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Louann Zinsmeister


Feeling moved to become a nurse, Louann Brechbill Zinsmeister, PhD, RN, CNE, honestly felt that she wanted to do something where she can get a job and when she set foot in the nursing unit, she absolutely loved it. She has served Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, as a professor of nursing since 1994, director of the graduate program in nursing since 2013 and full professor since 2014. She previously served the college as an instructor of nursing from 1994 to 2004, assistant professor from 2004 to 2007 and associate professor from 2007 to 2014. Dr. Zinsmeister is proud of the students she taught and what they accomplished. She had students who went to graduate school and got PhDs, and

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Loving history for as long as she can remember, Rosemary F. Carroll, PhD, JD, grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, where history was all around her. Going back to her mother and as far back as her grandparents, she recalled that they all also had a love for history. As a child, her and her parents would take trips to visit various historical places. She moved to Newport, Rhode Island, when she was 5 years old to a historical home built in the Gilded Age in 1743. She later moved back to Providence, which her grandfather always spoke about. Since 2001, Dr. Carroll has been recognized as a Henry and Margaret Haegg Distinguished Professor in History emerita at Coe College

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Jane Riddle


At 30 years old, Jane M. Riddle recalls her sister working with severely disabled students and talking with her about their learning disabilities. Her sister mentioned it to her because she knew she loved working with kids, and Ms. Riddle also had another sister and aunt who were teachers. Since then, the highlight of her career was the changes she helped to make in the special education department as the middle school process coordinator at Camdenton R-III Schools in Missouri, beginning this role in 1989. She was one of the first teachers to do a pilot program called “CLASS” within a class. Prior to the start of her professional career, Ms. Riddle pursued night school at the School of Education

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Amity Buxton


The original executive director of its board in El Cerrito, California, from 2001 to 2007, Amity P. Buxton, PhD, founded the Straight Spouse Network in Mahwah, New Jersey, in 1991, a worldwide organization that offers communication support for people whose husbands or wives realize they identify as LGBTQ+. It reaches out as an invisible group, and educates with research and builds records to change cultural attitudes toward LGBT community. Dr. Buxton wanted to help raise the visibility of this conflict, and offer support to people at a loss by it. Throughout her career, the highlight that stands out is the fact that people have learned and grown. The spouses become themselves again and the teachers become better teachers, which is

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Paula Mitchell


Overseeing the curriculum office, district-wide libraries and counseling office for student success, Paula R. Mitchell, EdD, was initially encouraged by her school’s director of nursing to become involved professionally in the organization and company. As a health professional and as a nurse, she had a duty to the public and the community to serve and as she moved throughout her career, she kept that in mind in the positions she took and the community as well. Dr. Mitchell first joined El Paso Community College in Texas as a nursing instructor in 1979, remaining in this position for six years while also serving as curriculum facilitator for one year. She then moved up the ranks to numerous other roles including acting

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A concert pianist focused on music history and education, with a particular interest in the work of Johannes Brahms, R. Aileen James, DMA, was a child piano prodigy. She recalls growing up and living in a small town in Tennessee, where her father would come home and play hymns on a Chickering Spinet piano. At just 2 years old, she would sit beside him and play the melody portion of the song. By 3 years old, she began playing with both hands. In a nearby town, there was a woman who graduated with a degree in piano. The woman had a class for preschool students and Dr. James’ mother enrolled her in the class. For her first piano recital, the

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Dina Sevayega


Responsible for reviewing academic proposals admitted by the colleges and universities across the state of New York, Dina M. Sevayega, EdD, recently retired from her position as a college and university evaluation associate with the New York State Education Department (NYSED) in 2019, previously working in this post for 27 years. During this time, she also attended and participated in accreditation visits throughout New York and conducted several reviews in higher education institutes wanting to operate in the state. Prior to this role, Dr. Sevayega began her career teaching with the Columbus Board of Education in 1964, remaining in this position for three years before transferring to the Youngstown Board of Education from 1967 to 1976. From this point on,

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Nancy Goodyear


Spending her time as a youth picking up snakes and other reptiles in her yard, Nancy L. Goodyear, EdD, was inspired to go into her profession by her high school biology teacher, Ms. Farnbee. Thus, she grew up always loving nature and animals. She began her career as a secondary teacher on the foreign mission board of the Southern Baptist Convention in Richmond, Virginia, in 1969, remaining in this position for two years before serving as a secondary science teacher within Pine Bluff School Systems in Arkansas from 1971 to 1976. She then joined Bainbridge College in Georgia as a biology professor from 1976 to 2001. In addition to this long tenure, Dr. Goodyear taught adjunctively at a number of

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Maili Malvre


An adept oil and watercolor painter who exhibits locally and at her church, Maili Malvre has been a freelance artist based out of Danville, California, since 1996. Earlier in her career, she served as an English teacher within the Pleasanton Unified School District from 1970 to 1996. Prior to the start of her career, she used to work in a department stores and trained young girls in sales and self-development, who served as an inspiration toward her desire to teach. She is most proud of being able to reach some very difficult students. She was able to reach them and teach them for a whole year, thus altering their lives. In addition to this tenure, Ms. Malvre served on the

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Annie Henry


Raised by a village, Annie Belle Henry felt compelled to give back and make a difference in the lives of the youth. She felt the best way to do that was to pursue education, so she set out to earn a Bachelor of Science from Edward Waters College in 1964 and a Master of Arts from Florida A&M University in 1969. Dr. Henry later furthered her academic standing by obtaining a PhD from Florida State University in 1988. She also became a certified secondary teacher in the state of Florida and a member of the National Education Association. Dr. Henry’s first job in the field was secondary school teacher in the Department of Public Education in Bunnell, Florida. She quickly

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