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Every day, Kim Trainor Davis strives to live by her motto, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” That’s why she chose a career in writing and communications. She has harbored a passion for the field since the sixth grade and, in her eyes, becoming a journalist would grant her the opportunity to get paid to learn. Ms. Trainor Davis proceeded to earn a Bachelor of Arts in journalism at Texas Tech University in 1988. She spent the next five years building her rapport and garnering experience in the industry. Eventually, however, Ms. Trainor Davis decided to take a leap of faith and start her own communications firm. Nomiss Communication was

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In pursuit of her passions, Barbara L. Lobron dedicated much of her life to her career. She started as a reporter and writer for the Camden Courier-Post right out of college, and really fell in love with the industry. Ms. Lobron worked hard to solidify her place after that. Her efforts led to her advancement through roles like editorial assistant of Medical Insight Magazine, managing editor of Camera 35 Magazine, associate editor for U.S. Camera/Camera 35 Magazine Annual, account executive for Bozell & Jacobs, and freelance editor for Word Woman, as well as to her growing interest in photography. Ms. Lobron’s next positions, copy editor of Camera Arts Magazine, editorial coordinator of Popular Photography Magazine, and associate editor of Sony

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Judith Marlane


Very self-driven, Judith Marlane has always wanted to excel. She attended the High School of Performing Arts as a dance major, and threw herself into her studies. Dr. Marlane would leave the house very early so she had time to practice before school, learn from masters of the craft like Robert Joffrey during the day, and take extra classes at Carnegie Hall of Lessons at night. All of her dance, theater, and music training combined into an exciting and fruitful career in the performing arts. One of Dr. Marlane’s first professional position was producer, writer, and broadcaster for Channel 13, WNET, in New York. Her aptitude quickly caught the attention of her peers, propelling her to roles like president of

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Backed by nearly four decades of experience with print, television, and digital media, Monica F. Gerard-Sharp is well-known throughout the communications industry. She started her career by redesigning The Chemical Engineer, the publication of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, after which she became the youngest sub-editor of the TV Times. Her success in these roles propelled her to positions like press officer at the United Nations, editor of “Everyone’s United Nations,” board representative of The USA Network, and business manager, financial analysis manager, officer, and assistant treasurer of Time Inc. (now Time Warner Inc.). During this time, Ms. Gerard-Sharp also set strategies for new media and digital ventures for HBO and ATC, and tested new technologies and cable services in

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Backed by expertise in communications and management, Mary Devon O’Brien is thriving as the commissioner of the Essex County Tax Board and as the president of Anamex, Inc. She started the former position in 2008 and the latter in 1995, and really loves her work. Ms. O’Brien appreciates that both draw heavily on her past experiences. In tax hearing appeal cases, she has to follow the law, be fair to everyone, and try to ensure that no one suffers. In the service organization, the highlight of her work is with the eyeglass recycling program. At the beginning of her career, Ms. O’Brien served the Defense Communications Division ITT as a program administrator, a manpower controller, a manager of cost and

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Interested in newspaper journalism since high school, Susan Miller began by working for her community papers. Ultimately, she spent more than 40 years in the field. During this time, Dr. Miller made an international name for herself as being the first person to discover and document the gap in women’s readership of U.S. newspapers. The papers were losing female readers more rapidly than men, and this trend was discovered in many other countries as well. She became an international authority on increasing women’s readership, speaking widely and contributing numerous articles to professional journals. Dr. Miller earned a Bachelor of Arts from Stanford University in 1966, a Master of Science from Columbia University in 1969, and a PhD from Stanford University

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Steadfast in her mission of uncovering and distributing knowledge, Deborah S. Rieselman is passionate about telling stories in a way that makes people want to read them. She developed an interest in writing and journalism in high school, and went to college during the Watergate scandal. The impact of that story was very inspirational to her; she wanted to affect lives in a similar matter. Ms. Rieselman’s first step toward achieving her goals was becoming the managing editor of Record Newspapers in 1979. She stayed there until 1984, at which point she advanced to the positions of assistant director, digital executive editor, and editor of UC Magazine. Today, Ms. Rieselman parlays this experience into her roles as the owner of

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Determined to make a difference, Clara McLaughlin has made it her mission to give a voice to the voiceless. She started her communications journey in high school, where she created the first student newsletter and developed an interest in writing and media. After spending a few years in the Navy, Ms. McLaughlin joined the Howard University community as both an employee and a student. Her positions in the dean’s office and the public relations office paved the way for her success at the school. Notably, she was instrumental in initiating the journalism major and the National Black Communications Society at Howard University, and was recognized for outstanding work as the co-editor and editor-in-chief of the Bison Yearbook. Under Ms. McLaughlin’s

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Noted as one of the first female journalists on TV in North Dakota, Kathleen Dakota Parker is proud to have earned the trust of her communities, both personally and on a larger screen. She started as a writer for the Associated Press in 1973, and continued on to become a journalist with CBS Network News, a reporter and anchorwoman for Station KFMB-TV, the president of Pacific Communications, the owner and operator of Station KOWL-AM, Inc., and the co-founder of Parker Communications/Parker Pacific. Ms. Parker also garnered experience as the owner and operator of Stations KIKI-AM and KAMI-FM through Island Communications and iHeartMedia, Inc., the owner and operator of the Station KIKI Licensing Corporation in Japan, and the owner and operator

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Although Tina A. Hobson’s interest in communications began as a hobby, it has blossomed into a full-time career. She is currently thriving as a best-selling author and radio show host, known for being a strong voice in the fight for female strength, power, and unity. ​ Ms. Hobson is a semi-retired licensed social worker with the state of Ohio. Social work has been her passion for the past 25 years, but, after attending a woman’s conference, she felt a strong motivation to keep the momentum going. Thus, she founded the I Am a Superwomen Radio Network LLC with the goal of inspiring women to become as empowered as she is. Ms. Hobson broadcasts her podcasts weekly via Blog Talk Radio

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