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Barbara J. Kleinschnitz has accrued more than 30 years of expertise in her role as a consultant and technical writer on behalf of the oil and gas industry. Before embarking upon her professional journey, she completed coursework at Colorado Women’s College in Denver and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Denver in 1983. Ms. Kleinschnitz entered the energy industry out of a desire to be on the cutting edge of technology and to work with computers. From 1968 until 1976, Ms. Kleinschnitz excelled as a lead woman for Schlumberger Well Services of Denver and is proud to have been the best-compensated woman in the region at the time. She ended up becoming the lead person at

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Samantha Benigno


Samatha Benigno Orpaz has garnered a lauded reputation as the chief executive officer and founder of Mynd Mvmt LLC, a company using an innovative approach to the treatment of mental health and substance abuse issues. Their primary mission is to help others realize their power to live the lives they want most. Specializing in biopsychology, which is how the mind and body work together to create our experience, her company helps people make lifelong changes by effectively changing how the body and, as a result, the mind operates. “We help people create new neurological habits and patterns in the brain that stand up under stress and over time,” Ms. Benigno explains. Run by career mental health professionals and employing a

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Bonita Lahey


Planning to be a history major, Bonita L. Lahey came to college in Colorado and immediately noticed the rocks. Thus, she decided to study an older history called deep time in geology. While pursuing academia, she worked as a petrologist, which is a branch of geology that studies rocks and the conditions under which they form. Ms. Lahey’s original education was as a geologist, but at the time she received a degree, geology was not a particular field that was interested in hiring women. Therefore, she went to work for several engineering companies. Now that she is retired, she has gone back to geology. Ms. Lahey began her professional career as an executive at U.S. West (Qwest) in Denver in

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Coming from a family background in health, Dr. Theresa A. DeLorenzo, RD, had an aunt who was a dietitian and the profession intrigued her. Nutrition was something she was always interested in as a young athlete, specifically how you can always improve your performance with your diet and its effect on how you feel and your long-term health outcomes. She also has a strong family history of cancer, so she was drawn to the concept of working to prevent that with what she puts in her body. Dr. DeLorenzo currently serves as the owner of All About the Babies, conducting private practice consultations for infants and children, since 2010 and the program director for the Master of Science in nutrition

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Marie Gill


Helping small minorities, women, veterans and disadvantaged business to develop and succeed in the market, Marie R. Gill believes there is a great need of help for small businesses. There is great sense of joy she experiences when a small business receives a loan that will help them succeed. Since 1990, she has served as the president and chief executive officer of her own company, M. Gill & Associates, Inc., a specialty consulting firm that develops, administers and manages strategic growth and economic development initiatives for small and minority businesses, government agencies, corporations and educational institutions that operate in the local and global economies. M. Gill & Associates, Inc., also operates the MBDA Export Center. Prior to this post, Ms.

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Providing housing units to the homeless, Sharron E. Liggins-Rogers, EdD, had the idea that nursing was an honorable profession instilled in her at a young age by her mother, Rubye Mae, and her aunt, Dr. Mary Elizabeth Whitehurst. During that time, options were limited for African American women; she could either be a nurse or an educator. Today, she has been the founder and CEO of her own consulting firm, Liggins and Associates Consultants, which she opened in 1998. In addition to this role, Dr. Liggins-Rogers is the executive director of the Continuum of Care Network, NWI, Inc./Drug Free Gary Coalition, Inc. in Gary, Indiana, since 2003. Through this position, she is responsible for planning, directing, implementing, and facilitating the

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After years in a variety of management positions, Jo Ann Jones-Burbridge decided to branch out on her own. She started an eponymous consulting firm to offer management and human resources services in 2013, and is thrilled to be able to use her skills in strategic planning, organizational development, and training to help people. Some other ways she meets her goals is through community involvement. She is active on the board of trustees of the American Leadership Forum, the Right2Justice committee of the Texas Organizing Project, the planning committee of Sunnyside Neighborhood, and the board of the Gulf Coast Trades Center and Raven School. ​ Prior to her current endeavors, Ms. Jones-Burbridge garnered experience as a juvenile probation officer, a training

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Passionate about helping others, Judith Katcher has enjoyed a long career in education, management consulting, and executive speech coaching. She is currently the president and executive coach of Katcher & Associates, the executive speech coaching company she opened in 1989 to help business leaders effectively present their messages to audiences. The business is located in White Plains, N.Y. She was previously an executive coach for Women in Finance on the Way Up from 2007 to 2012. On the academic side of the spectrum, Ms. Katcher was an associate professor of communication and English for the University of New Hampshire, Hunter College, and Pace University, all from 1972 to 1983. She prepared for her career by earning a Master of Arts

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Hardworking and enthusiastic, Joan Evans Ferry has led a long and varied career as a therapist, consultant, editor, and school counselor. She began her journey at the Lansdale School of Business and Lehigh University, and ended up earning a Bachelor of Science from the University of Pennsylvania in 1964. In 1967, Ms. Ferry obtained an EdM from Temple University, and over the years, she furthered her studies by completing postgraduate work at the University of Hawaii, the University of Pittsburgh, and Villanova University. She is certified as a cash flow consultant, a parent effectiveness therapist, a youth effectiveness therapist, a play therapist, and a school counselor. ​ As a self-employed cash flow consultant and owner of Capital Funding Solutions since

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With diplomas in accounting and bookkeeping with honors and computerized accounting with honors, Barbara Blackett combines 30 years of professional experience with advanced computer skills to benefit small, medium, and large corporations. She loves being able to help clients find solutions, and is proud of her continued professional success. She attributes much of that to her willingness to learn, which ensures that she remains at the forefront of her industry. Additional academic highlights include becoming certified in legal assisting, mediating and providing arbitrating services, and in managing QuickBooks ProAdvisor. ​ Ms. Blackett is currently utilizing her background as the lead consultant at Barbara Blackett Consulting in Ontario, Canada. The company specializes in website design and development, accounting and financial solution, business consulting

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