debi R. Burrows’ company does all levels of marketing. However, hers works to pinpoint what a company would need. It really depends on her target audience as to where they need to be. She does that, and then works on their message. Ms. Burrows tries to give everybody a tagline or something they can play off of, so the theme of their marketing revolves around that of their brand more than just a name. It has a texture and a feel for who they are. In addition to this tenure, she also teaches at the Alamo Colleges in San Antonio since 2011. Ms. Burrows grew up in

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Rene Nourse


Wanting to inspire others to succeed, René Nourse, CFP, became fascinated in becoming a stockbroker and realizing that you can learn to invest money and make a living without having to do physical labor. She began doing a lot of public speaking and enrolling people into retirement plans. She was intrigued by the field because growing up, she had never heard of it or noticed it ever being talked about. Obtaining a degree in psychology became useful when dealing with other people who are investing money. Since 2012, Ms. Nourse has been the founder, chief executive officer and financial planning professional of Urban Wealth Management in El Segundo, California, also serving as a guest commentator on CNBC in Los Angeles

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Melissa Russell


An experienced underground utility contractor, working with horizontal drilling and pipes, Melissa Russell was ready for a change and a new challenge for herself. She is the co-founder and president of Cannon Utility Services, LLC in Belleville, Illinois, since 2016. Having been in the business for 30 combined years of experience, the company has grown to a size that has allowed her to build and/or upgrade miles of plant over the past year. They are a diversified HDD contractor that has done work to include CATV, telephone, sewer, water, fiber, HDPE pipe and casing placement for commercial and residential customers. In January 2017, Cannon Utility Services, LLC expanded their services once again to include forestry work for Ameren. This work

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