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Earning an associate degree from Robeson Community College in 2011, Lee Scott became involved in her profession out of a love of serving others. Presently, she serves as the general manager of the Village Station 1893 Restaurant and Arnold’s Restaurant, where she has been since 2019 and 2015, respectively. In these roles, she is responsible for overseeing over 100 employees along with staffing, quality control, marketing, payroll, scheduling, and ordering and inventory. She has become a well-known figure in her small town and takes great pride in getting to know the people who come to her restaurants and helping the community grow. Prior to her work in the restaurant industry, she spent time in the medical field and was certified

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Linda L. Austin

Holding over two decades of experience, Linda L. Austin holds considerable expertise in the field of real estate and has excelled as a real estate agent with Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. since 1995. In this position, she specializes in working with seniors who are downsizing their living situations and first time home buyers. Since 2002, she has also been the owner of the Stevensville, Maryland, Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard location, where she trains staff ages 14 and up in store management, supervision and in making the products they sell. In addition, she became the owner of K & L Crabs, a trucking and transportation company, in 2004. Ms. Austin entered her profession out of a desire

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Following her immigration to the United States in 2003, Brenda Castellanos received a degree in business administration and studied courses at the Culinary School of New York. Eventually, she and her sister sought out better food options in their area and decided to open their own restaurant, Antojitos Del Patron Mexican Grill, which became the first Mayan Guatemalan restaurant in New York. At their restaurant, they served Guatemalan coffee from their hometown and soon saw much success in their business. They soon established a second Mexican restaurant and IX, a coffee shop where traditional Mayan dishes are served. In these roles, she is responsible for keeping inventory, managing accounts and payroll, and coordinating staff. As a respected voice in her

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Vanessa Faggiolly


Vanessa Faggiolly, EMBA, does not know the meaning of defeat. Starting from nothing, she has been able to attain the American dream. Armed with resilience, a deep love for her family and a lasting connection to her homeland, she – along with her business partner and mother, Nora Saca – transformed a perilous future into a successful business. Furthermore, Ms. Faggiolly relocated to the United States from El Salvador and became a successful business owner. Amerisal Foods is a certified woman-owned, Central American food distribution company owned by the mother-daughter team, not only became a lucrative means of sustenance for their family, but it also made a profound impact on its employees and their families. The company was purchased as

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Coming from a family of veterinarians, Amanda Liffiton opened her own business in 2013, where she raises her own cows and sells freezer beef on a small scale. She then attended an entrepreneur seminar called “Live Out Loud”, where they guaranteed people to make money in three days and showed how to be an businessperson. They also came up with the idea for her business and told her to retail steaks, which she did, and that is how Pusheta Creek Steaks came to be. However, it started with having her own cattle in Ohio as a family-owned business, her being the fourth-generation growing up with livestock, along with having horses, sheep and cattle. Ms. Liffiton started buying heifers and raising

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Described as a “Jill of All Trades,” Robin R. Granicy operates a variety of businesses out of her office. Under the umbrella of Granicy Square, she sells all-natural dog and cat food, koi food, bird food and veterinary supplies, including such brands as Nutra Source, Instinct, Zignature, Esscence, Inception, Victor, Taste of the Wild, Prey, Solid Gold and VetsDiet. Over the years, Ms. Granicy has also found success managing a gift shop with various antique, vintage and unique items.. Furthermore, Ms. Granicy gained valuable experience operating a recycling center and offering upcyling materials, as well as renting out moving trucks. She also notably provided her premises as a location for video and photo shoots. Moreover, Ms. Granicy also offers parking

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Patti Martin


Famed for its cozy, community-oriented atmosphere, Patti A. Martin serves as the sole proprietor of the Rolla Pub in a small, historic farming community in the Peace River district of northeastern British Columbia, Canada. It was first founded around 1912 as a way stop and steamer landing on the Peace River. Farms were established, as the prairie was open, and the soil was rich. A successful oil well was also drilled in 1922, establishing petroleum as an industry in the area. The late arrival of the Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia Railway to the Peace District in 1930 hindered development. The town itself is roughly 20 kilometers north of Dawson Creek. The pub resides in a 90-year-old building and serves

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Although Tamearra Dyson started her career as a certified nursing assistant and endoscopy technician at Marin General Hospital, she ultimately decided she wanted to pursue her passion for food. She grew up watching her elders cook, and developed a love for both cooking and having people enjoy what she made. She felt like she had something to offer the world: a vegan cuisine experience that she hoped would change people’s lives around the world. Thus, Ms. Dyson opened Souley Vegan in 2006 and hasn’t looked back. She enhanced her professional knowledge by becoming certified in business. Ms. Dyson considers her greatest accomplishment to be building her company into a national brand without startup capital. As the restaurant’s owner, founder, and

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Creative, passionate, and a quick learner, Ana Maria Rodriguez Figueres has become distinguished as a leader in food science and technology. She rose through the ranks of the field quickly, aided by the master’s degree in food engineering from the Universidad de Costa and the Master of Science from the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia she held. Over the years, she worked hard to build a strong rapport with peers, clients and community alike, and credits her ongoing success to her capacity for embracing change and thinking positively. ​Now a professional with more than two decades of industry experience, Ms. Rodriguez Figueres has spent the last three years with Yum! Restaurants International as the food innovation director for Pizza Hut International. There, she

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