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An expert in psychosocial cultural functioning, Anne E. Bashore is renowned as a nursing educator and has more than 35 years of distinguished service to her field. As a child living in England, she studied ballet and wanted to dance professionally until a school assignment sparked her interest in nursing. She subsequently graduated from the Maumee Valley School of Nursing in Toledo, Ohio, in 1964. She further obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing for the Medical College of Ohio in 1987. Ms. Bashore is specialized in psychiatric nursing and burn care. From 1970 to 1971, Ms. Bashore worked as a staff nurse for Libbey Glass in Toledo. She served at the Saint Vincent Medical Center of Toledo as a

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Nancy Regalmuto


Nancy M. Regalmuto became involved in her profession because she was born that way. She realized she was different the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, as she made a big fuss about it in school. She felt it was a big conspiracy, as though everyone knew and she could not understand why nothing was being done about it. She was very disruptive about it in class and was even sent to the principal’s office, who called her mother to come get her. Ms. Regalmuto was able to identify, diagnose and heal whatever was going on and find the answer. She had miracles that came through her from God, feeling she could touch people and God would instantly heal

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Susan Leclair


Susan J. Leclair, PhD, CLS, has been a hematologist, clinical laboratory scientist and chancellor professor emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth since 2015. A professor of medical laboratory science who taught at the university for 35 years, she has focused much of her career on clinical hematology and oncology, as well as human genetics and bioethics. During her career in academia, Dr. Leclair has also served as president and secretary of the faculty senate and as the coordinator of the faculty senate Brown Bag Lecture Series. Prior to her work in academia, Dr. Leclair spent 12 years in the field. A hematology technologist for the Rhode Island Hospital in Providence between 1979 and 1980, she was also an education

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Susan Levitzky


An acclaimed medical professional with many years of experience in her field, Susan E. Levitzky, MD, FAAP, has found success as the medical director of the foster care agency for the Jewish Child Care Association and as a pediatrician operating out of her private practice. Cited as a Leading Physician of the World by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals, she has been additionally active as a pediatrician with the NYU Langone Medical Center and the Mount Sinai Medical Center. In her present post, Dr. Levitzky offers comprehensive care services that include advocacy for children’s physical, emotional and educational health. Previously, Dr. Levitzky gained valuable expertise in the field through a residency in pediatrics at Beth Israel Hospital Medical Center,

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Samantha Benigno


Samatha Benigno Orpaz has garnered a lauded reputation as the chief executive officer and founder of Mynd Mvmt LLC, a company using an innovative approach to the treatment of mental health and substance abuse issues. Their primary mission is to help others realize their power to live the lives they want most. Specializing in biopsychology, which is how the mind and body work together to create our experience, her company helps people make lifelong changes by effectively changing how the body and, as a result, the mind operates. “We help people create new neurological habits and patterns in the brain that stand up under stress and over time,” Ms. Benigno explains. Run by career mental health professionals and employing a

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A Reiki master teacher and shamanic practitioner, who lives and practices in Gilroy, California, Jeannie David utilizes her talents in order to heal people on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. In addition, she also performs attunements by channeling energy into her clients during a sacred ritual. This ritual includes a ceremony, which requires her to open the flow of energy within the body to allow the qi, or life force, to flow freely. When performing her craft with clients, Ms. David first utilizes her spirit guides to determine whether they require a clearing, card reading, crystal healing or, her specialty, soul retrieval, which is when she returns a part of the soul that was lost due to trauma. Since

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Jean Kono


Jean E. Kono became involved in her profession as a nurse because it was always something she wanted to do. It was always in the back of her mind on how she could help people. She was going through her mother’s scrapbook, and saw a paper she had previously written to her mother in her youth as to what she wanted to be. She was approximately in the fifth grade when she wrote it, and she wrote that she had wanted to be a nurse. In addition, Ms. Kono became involved in her profession because when she graduated, there was not much technology and as the years went on, it was developed to be able to take care of patients

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Pauline Loewenhardt


With more than 60 years of professional experience, Pauline M. Loewenhardt has excelled as the community nursing coordinator at James A. Haley Veterinary Hospital in Tampa, Florida, since 1992. Prior to her current role, she worked as the nurse manager of the spinal cord unit at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta from 1988 to 1992, having previously held the post of an instructor with the institution since 1987. Ms. Loewenhardt previously served as the executive director of the Visiting Nurse Association of Coastal Georgia from 1985 to 1987 and as the director of home care at Trinity Memorial Hospital from 1982 to 1985. From 1978 to 1982, Ms. Loewenhardt found success as an assistant professor in the division

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Leading an impressive career in both nursing and education, which has spanned almost 40 years, Annette Gentry Shousha, RN, retired in 1995 from her position as an intensive care unit critical care nurse at the Nashville Veterans Affairs Hospital in Tennessee. Aligned with the hospital for five years, she formerly worked in medical nursing and as a gastrointestinal nurse. Ms. Shousha also contributed for over 20 years as a clinical manager and office nurse in Britton, South Dakota, an obstetrics-gynecology nurse at Nashville General Hospital, an in-service educator at Tri County Hospital in Georgia and a medical nursing instructor at Nashville General Hospital. Throughout her career, Ms. Shousha was a regular contributor of the South Dakota Journal of Medicine. It

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Phyllis Brighton


An expert in health care administration, education, clinical nursing and long-term care, Phyllis M. Brighton, RN, MSHCSA, CLNC, is the daughter of a registered nurse mother and an orthopedic surgeon father. She began her professional career as the nursing manager in the specialty surgical units at Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center in Denver, eventually moving up the ranks to administrator of the hospital as well as Kremmling Memorial Hospital, now known as Middle Park Health. She then served as associate director of ambulatory and clinical services at AMI Rocky Mountain Healthcare Systems in Denver and vice president of the U.S. Nursing Corp. in Denver. Ms. Brighton retired as a nurse administrator in 2017. In addition to this tenure, she served in

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