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Patti Martin


Famed for its cozy, community-oriented atmosphere, Patti A. Martin serves as the sole proprietor of the Rolla Pub in a small, historic farming community in the Peace River district of northeastern British Columbia, Canada. It was first founded around 1912 as a way stop and steamer landing on the Peace River. Farms were established, as the prairie was open, and the soil was rich. A successful oil well was also drilled in 1922, establishing petroleum as an industry in the area. The late arrival of the Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia Railway to the Peace District in 1930 hindered development. The town itself is roughly 20 kilometers north of Dawson Creek. The pub resides in a 90-year-old building and serves

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Although Tamearra Dyson started her career as a certified nursing assistant and endoscopy technician at Marin General Hospital, she ultimately decided she wanted to pursue her passion for food. She grew up watching her elders cook, and developed a love for both cooking and having people enjoy what she made. She felt like she had something to offer the world: a vegan cuisine experience that she hoped would change people’s lives around the world. Thus, Ms. Dyson opened Souley Vegan in 2006 and hasn’t looked back. She enhanced her professional knowledge by becoming certified in business. Ms. Dyson considers her greatest accomplishment to be building her company into a national brand without startup capital. As the restaurant’s owner, founder, and

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Creative, passionate, and a quick learner, Ana Maria Rodriguez Figueres has become distinguished as a leader in food science and technology. She rose through the ranks of the field quickly, aided by the master’s degree in food engineering from the Universidad de Costa and the Master of Science from the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia she held. Over the years, she worked hard to build a strong rapport with peers, clients and community alike, and credits her ongoing success to her capacity for embracing change and thinking positively. ​Now a professional with more than two decades of industry experience, Ms. Rodriguez Figueres has spent the last three years with Yum! Restaurants International as the food innovation director for Pizza Hut International. There, she

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