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Nancy Regalmuto


Nancy M. Regalmuto became involved in her profession because she was born that way. She realized she was different the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, as she made a big fuss about it in school. She felt it was a big conspiracy, as though everyone knew and she could not understand why nothing was being done about it. She was very disruptive about it in class and was even sent to the principal’s office, who called her mother to come get her. Ms. Regalmuto was able to identify, diagnose and heal whatever was going on and find the answer. She had miracles that came through her from God, feeling she could touch people and God would instantly heal

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A Reiki master teacher and shamanic practitioner, who lives and practices in Gilroy, California, Jeannie David utilizes her talents in order to heal people on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. In addition, she also performs attunements by channeling energy into her clients during a sacred ritual. This ritual includes a ceremony, which requires her to open the flow of energy within the body to allow the qi, or life force, to flow freely. When performing her craft with clients, Ms. David first utilizes her spirit guides to determine whether they require a clearing, card reading, crystal healing or, her specialty, soul retrieval, which is when she returns a part of the soul that was lost due to trauma. Since

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Growing up, Barbara Eloisa Mai was always told how approachable she was and how comfortable she made people. This inspired her to pursue psychology and nursing; she felt it was only natural to expand upon her affable nature for the benefit of others. Dr. Mai proceeded to earn a Bachelor of Science in nursing from Georgetown University in 1978, a Master of Science in nursing from Catholic University of America in 1982, and a PhD in transpersonal psychology from the Dove Center at Howard University in 2006. She also became a certified Reiki master and obtained certifications in bio-energy, therapeutic touch, clinical hypnosis, and behavioral medicine. Since the start of her professional journey, Dr. Mai has worked hard to build

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