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Attributing much of her success to the support of her children, Capricia Cunningham was inspired to her career as a resource specialist out of a desire to help people access the multitudes of community resources that are available but not well known. Embarking on her education at Alaska Career College, she earned an Associate of Applied Science in business administration and computer technology in 2014, followed by addiction treatment certification from ICDC College in 2015. In 2018, she continued her studies with certification as a counselor technician from the National Board for Certified Counselors. Since 2014, Ms. Cunningham has excelled as a re-entry employment and resource specialist with AmeriCorps and Nine Star Education & Employment Services. In this role she

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Veronica Smith-Creer


Mayor Veronica Smith-Creer has proudly served the city and people of El Dorado, Arkansas, in her office since 2019. Born and raised in El Dorado as the third of five siblings in a close-knit family, Ms. Smith-Creer credits much of her personality and her drive to succeed to her childhood and deep roots in the area. After graduating from El Dorado High School in 1988, she attended South Arkansas Community College with aspirations to become a teacher, earning an associate degree in education in 1993. She began her career working as a substitute teacher for the area school district and at a local funeral home before exiting the field of education due to a distaste for the politics and bureaucracy

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Frances Terrell


Holding considerable expertise in management and organization, Frances Colbert Terrell was inspired to her career by her mother, who worked in federal government. Initially thinking to become a teacher, she first earned a diploma from Parker-Gray High School before pursuing higher education at Hampton University. After graduation she realized that she wanted to work in business administration, which was where her expertise lay, and she joined the United States House of Representatives in Capitol Hill, Washington, as a congressional staff assistant in 1976. Spending over two decades with the House of Representatives, Ms. Terrell worked with a number of United State representatives between 1976 and her retirement in 1999. These included Rep. Jeff Brooks, Rep. Keron Mitchell and Rep. John

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Debra Christian


After receiving a business degree from Texas College, Debra D. Christian served as a lab technician for the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company for 34 years. In 2007, she was inspired to develop the Christian Restoration Community (CRC) Residential Care Program in the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship, where she has since served as director. She was inspired by her father, who was a combat soldier in Korea at the age of 18 when the military was still segregated. He carried the American flag when President Harry S. Truman decided Black men could fight with the Buffalo Soldiers and later passed away from being exposed to Agent Orange during his time in Korea. Although her older brother also

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Focused on ensuring inclusive environments for minorities, Sheila D. Ards is an expert at developing communities. She began her journey at the University of Texas at Austin as an accounting major, but discovered a passion for public policy during a summer program at Carnegie Mellon University. The institution offered her a full ride to earn a PhD from the School of Urban and Public Affairs, which she did in 1990. Her dissertation was on child abuse and neglect. She also wrote a major paper that looked at poor communities and ways to rebuild them. ​ Dr. Ards’ first professional position was with the University of Maryland, where she taught in the School of Urban and Public Affairs. She then joined

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Imbued with compassion and a strong work ethic, Winborne Hamlin has dedicated her life to serving her community. She spent many years as an English teacher at Eastern High School in Maryland and at Lancaster Middle and High Schools in South Carolina, and as a teacher and director of the art program at the High Museum of Art in Georgia. Ms. Hamlin also held positions like board member of the St. Philip’s School and Community Center, the Junior League of Dallas, and the Highland Park Independent School District Foundation for Child Care in Texas, and troop leader of the Senior Girl Scouts in South Carolina. Other notable roles include docent of the Dallas Museum of Art, vestry and volunteer of

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Wanting to be a positive influence and to inspire others to be better, Kathy Harris has dedicated her life to her community.  She strongly believes that it doesn’t take someone who is rich and famous to change the world; it just takes someone who continues to put in the effort. One of the main ways she does this is through her work. As the co-owner of Harris Farm since 2000 and the secretary of CW Matthews Contracting since 1999, Ms. Harris is known for her work ethic and positive energy. She is responsible for tasks like bookkeeping and record keeping, computer navigation and data entry, creating and managing databases to ensure FDA compliance, documenting control to suffice for FDA horticulture

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For more than four decades, Rosemary Kijowski has dedicated herself to caring for others. She feels blessed in her life, and thus endeavors to give back and share her love of life. She prepared for her journey by earning a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts from The College of New Jersey in 1970 and 1976, respectively. She also became a certified teacher of music for grades K-12 in New Jersey and a fitness nutritionist in California. ​ The majority of Ms. Kijowski’s career was spent developing talent as the vocal and music director of the Edison Board of Education in New Jersey. During her tenure with the district, which lasted from 1970 to 2005, she coached 16

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