Listee Features — Event Planning

Grace Gillette


After gaining valuable professional expertise as a secretary, Grace “SwaHuux” Gillette discovered that she greatly enjoyed helping other people. Subsequently, she found success in numerous office manager positions as a result before flourishing as a logistical coordinator for five years. Today, she excels as the executive director of Denver March Powwow, Inc., where she has prospered since the late 1980s. In this role, she fundraises, stays in touch with vendors, networks and makes posters. She was the first female chair and, during this time, the attendance at events tripled. What attracted Ms. Gillette to her career was her upbringing and family history. With being able to trace their heritage back to the chief Sun of Star, she discovered she is

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Robin DeMark


Distributing her time between consulting, public speaking, event planning and beekeeping, Robin K. DeMark started her profession as an event planner and DJ to help support herself through college. Throughout the years, this grew and became a woman-owned business offering wedding event planning, hosting corporate events/promotions, singing at state fairs and festivals, and providing music and MC services for nonprofit organizations. For the next 25 years, her professional career blossomed in federal service with leadership roles in library, marketing and public affairs. Upon retirement, a friend introduced her to the world of beekeeping, which soon became a hobby that led to other leadership roles in local bee clubs. Today, Ms. DeMark continues expanding her company and utilizing her talents as

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Katherine Frost


Making lasting relationships with her clients, Katherine Frost became involved in her profession because she loves helping people and making their day special. Since 2015, she has served as the owner and chief executive officer of A Frosted Affair in Denver, a premier event planning company that works with clients to plan weddings, corporate events and nonprofit events. The company facilitates unforgettable events that deliver the experience their clients are dreaming of, and has been acknowledged by key publications including The Huffington Post, Brides Magazine, Real Simple Magazine and Bustle. Through her profession, Ms. Frost loves being a part of the family and making their event fun and beautiful for everyone. Prior to this post, she served as the sales

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