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Nancy Regalmuto


Nancy M. Regalmuto became involved in her profession because she was born that way. She realized she was different the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, as she made a big fuss about it in school. She felt it was a big conspiracy, as though everyone knew and she could not understand why nothing was being done about it. She was very disruptive about it in class and was even sent to the principal’s office, who called her mother to come get her. Ms. Regalmuto was able to identify, diagnose and heal whatever was going on and find the answer. She had miracles that came through her from God, feeling she could touch people and God would instantly heal

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Bonita Lahey


Planning to be a history major, Bonita L. Lahey came to college in Colorado and immediately noticed the rocks. Thus, she decided to study an older history called deep time in geology. While pursuing academia, she worked as a petrologist, which is a branch of geology that studies rocks and the conditions under which they form. Ms. Lahey’s original education was as a geologist, but at the time she received a degree, geology was not a particular field that was interested in hiring women. Therefore, she went to work for several engineering companies. Now that she is retired, she has gone back to geology. Ms. Lahey began her professional career as an executive at U.S. West (Qwest) in Denver in

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Nancy Beasom


Now a retired occupational therapist and consultant, Nancy A. Beasom accumulated more than 20 years of professional excellence with the Embreeville Center in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, on behalf of the Department of Public Welfare. Hired as an occupational therapist in 1975, she proceeded to acquire the roles of a supervisor and mental retardation unit manager. Additionally, she worked in consulting for a private practice in West Chester, Pennsylvania, for the Chester County MHMR Unit, as well as Elwyn, Inc., one of the oldest and largest care facilities in the United States, for Brian’s House in West Chester and for Home Health Care Agency in West Reading, Pennsylvania. Since 2005, Ms. Beasom has been employed as a pottery instructor on Princess Cruise

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Robin DeMark


Distributing her time between consulting, public speaking, event planning and beekeeping, Robin K. DeMark started her profession as an event planner and DJ to help support herself through college. Throughout the years, this grew and became a woman-owned business offering wedding event planning, hosting corporate events/promotions, singing at state fairs and festivals, and providing music and MC services for nonprofit organizations. For the next 25 years, her professional career blossomed in federal service with leadership roles in library, marketing and public affairs. Upon retirement, a friend introduced her to the world of beekeeping, which soon became a hobby that led to other leadership roles in local bee clubs. Today, Ms. DeMark continues expanding her company and utilizing her talents as

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Charlotte Iserbyt


Becoming involved in her profession because of her experience overseas, Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt started her career as an American Red Cross social worker at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam in 1953, but after two years she decided she wanted to change things around. Many of the men she met didn’t have a great education, and she wanted to do something to help. This inspired her to pursue education. Ms. Iserbyt served as the secretary to the ambassador of the U.S. Department of State in Pretoria, South Africa, from 1959 to 1960 and Brussels from 1961 to 1963, as well as in South Korea. She then co-founded the Guardians of Education for Maine in Camden in 1978, maintaining this role

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Susan Gitelson


Proud of the programs she has originated, Susan A. Gitelson, PhD, believes in humanitarian values and encourages people now and for the future. She started working at an early age because her father recruited her to help him present awards when she was 9 years old; her father didn’t have any sons, so he was delighted that she responded so positively to his teaching. Dr. Gitelson has done it all as a woman, and has appeared many places as a professor, community leader for different organizations, organizer of programs and speaker. Dr. Gitelson began her professional career as a trainee with the Rockefeller Foundation, which promotes the well-being of humanity throughout the world. She then joined the Hebrew University of

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Ann Croissant


Believing in a strong work ethic, moral compass, faith, individuality, perseverance and resourcefulness, Ann Bailey Croissant, PhD, became involved in teaching because her parents were also teachers. She grew up on a farm and that made her appreciate the outdoors more. She wanted to discover a cure for a major disease and planned on going to a large university for this. She was asked by her parents to either work in a grocery store, live at home and go to University of Northern Colorado, or go away to school without a car. During the process, she set high standards and figured that if she hurried up through this school, she could go onto graduate school even sooner. Dr. Croissant later

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Always a community-oriented person, Elizabeth A. Williams, PhD, wanted to do things in the arenas she entered in. In her time, there was not much emphasis when it came to women in business or government. She currently serves as the chief executive officer of Ultimate Vacations Inc., a well-respected lodging wholesale service. Dr. Williams began her professional career as the manpower coordinator of federal programs for the U.S. government in San Francisco before serving as a patient service representative with the Health Care Service in Oakland, California. Consulting in insurance and real estate, she then served as president of Investments Unlimited in Oakland and EWJ & Associates Marketing Firm. Following this, she was the planning commissioner for the City of

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Marie Gill


Helping small minorities, women, veterans and disadvantaged business to develop and succeed in the market, Marie R. Gill believes there is a great need of help for small businesses. There is great sense of joy she experiences when a small business receives a loan that will help them succeed. Since 1990, she has served as the president and chief executive officer of her own company, M. Gill & Associates, Inc., a specialty consulting firm that develops, administers and manages strategic growth and economic development initiatives for small and minority businesses, government agencies, corporations and educational institutions that operate in the local and global economies. M. Gill & Associates, Inc., also operates the MBDA Export Center. Prior to this post, Ms.

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Focusing on K-12 and higher education, as well as consulting, Marti Watson Garlett, PhD, EdS, has directed the Department of Elementary Teacher Education at Azusa Pacific University since 1992. She began her professional career as an elementary teacher in St. Louis in 1968, remaining in this post for two years before teaching reading in Hillsboro, Kansas, from 1973 to 1975 and elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee, from 1975 to 1977. She then served as an associate professor in education at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas, from 1977 to 1989, also teaching in Korea in 1986, and became a teaching specialist within Wichita Public Schools for one year. Following this, Dr. Garlett was a national curriculum consultant for Econo-Clad Books in

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