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When Paulette Martin learned to type, a world of career opportunities opened to her. The skill was in high demand; she started out helping other people learn the keyboard, and after scoring well on a civil service test, she began to work as a secretary to the comptroller at Woodruff Hospital. Ms. Martin spent six years at the institution before leaving to join Ohio Bell as a district office personnel clerk. From there, she advanced to roles like secretary at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, secretary at Sinclair College, mortgage loan processor at Citfed Mortgage Corporation of America, and legal assistant to the Office of the General Counsel. Although Ms. Martin enjoyed her work, she wanted more. She learned how

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Driven by expertise in computers and telecommunications, Sally A. Smith Shuler paved the way for women in her field. She worked hard and wasn’t afraid to assert herself to her peers and managers, which led her to become the first woman to ever complete general manager training at General Electric. This propelled her to the position of manager of federal systems at GE Information Services Co in Washington, DC, her first in the industry. Ms. Shuler quickly proved herself and began advancing up the ladder. Her next professional role was manager of marketing support at GE Information Services Co in Maryland, followed by director of business development and information technology groups at Electronic Data Systems, vice president of the Marketing

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Originally interested in education, Grace Ann Horner spent many years in the field before finding out that teaching wasn’t the best thing for her. She decided to pursue computer programming instead, and loved the work. Her first position in the field was with Marca Medical Industries, followed by AMC Industries and Block and Co., Inc. Although she retired in 2017, she hopes to be remembered as a steady, loyal, and reliable employee. ​ Ms. Horner prepared for her career by earning a certification from the Control Data Institute in the state of Illinois, a Master of Science in outdoor teacher education from Northern Illinois State University, and a Bachelor of Science in elementary education from Northern Illinois University. She then

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Always involved in mathematics, Angela Nicols feels she owes her computer science career to being in the right place at the right time. The field allowed her to combine her variety of passions, which she really appreciated. Her first professional position was supervisor of programs and project leader for Book Clubs Information Systems at Doubleday and Co. Inc., followed closely by manager of software engineering for Martin Marietta Information Systems. Then, from 1995 to 2015, Ms. Nicols worked as the owner of Nicols Consultant, a computer consultancy and training company. She is presently retired. ​ One of Ms. Nicols’ other interests is history. Between 1994 and 2015, she has held titles like chairman of technology and grants, vice president, president,

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