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Rebecca O'Mahoney


Initially, Rebecca A. O’Mahoney joined the U.S. Army because she wanted something to do; this was pre-9/11 and she wanted to be adventurous. She fell in love with it and became really good at it. She had to transition into the real world, so she decided to get a coaching and psychology degree not only to help herself, but her fellow military and enforcement. Ms. O’Mahoney was a master sergeant in the U.S. Army Reserves from 1998 until her retirement in April 2020. Since 2015, she has also been an internal investigator with the New York State Justice Center. In this role, she is responsible for questioning/interrogation, and investigating allegations of abuse and/or neglect for those vulnerable people. Additionally, as

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Leading a diversified career throughout the state of Michigan for more than 30 years, Carlene M. Karavite held various secretarial, bookkeeping and real estate positions in Royal Oak, Oak Park and Birmingham, Michigan. In 1994, she became a limited licensed psychologist at the Midwestern Education Resource Center in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She later worked in the same capacity at Evergreen Counseling Centers in Farmington Hills, Shelby and Sterling Heights, Michigan, and at Advanced Counseling Services, P.C., in Southfield, Michigan, before retiring from the field of psychology in 1997. Additionally, Ms. Karavite excelled for 30 years as a real estate property manager for Leota Dunham in Royal Oak between 1976 and 2006. Ms. Karavite became involved in her profession because of

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Natasha Bell


Growing up, Natasha Silver Bell was a typical Midwestern farm girl raised by caring parents. However, by the 90s, she found herself developing an addiction to prescription medication. Thankfully, she made the conscious decision to make a change in her 20s and began helping others through a 12-step program. Upon earning an Associate of Science from Andrews University, Ms. Bell became a certified addiction recovery coach and has served in such capacity with Silver Bell Coaching LLC since 2013. Silver Bell Coaching LLC provides effective methods to assist in traditional or alternative treatment models for individuals who suffer from depression, eating disorders and life transitions. Ms. Bell is specifically responsible for evidence-based recovery coaching, extended case management, and collaborating with

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Fausta Britton has distinguished herself as the owner of Fausta Britton LLC since 1990, through which she provides motivational speaking and coaching services to various businesses and organizations. Borne out of her dissatisfaction with her past career in corporate marketing, she is dedicated to helping others live truer to their values. Ms. Britton’s area of expertise lies in management consultation regarding the cultivation of employee empowerment, relationship building and soft skills development. A graduate of the Detroit College of Business in Dearborn, Michigan, Ms. Britton earned a bachelor’s degree in 1991. She has also undertaken coursework at Wayne County Community College in Detroit. Since entering her professional field, Ms. Britton has been the recipient of a Dale Carnegie Recognition Award

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Lena Graham-Morris


Having produced over 50 events, workshops and seminars dedicated to the economic development and sustainability of entrepreneurs and small businesses, Lena Graham-Morris was raised by entrepreneurs when people were still trying to figure out what “entrepreneur” meant. During this time, she started to see the way that different people were treated. When she had her own studio, she would see different obstacles that she went through from being an entrepreneur. Ms. Graham-Morris was in the hospital for 45 days experiencing three surgeries, and her show was canceled. After that, she had the opportunity to work for the African American Chamber of Commerce. It was then that she saw all of her experiences come together. She had a passion inside of

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Margot Swetman


A self-development and executive leadership life coach who helps those who are caregivers to children or elders take care of themselves, Margot M.J. Swetman came into her profession after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. William Carey University in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, was no longer building dorms on the beach, so there was need for her position. She had to decide whether she wanted to continue with education or do something else, trying her hand and going the psychology route. A friends of hers at church told her about a case manager position being open, and she went for it. Ms. Swetman became a life coach after taking care of her father for several years, who had Parkinson’s disease. Her father was an

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Throughout her career, Debra Bartz has consistently balanced her dual positions as a holistic life coach and pilot with persistence and tenacity. As the owner of Learn Conquer Soar Coaching, the holistic integrative nutrition and coaching company she created in 2010 to promote health and wellness, Ms. Bartz encourages her clients to lead transformational healthy lives. Further, as she has taken to the skies as a pilot since 1982, most recently as the captain of an Airbus 320 for United Airlines, she has paved the way for other female pilots and continues to mentor aspiring women pilots to excel in the field of aviation. ​ Ms. Bartz began her career by earning a Bachelor of Science from the U.S. Air

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