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Joining the environmental industry in 1971 at a time when it was just beginning, Pamela S. Hall was excited to get involved in solving the emerging issues the field was facing at Normandeau Associates, a brand new organization founded in 1970 and headquartered in Bedford, New Hampshire. in 1970, she served in the capacity of program manager, marine laboratory director, and programs and operations manager before being appointed to then to president and chief executive officer in 1988. In 2000, she was elected to the board of directors and became board chair in 2015. Today, she continues to serve as chair and corporate officer. A science-based consulting firm, Normandeau Associates notably serves both the profit and nonprofit sectors. Anticipating that

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Providing many years of service to DuPage County, Illinois, as an environmental research technician for the Public Works Department, for the last 15 years, Janet L. Williams has served as an environmental chairwoman for local schools in DuPage County. In addition to her career, she has been a leader of the Environmental Club of the Churchill Elementary School since 1993. Ms. Williams has also served as an assistant troop leader and troop leader for the Girl Scouts of the United States of America, as well as a youth leader and Sunday school teacher for the Community of Christ Church. Further associated with the Churchill Elementary School as co-coordinator of the annual Olympics Day, Ms. Williams became involved with the Girl

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Ann Croissant


Believing in a strong work ethic, moral compass, faith, individuality, perseverance and resourcefulness, Ann Bailey Croissant, PhD, became involved in teaching because her parents were also teachers. She grew up on a farm and that made her appreciate the outdoors more. She wanted to discover a cure for a major disease and planned on going to a large university for this. She was asked by her parents to either work in a grocery store, live at home and go to University of Northern Colorado, or go away to school without a car. During the process, she set high standards and figured that if she hurried up through this school, she could go onto graduate school even sooner. Dr. Croissant later

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Carolyn Merchant


Renowned for her work in environmental history, philosophy, the history of science, and ethics, Carolyn Merchant, PhD, wore many hats over the course of her career. She started out as an assistant professor and associate professor at the University of San Francisco, after which she joined the University of California Berkeley as an assistant professor. Dr. Merchant quickly realized she was where she was meant to be; she really connected with her students and peers. She spent the next 39 years there, and by the time she retired in 2018, she had advanced to the position of professor above scale. She also served the school as the chair of the Department of Conservation and Resource Studies and as the chancellor’s

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Inspired by the beauty of the California coast, Phyllis Faber dedicated much of her career to environmental advocacy. She moved to the state in 1970 and found the ecosystem to be remarkable; she knew it had to be protected. Ms. Faber proceeded to join a committee that later created the California Coastal Commission, of which she served as the commissioner for seven years. This led her to spend five years as a partner of Madrone Ecological Associates, 10 years as an instructor at College of Marin, and 17 years as the editor of Fremontia, the journal of the California Native Plant Society. Today, she continues her efforts as the publisher and director of the California Native Plant Society Press, as

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Hardworking and dedicated, Marie A. Langan is proud of her professional successes. Her path wasn’t easy; she struggled to make ends meet early in life, but she persevered. After attaining her GED, Ms. Langan enrolled in an environmental training course, came out third in her class, and was one of two selected to participate in fieldwork identifying polluted waters for the government. Ms. Langan excelled in the role and was promoted to code enforcer and housing code enforcer in Enfield, Connecticut, a few years later. She then transitioned housing specialist in the Judicial Department of the State of Connecticut in 1983. This move was especially notable because housing specialists usually need at least a bachelor’s degree. The quality of Ms.

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With a wide variety of interests, Barbara L. Hughes wore a lot of hats over the course of her career. She started as a chemist with the Pillsbury Co., but switched a year later to become an editor and reporter for the Sun Newspaper in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Six years after that, Ms. Hughes joined the American Lung Association of Hennepin County, where she quickly began making strides as the director of the environmental program. Her efforts eventually led her to be transferred to the American Lung Association of Ramsey County as the executive director and to the American Lung Association of Minnesota as the associate managing director. She retired in 1997. Ms. Hughes prepared for her endeavors by earning a

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Recognized as a leader in her field, Fran P. Mainella attributes her ongoing success to the three C’s: courage, connections, and communications. She has spent more than four decades as a certified parks and recreation professional, steadily working her way up the chain. She jumped at every opportunity she came across and, over the years, built a vast network of colleagues and peers. Ms. Mainella’s journey culminated with her appointment as the 16th director of the National Park Service of the U.S. Department of the Interior in 2001. She was the first woman to hold this position, and was nominated by then-President Bush. Previous employers include the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the Florida Recreation and Park Association, the Tallahassee

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Well-known in the environmental health community, Lori Braunesreither is proud of how much she has grown. She started her professional journey with the goal of working in a crime laboratory, but as the field was relatively new, there weren’t too many open positions. She ended up taking a job with Ventura County Environmental Health instead, and it was there that her career really took off. Her coworkers and peers helped her figure out her place in the industry by directing her to different certifications and departments, ultimately leading to her involvement in related professional organizations like the California Environmental Health Association. Ms. Braunesreither was welcomed with open arms, and she hasn’t looked back since. She loves the close bonds she

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Driven by her belief that everyone has a moral obligation to do the best they can, Elizabeth Franz Albert has dedicated her life to being a beneficial member of her community. She has spent the majority of her career as a conservationist and environmentalist, striving for a cleaner and healthier world. In her pursuit of a healthy environment, Ms. Albert campaigned against the herbicide Dacthal, which causes lymphoma and Parkinson’s disease and is used by lawn care companies, home owners, farmers, and golf course greens keepers. She is also an organic gardener, growing produce without harmful pesticides. ​ Another key part of her professional journey was art. She discovered her talent as a painter early on, and participated in several

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