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Bestselling author and historian Barbara A. Hanawalt has dedicated her entire career to English medieval social history. Currently a professor emerita at Ohio State University, her commitment to her work is substantial. She was the director of medieval studies at the University of Minnesota for six years and the director of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Ohio State University for two years. Dr. Hanawalt also taught at Indiana University in a variety of professorship roles before returning to Ohio State University as the King George III Chair of British History in 1999. Further, she has served as president of both the Medieval Academy of American and the Social Science History Association. To prepare for her endeavors, she earned a

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As a historian, preservationist and community leader, Arva Moore Parks has spent her adult life helping Miami’s diverse communities come together through a shared sense of place. She has been a freelance research historian since 1970, and her company, Arva Parks & Co., has been in the business of providing building construction and restoration services since 1986. ​​ Throughout her distinguished career, Ms. Parks has accrued a variety of related professional experiences, including chief curator of the Coral Gables Museum, adjunct professor and graduate assistant at the University of Miami, and teacher at several high schools. She has also been the president of Centennial Press since 1991. To prepare for her endeavors, Ms. Parks attended Florida State University from 1956

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