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Having accrued over 45 years of inimitable experience on stage as a ballerina, Janet Sassoon retired from her position as the associate director of the Academy of Ballet in San Francisco in 1997, having previously the role of the director from 1974 to 1989. Initially known as the Pacific Ballet Company, the institution offers training for students on the verge of launching their professional careers and those who are merely beginning to immerse themselves in the art. Moreover, the Academy of Ballet boasts programs specially focused on children and adults, with a more rigorous curriculum available for professional dancers. Born in Indonesia, Ms. Sassoon attended a ballet at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco at the age of

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Joan Tatum


Passionate about her students’ success, Joan J. Tatum’s philosophy was that if you feel that you want to teach, then the subject matter was not as important than being able to teach. Beginning her career in dance and education, she felt it did not matter whether it was a ballet arabesque or a technology computer program; she had a passion for sharing whatever her knowledge was with others, and teaching was the logical way to do that. Her mother did not have much formal education, but was passionate about its importance so education was where she felt she belonged. Ms. Tatum started her professional life as a substitute teacher within the Sarasota Public School District in Florida in 1966, remaining

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From dancing in her living room to dancing on the stage, Darwin Prioleau has become a renowned dance educator, performer, and choreographer. Music was always on in her home growing up, and she dreamed of a career in the performing arts. Dr. Prioleau got her first big break in 1974, when she was accepted as dancer with the Ed Kresley Jazz Co. She then became a soloist and dancer with the National Horne Dance Co., a dance coordinator with the International Center for Integrative Studies, a featured dancer and guest artist with a variety of off-Broadway productions, the artistic director of the Young Peoples Dance Co, and an artistic consultant with the Dallas Black Dance Theatre. Eventually, however, Dr. Prioleau

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