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Taught from a young age to always do her best, Emily Moore has given her all to her career in physical education. She initially became interested in the field when she discovered she had a natural ability to be successful in team sports. Adding to her love for athletics was how the team spirit carried over to her personal life, leading her to set an “uncompromising standard of excellence.” Ms. Moore decided she wanted to pass on those values to others, so she obtained a Bachelor of Science in physical education from Morgan State University in 1965 and a Master of Science in education and counseling from Hofstra University in 1972, as well as certification in K-12 physical education. She

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Inspired by very good professors and physical educators growing up, Becky Sisley was determined to make her mark on the field. She started her journey by earning a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington in 1961 and teaching for a year at Lake Washington High School in Kirkland. Dr. Sisley then earned a Master of Science in physical education and a Doctor of Education from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, in 1964 and 1973, respectively, and garnered more hands-on experience as an instructor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She also became certified as a national official for basketball, softball, volleyball, and field hockey, and as a national rating official for the United States Track and Field

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Living by the motto, “it’s not about basking in the sun, but dancing in the rain,” Lana VanAuker believes that everyone should have the opportunity to be the best they can be, no matter how old they are. She became a recreational therapist at Trumbell Memorial Hospital with that in mind, and is currently working in the psychiatric unit with those suffering from depression and anxiety. There, she leads groups in activities like stress dancing and exercise yoga, and sits on the treatment team for patients. Ms. VanAuker’s goal is to reduce the effects of these conditions, and she feels validated by the letters she receives from people thanking her for being a part of their improvement. She has held

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