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An expert in emergency room critical care, Beryl Kay Pixley, MSN, RN, SANE-P, came from a military family, which later gave her the motivation to pursue her professional career in nursing and education. First enlisting as a private in the U.S. Army in 1974, she served in this rank for two years before becoming a staff nurse at Fitzsimons Army Medical Center in Aurora, Colorado, from 1976 to 1978 and first lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps from 1976 to 1979. Moving up the ranks to the roles of captain, major, and lieutenant colonel, she then joined Ireland Army Community Hospital in Fort Knox, Kentucky, as a staff nurse from 1979 to 1981, also serving as head nurse for one

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Ernestine Davis


A nurse for more than five decades, Dr. Ernestine Bady Davis can trace her interest and success in the field back to her family. Her mother worked at a hospital in Georgia, and she would go to work with her mother when she was home on breaks. Dr. Davis became extremely interested in nursing; she wanted to do whatever she could to help people. Since her parents had always stressed the importance of getting a college education, she decided to pursue her passion at Tuskegee University, where she ended up earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1965. Dr. Davis then furthered her professional standing by obtaining a Master of Science in Nursing at the Medical College of Georgia

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Jazmin Manlapaz


Motivated by a love for nursing, Jazmin Aprecio Manlapaz spent decades in the field before retiring in 2018. She started her career by earning a Bachelor of Science in nursing from the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines in 1967 and certification in medical surgical nursing. Ms. Manlapaz then brought her talents to South Baltimore General Hospital, where she served as an operating room nurse, and to the Anne Arundel Medical Center, where she served as an advanced staff nurse. She also joined organizations and committees like the Annual Orthopedic Seminar, the Association of American Medical Colleges, and the Maryland Ethnic Heritage Commission in an effort to help progress nursing. One of the highlights of Ms. Manlapaz was helping

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J. Sue Fletcher


Everything J. Sue Fletcher did throughout her career was to help others. She set her sights on nursing as a child because she wanted to have a meaningful impact on the world. With the support of her family, particularly her grandfather, who believed she could do whatever she set her mind to, Dr. Fletcher strove to make her mark on the field. Her first professional position was instructor at Modesto Junior College, followed by staff nurse at Scenic General Hospital and professor and chair of the Department of Physical Education and Health at California State University. Thanks to Dr. Fletcher’s efforts, the name of the department was later changed to be the Department of Kinesiology to match other universities. Although

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Early on in her life, Mary Christine Talmadge developed special relationships with her aunt and great-aunt, who were nurses. She, like them, always liked to take care of others, so she decided to follow in their footsteps. Her career choice was also spurred by the era she grew up in; at that time, women could be either teachers or nurses. Dr. Talmadge figured that if she pursued nursing, she would have the opportunity to do both. To help her achieve her goals, she obtained a diploma in registered nursing from the Crawford W. Long Hospital School of Nursing, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Dayton, and a Master of Public Health and a PhD from the

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Phyllis Adams


Inspired by the nurses who cared for her after a childhood medical procedure, Phyllis Adams has dedicated her life to the field. She told her parents she wanted to be a nurse right after the surgery, and they were completely supportive. From that moment on, her path was clear. Dr. Adams never wavered from the pursuit of her goal and, in 1969, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Dillard University and a Doctorate of Higher Education from Texas Southern University. She got her first professional position, charge nurse at The Methodist Hospital, that same year. Ever since then, Dr. Adams has steadily grown within the industry. She moved through roles like faculty coordinator at the Columbus Technical

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Joy Holland


Joy Holland lives by the mantra, “don’t make excuses, and don’t be a victim.” She doesn’t believe in letting problems hold her back; perseverance was her strength, and she did what she had to in order to succeed. Ms. Holland initially started college as a math major, but quickly found nursing to be more appealing. With a growing family, she wanted a career she could launch quickly. She was also drawn by the prospect of spending her time helping individuals get better. Ms. Holland proceeded to earn an Associate of Arts in nursing from Olive-Harvey College in 1972. She obtained her first position, staff nurse at the University of Chicago Hospital and Clinics, that same year, and the rest is

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A good, honest nurse who always put her patients first, Linda Hege is thrilled to have lived out her childhood dream. She had wanted to become a nurse since she was 3 or 4 years old; she was passionate about helping others and felt the field would be a good fit. Ms. Hege never lost sight of her goal, and in 1967, she triumphantly graduated from Lenoir Rhyne College with a Bachelor of Science in nursing and set off to make her mark. The first stop on Ms. Hege’s professional journey was Forsyth Memorial Hospital, which she joined as a staff nurse in 1967. As her reputation for excellence grew, so did her responsibilities within the institution. In the decades

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As a child, Judith Eileen Hicks really looked up to her aunt, a nurse. She wanted to follow in her footsteps, so she obtained a Bachelor of Science in nursing from St. Xavier University in 1969 and a Master of Science in nursing from the University of Illinois in 1971. She then set out to make her own mark on the field. Ms. Hicks proceeded to join Mercy Hospital as a staff nurse, and the rest is history. She was promoted to nursing supervisor after a year in her original role and only continued growing from there. Her next positions included continuing education consultant at the Illinois Nurses Association, director of obstetrics-gynecology nursing at Prentice Women’s Hospital and Northwestern Memorial

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Encouraged by her mother to chose either nursing or teaching, Naomi Kate Sheppard decided the former offered her the best opportunity for growth and success. She started out by earning a diploma from the Scott & White Hospital School of Nursing in 1955, after which she furthered her education with an Associate of Arts from Temple Junior College, a Bachelor of Arts in sociology and biology from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, and a Master of Science in nursing from the University of Texas at Austin. She also obtained certification in psychiatric nursing from the American Nursing Association. Degrees in hand, Ms. Sheppard set out to make her mark on the field. Her first professional position was staff nurse at

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