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Counseling first responders’ post-traumatic stress, Joan Hull-Pyle became involved in her profession because when she was in the second grade, her brother got sick and they could not find nurses to take care of him. Thus, her mother took turns in the hospital taking care of him and she thought, in that moment, that becoming a nurse was what she wanted to be. From that moment on, that was her desire and, although she took music classes, she was determined to be a nurse. The current president of Quality Trac in Orlando, Florida, since 1994, Ms. Hull-Pyle began her professional career as the head nurse at Huntsville Hospital in Alabama in 1962, remaining in this role for three years. She

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A woman of many talents, Shana Alexandria Haughton is both a fire inspector in the City of Baltimore and the owner of a fashion boutique shop. Although the two positions are vastly different, Ms. Haughton is well-suited to the responsibilities of each; her ability to connect with people is valuable in both retail and emergency response situations. ​ By day, Ms. Haughton is thriving in her job as a firefighter and paramedic, which she began in 2004. Years of hands-on experiences have made her an expert in emergency management, public safety, fire safety, and emergency preparedness. In 2011, she took on an additional role as a fire inspector in the Office of the Fire Marshal in the Baltimore City Fire

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