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Knowing that she wanted to be a nurse from a young age, Donna M. Rogers, BSN, RN, earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing and was certified as a registered nurse at Southern Mass University, now the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, in 1981. She attributes much of her success to the excellent education she received there and to the teachers who helped her along the way. Following her graduation, she joined Southcoast Health Hospital, where she has spent the last 40 years growing and developing along with her field. She has been additionally certified in advanced cardiac life support and basic life support. Ms. Rogers’ primary positions at Southcoast Health have been as a resource nurse and a critical care

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Margaret Gallagher


Holding considerable expertise in nursing administration, neonatal nursing, mental health advocacy, and nursing education, Margaret Lou Moore Konefal Gallagher, PhD, RN, attributes much of her success to the example set by her parents, particularly her father, Dr. James Moore, who was a military physician who attained the rank of brigadier general. Embarking on her studies at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, from 1958 to 1960, she earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas, in 1961. She subsequently obtained a Master of Science in nursing from the Catholic University of America in 1969 and began her career as a clinical nurse specialist and clinical coordinator of newborn services at

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Attributing much of her success to her father for encouraging her to do anything she wanted, Joe-Anne Charleszetta McCormick was inspired to pursue a career in nursing by her desire to help others. Attending Cass Technical High School where they had career focused curriculum, she switched over to the brand-new health care administration program following her freshman year, which she’d spent in the acting program. Subsequently, she earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing, specializing in geriatrics and pediatrics, from the Institute for Medical Studies in 1979 and a second bachelor’s degree in computer science and programming from the Denver Technical Institute in 1982. A registered nurse and IT technician, Ms. McCormick attained a massage therapist license from the National

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Natasha Washington


Inspired to a career in health care out of a desire to take care of others, Natasha Nicole Washington has garnered considerable experience over the years. Embarking on her studies in the pre-nursing program at Hinds Community College, she ultimately attained certification as a nursing assistant and in phlebotomy and began her career in 2012 as a hospice caretaker. Continuing to offer her services to clients and families after hours, Ms. Washington realized that she could make a greater impact by running her own personal and companion care agency. In 2015, she founded Washington Home Health Agency LLC, which has since grown from zero to 15 employees. Looking toward the future, Ms. Washington plans to open additional offices and establish

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Pauline Thomassen


Born in 1939 in Cleveland, Ohio, Pauline F. Thomassen, RN, dreamed of becoming a nurse for as long as she could remember. Galvanized by a traumatic experience with a high school guidance counselor who told her that she would never amount to anything, Ms. Thomassen doubled down on pursuing her dream of a career in medicine, working overtime and borrowing money from her mother in order to pay for nursing school. She enrolled at Southern Colorado State College, earning an Associate of Arts in nursing in 1974, and received a tuition grant to continue her education at the school. The following year, Ms. Thomassen completed a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and relocated to the Seattle, Washington, area to begin

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Chloe Faith Kuehn, RN, is a dedicated registered nurse and administrator building her career in helping provide high-quality care for senior citizens and active adults with medical support needs. Since 2019, Ms. Kuehn has been a patient care team manager at McKendree Village, a continuing care retirement community serving residents with long-term support, physical therapy, and memory care needs. Her path to a career in medicine was not always straightforward: diagnosed with a learning disability at a young age, Ms. Kuehn often found school to be a challenge. She first developed an interest in nursing during a fourth grade field trip, declaring that she would grow up to become a nurse as soon as she arrived home. Her newfound ambition

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Antronette Robinson


Since 2019, Antronette Robinson, MSN, RN, has been both the nursing director at the Community Care VA Hospital and the owner of Maestro Coffee Shop, Sacramento’s only Black-owned independent cafe. A United States Army veteran, she took an interest in the military while caring for her younger sister, who planned to join the Air Force. Ms. Robinson enlisted in 1999 and spent the next 12 years as an Army critical care nurse, rising to the rank of first lieutenant before her military retirement. She earned her Associate of Science, and registered nurse and advanced practice registered nurse certifications from Anolt Valley Community College and continued her education at California State University, which awarded her a Bachelor of Science in nursing.

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Dr. Theresa Lynn White Caron is a medical consultant and reviewer building on more than 30 years of expertise in nursing and medical administration. As a child, her mother was diagnosed late with vascular disease that required surgical intervention, and became the first patient to undergo closed-heart surgery in 1967. A young Dr. Caron grew up going back and forth from the hospital with her mother and helping while she recovered from her many surgeries and often-taxing medical interventions. Her time spent in medical settings, coupled with explanations from her father, an engineer, about how her mother’s treatments worked, helped her develop a keen interest in science and medicine and a desire to study nursing. She was awarded both a

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Adrienne Donaldson-Steverson


Holding considerable expertise in hospice nursing, Adrienne L. Donaldson-Steverson has excelled as a member of the nursing faculty at Dallas College since 2012 and full-time faculty at the El Centro campus, where she had previously served as adjunct faculty, since 2011. She also served as adjunct faculty at Kaplan University from 2007 to 2015 and at Texas Woman’s University from 2010 to 2011, as well as full-time faculty at Collin College from 2007 to 2012. In addition to her teaching endeavors, she served as a hospice nurse with Heart to Heart Hospice in Irving, Texas, from 2010 to 2015 and was a weekend triage nurse and on-call case manager for Faith Hospice Care from 2007 to 2008. Very active with

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Rose Brault


Holding considerable expertise in primary care nursing, Dr. Rose Brault began her career as a nurse at Boston City Hospital in 1964 and earned her Bachelor of Science in nursing from Boston College in 1966. She initially wanted to be a physician, but at the time she was attending college it was very difficult for women to get into medical school, so she changed her trajectory to nursing. She worked as a nurse at the Boston Floating Hospital from 1967 to 1968 and as a nursing instructor at Whidden Memorial Hospital from 1968 to 1971. She then joined University Hospital in Boston as a nursing instructor in 1971, becoming the staffing coordinator in 1972 and the medical clinical coordinator in

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