Listee Features — Finance

Brenda Yoder


Devoting 20 years of service to people in need, Dr. Brenda C. Yoder excelled with the Head Start Division of the Administration for Children & Families within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services from 1999 to 2019. Before embarking on her professional path, she pursued an education at Ashford University in San Diego, obtaining a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in financial management, as well as a PhD. In addition to these accomplishments, Dr. Yoder has served her community as a church youth counselor. Dr. Yoder’s specialty is in leading workshops for families and staff. She also led EEOC workshops, where people would come from all over to take her seminars for school credit. At one

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Having accrued more than 20 years of experience in the finance industry, Carina E. Coleman, CFA, serves as the director of the pension and trust investments for Sempra Energy, where she specializes in pension and post-retirement medical plans in terms of formulating investment strategies and reports to oversight committees. Additionally, she oversees multiple asset classes and supervises relationships with managers, as well as about $9.5 billion in assets. Prior to obtaining her current position, Ms. Coleman worked for Sempra Energy as a finance manager between 2010 and 2013. Her most notable achievement to date was introducing a de-risking plan at Sempra Energy, as well as laying down the investment governments process in recurring calendars they revisited at every meeting. When

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Natalie Salins is renowned as a branch manager and a senior loan officer at Movement Mortgage, LLC. A gifted student, she was enrolled in calculus classes by the age of 14, and describes herself as a “high communicator.” Ms. Salins initially pursued an education at New York University, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in music and psychology in 2004. Following her graduation, Ms. Salins was introduced to the loan industry by a friend and quickly realized it would be a good fit for her professional strengths. From 2009 to 2014, she began her career as a senior loan officer at Prospect Mortgage, LLC. Since 2014, Ms. Salins has excelled with Movement Mortgage, LLC, with which she specializes in

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An expert in psychosocial cultural functioning, Anne E. Bashore is renowned as a nursing educator and has more than 35 years of distinguished service to her field. As a child living in England, she studied ballet and wanted to dance professionally until a school assignment sparked her interest in nursing. She subsequently graduated from the Maumee Valley School of Nursing in Toledo, Ohio, in 1964. She further obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing for the Medical College of Ohio in 1987. Ms. Bashore is specialized in psychiatric nursing and burn care. From 1970 to 1971, Ms. Bashore worked as a staff nurse for Libbey Glass in Toledo. She served at the Saint Vincent Medical Center of Toledo as a

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After receiving her first job opportunity, Kimberly Fitzsimmons continued to expand on it until she received a leadership role. She loves client-facing teams, growing and building teams, and capitalizing on different opportunities that were presented to her at the time. She currently serves as the president of global merchant services at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. since 2019, previously serving the company as the United States president of Chase commerce solutions from 2014 to 2019. Her responsibilities are dealing with all the global, corporate and investment bank clients within JP Morgan that do credit card requiring. When you think about the largest retailers in the world like Amazon, Google and Facebook, those are her clients. Thus, the objective is to

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Sara Bertka


Possessing a natural talent for art, Sara Bertka’s high school, Bluffton High School in Ohio, had a well-developed art program that exposed her to many different options, forms and mediums of art. She started off on the path of fine arts, but she began to desire to make art a career after graduating in 2016. That was when Ms. Bertka found a school for graphic and digital design, pursuing a formal education at the School of Advertising Art, now known as the Modern College of Design, in Kettering, Ohio, where she graduated as valedictorian and attained an Associate of Arts in 2018. Prior to earning a degree, Ms. Bertka was a contact graphic designer for BMoore Connected in Bluffton and

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Esther Gwilly


An experienced finance professional and effective communicator with many years of leadership, budget development and accounting expertise, Esther M. Gwilly has excelled as an accountant with 2 G Companies, LLC since 2008. Likewise, she found success as the director of finance for Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries. In the latter position, what started as a soup kitchen that provided church services, shelter, food and clothing for the homeless has now become a larger organization that provides even more services, including substance abuse treatment, transitional and permanent housing, job preparation and educational courses. Previously, Ms. Gwilly gained valuable expertise with Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries as an accounting manager. She further flourished as both a full charge bookkeeper and an assistant office manager

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An expert in sales and trading, asset and wealth management, Sonia K. Han Levovitz has been on the path to become a lawyer since college. Today, she is very happy where she is, and loves the firm and wants to continue to do her job as well as she can every day. Since 2006, Ms. Levovitz has been the managing director/senior vice president and of general counsel of equity derivatives at Jefferies Group LLC in New York, as well as a secretary for Jefferies Investment Advisers LLC since 2010. Her company is an American multinational independent investment bank and financial services company, which provides clients with capital markets and financial advisory services, institutional brokerage, securities research and asset management. This

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Sabrina Glimcher


Drawing on years of expertise in banking, mergers and acquisitions, and aircraft finance, Sabrina P.R. Glimcher serves as chief commercial counsel of Global Jet Capital. She excels within the aviation company as its senior counsel, having maintained activity in this position since 2016. She liaises with cross-functional teams to document and close complex corporate aircraft financing transactions around the globe. She also assists in corporate governance, general financing and legal entity management matters. As a child, Ms. Glimcher traveled often, which piqued her interest in the aviation industry. When she was 9, she took a trip to Tel Aviv on a 747800, which is the third-largest passenger aircraft. In 1994, the Israeli airport did not have traditional gates yet, so

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At the end of 2018, Mary A. Saylor retired after nearly half a century of excellence in the financial industry. She dedicated her career to running her own private practice as a tax professional in Royal Oak, Michigan, from 1972 until her retirement. Bringing her eldest son, Scott, into the practice in 2005, he received an enrolled agent status that same year and soon assumed responsibility over the financial area of the business. By the fifth year of his involvement, he purchased the business from Ms. Saylor, which he continued to grow and mature, while keeping her private practice in the family as she served clients and gradually turned over the remainder of the business to her son. Ms. Saylor’s

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