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Focusing on K-12 and higher education, as well as consulting, Marti Watson Garlett, PhD, EdS, has directed the Department of Elementary Teacher Education at Azusa Pacific University since 1992. She began her professional career as an elementary teacher in St. Louis in 1968, remaining in this post for two years before teaching reading in Hillsboro, Kansas, from 1973 to 1975 and elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee, from 1975 to 1977. She then served as an associate professor in education at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas, from 1977 to 1989, also teaching in Korea in 1986, and became a teaching specialist within Wichita Public Schools for one year. Following this, Dr. Garlett was a national curriculum consultant for Econo-Clad Books in

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Lorraine Avery


Working across various business lines with key executives, as well as business line leaders, Lorraine Avery recently retired from her positions as senior vice president, strategic director of bank operations, and diversity and inclusion consultant with Associated Banc-Corp in 2017, previously serving in these positions since 1976. During this time, she also served the company as senior vice president and director of contract center operations from 1998 to 2014, in which she was responsible for all aspects of customer service and contact center operations, strategic directions and interface with all business lines. In addition to this tenure, Ms. Avery was on the board of directors of the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP) International, a trade organization that represents the

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Elisabeth Wilton


Adept in linguistics and psychology, Elisabeth S. Wilton, PhD, claims language is her first and greatest love because she is likes words and why people speak the way they do. As president of her own company for 17 years, consulting at Wilton Associate, Inc. in McLean, Virginia, she worked with other contractors for the government. A couple of times Dr. Wilton contracted directly with the government. However, most of the time she was a sub-contractor to other contractors. She was doing training with the new employees that were hired. Prior to this role, Dr. Wilton began her career as a linguist, translating French, German, Spanish, and Romanian, for the U.S. government in Washington in 1959, remaining in this role for

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Born and raised in Chicago, Sen. Emilie F. Miller found politics to be like a sport. She first became interested in her field because of her uncles, who ran a barbershop that politicians frequented. They would always talk about the political climate in the city and the different policies they were or wanted to enact. Ms. Miller was also inspired by her neighbor, who had a polling station in her basement, and by the representatives who stood outside to greet voters. She began to think about all the good she could do with a little bit of power. Instead of going straight into politics, however, Ms. Miller decided to first focus on her interest in business. She thus obtained a

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Lee Grue


When Lee Meitzen Grue was young, she developed a profound connection to literature, particularly poetry. She fell in love with books like “The Golden Treasury” by Louis Undermyer, which was unique for its time because it featured female poets, and decided she wanted to contribute to the field herself. She proceeded to earn a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of New Orleans in 1963 and a Master of Fine Arts from Warren Wilson College in 1982. She also became a certified cosmetologist in the state of Louisiana. Seeking to share her passion and knowledge with others, Ms. Grue founded the New Orleans Poetry Forum in 1972. The group brought in all types of writers, including a lot

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Bright, funny, and helpful, Ann M. Butera is a natural leader. She founded the Whole Person Project, Inc.,  in 1984, and and uses her expertise in creating and managing organizational transformation to enable her clients to achieve their goals.  One of the things that sets her company apart is its highly-tailored approach to developing solutions that incorporate the client company’s existing tools, template, and organizational culture. This makes change easier to introduce and sustain. In 1993, she shifted the focus of her practice to concentrate on internal audit and risk management. To expand her market reach, she authored, “Mastering the Five Tiers of Audit Competency: The Essence of Effective Auditing,” in 2016. Ms. Butera garnered experience as a management consultant

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Carol Sapin Gold


A business professional with expertise in communications, Carol Sapin Gold strives to live by her motto, “the secret of success without hard work is still a secret.” She is currently the president of an eponymous consultancy, which she opened in 1971, and a volunteer with the California Bar Association. Her role with the latter includes sitting on a three-person panel and listening to both the plaintiff and the respondent as they discuss domestic, commercial, and/or civil issues. Ms. Gold is also mentoring a master class full of individuals who want to learn how to write and speak more effectively and how to better engage their audiences. She finds her work in these capacities to be extremely rewarding, as it has

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Positive, hardworking and honest, Eva Jo Sparks has become a trusted member of the forensic consulting community. Her expertise lies in white collar crimes like financial and health care fraud, predatory lending, and mortgage crime, and led her to create her company, Oklahoma Expert Witness. There, she is responsible for forensic accounting and investigations, detecting embezzlement, reconstructing financial records and books, preparing cases for court, creating trial exhibits, and testifying in federal and state courts. ​ The most gratifying aspect of Ms. Sparks’ job, however, is assisting pro se litigants who have been wrongfully cheated and have no means to assist themselves. One of her most notable cases involved an attorney altering her expert report regarding Medicare fraud. She worked

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Passionate about helping others, Patricia Highcove became involved in her profession as a vocational consultant after gaining experience working with developmentally disabled children. She started out by earning a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in rehabilitation counseling from Syracuse University in 1981 and 1982, respectively. Ms. Highcove also became a certified ergonomic assessment specialist, as well as a certified case manager, certified rehabilitation counselor, and certified vocational evaluator. ​ Now, Ms. Highcove is flourishing at the head of Highcove Consulting in Baltimore, MD, which is a vocational consulting company for individuals with disabilities who need help getting back into the workforce. She provides counseling services that include resources for developmentally and physically disabled individuals, workers’ compensation, and

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Armed with a Bachelor of Arts from Bennington College and a Master of Arts from Harvard University, Corinne Kyle flourished in her decades-long career. She demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for market research and management consulting over the years that served as a strong foundation for professional growth. Although she is now retired, she is still respected as an expert in her field. ​ Ms. Kyle started working as an associate editor for the Inter-University Case Program in 1956, and she quickly rose to become the co-founder and chief financial editor of Financial Index and a research analyst for McKinsey & Co., all located in New York City. She moved to Philadelphia in 1964, where she began a long stretch that

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