Listee Features — Human Resources

Amy Stevens


A highly versatile, hands-on and results driven human resource professional, Amy I. Stevens holds considerable expertise in recruiting, onboarding and training, and retaining and talent building, while prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion. Since 2018, she has contributed her skills in strategic and creative problem solving to Mitsubishi Chemical Carbon Fiber and Composites, Inc., and has held the role of human resources manager since 2021, following the receipt of her human resource professional certification in 2020. Priding herself on her ability to attain results while helping to foster meaningful relationships within the company, Ms. Stevens is always willing to offer advice, guidance and mentorship to help her team meet and exceed their goals. Mitsubishi Chemical Carbon Fiber and Composites, Inc. is

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Michelle Partin has excelled as a payroll specialist at Ameribridge Inc., a company that manufactures and refurbishes passenger boarding bridges for airplanes, since 2019. Her primary duties include processing time sheets and payroll for field technicians and shop employees, which she does through their professional employer organization, Nextep, to ensure that paychecks go out on the appropriate two-week schedule. Prior to her work with Ameribridge, she found success with Indiana Automotive Fasteners, Inc. in Greenfield, Indiana. Indiana Automotive Fasteners is a Japanese owned company and is the main supplier for Toyota. During her tenure, Ms. Partin was responsible for handling the receivables from Toyota, which involved posting payments of 9 to 10 million dollars on a monthly basis. Alongside her

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Tania White


Holding considerable expertise in health care, human resource business strategy, and policy creation and compliance, Tania A. White has excelled as the chief executive officer and chief human resources strategist with Canary HR Consulting since 2019. While her company’s niche is health care, they consult for a diverse array of health care, non-profit, retail and restaurant establishments and organizations. Two of her clients who have been with her from the start are the PCC Community Wellness Center and the AeroStar Avion Institute, where she currently sits on the advisory board. Between 2016 and 2019, Ms. White served the Loretto Hospital in Chicago as the director of human resources and later as the chief human resources officer. Previously, she was the

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Judith Lovell


Judith C. Lovell is the founder and chief executive officer of Crystal Clear Educational Systems, Inc., a line of educational resources and instructional support products created to help make high-quality coaching, training, and professional development materials available to all. Since childhood, Ms. Lovell dreamed of becoming a teacher like her mother, and felt called to work in community and human services positions that would allow her to help create safer, stronger neighborhood resources. She launched her career in 1980 as an employee of the Metropolitan Transit Authority/New York City Transit, and in 1984, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in urban planning from Brooklyn College. Ms. Lovell pursued additional education throughout the 1990s, first completing a management certificate at the

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Yvonne Webb


Yvonne Marie Webb is a career financial executive and the former vice president of human resources compliance and enterprise risk management for Kaiser Permanente. A gifted student, Ms. Webb’s business aspirations were inspired by her father, a foreman for General Motors and a professional musician who she remembers “was always working two jobs.” His versatility and work ethic made an impression on the young Ms. Webb, who began working in the finance department of General Motors during her summer vacations as an accounting student at Bowling Green State University. She completed her Bachelor of Science in accounting in 1976 and continued her education at the University of Michigan, where she earned a Master of Business Administration in 1978. Ms. Webb

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Lynda Rogerson


Lynda Rogerson, EdD, is an educator, consultant, and president of LYNCO Associates, Inc., where she has specialized in grant management, program evaluation, organizational development and career consulting, and curriculum design since 1983. Dr. Rogerson has been drawn to her work since she was a child, explaining that “whatever it is she does, she is always teaching people how to do things.” An alumna of the University of Colorado, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in history with an English minor and a Master of Arts in European history. She earned her Doctor of Education in human resource development and organizational development at the University of Northern Colorado in 1989 after feeling that a doctoral degree was the key to having

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Ashley Hunsaker


Holding considerable expertise in finance and human resources, Ashley Hunsaker is the chief executive officer of HTS Coatings LLC, a thermal spray, machining and grinding company she has run alongside her husband, Jason, since 2015. She and her husband had long talked about owning a business together, but various aspects of their lives simply made it impossible for many years. For this reason, she notes that the founding of HTS Coatings is her greatest achievement, as it is the culmination of years of dreaming and planning. In her current role, Ms. Hunsaker’s duties include implementing the EOS processing system, making sure the sales and finances are flowing properly, and that everyone is communicating well, while her husband manages the engineering

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Jessica Artz


Jessica L. Artz, SPHR, is a human resources professional celebrating more than 15 years of business development through creative and efficient personnel management. Her interest in the field began after a summer job search brought her to a local staffing agency, who immediately recognized her interpersonal skills and placed her in a short-term position as a recruiter. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Wheeling University in 2003, Ms. Artz found work as a health care industry recruiter for Independence Air & NRI Healthcare. She excelled at the position and after only a few months, she was offered the opportunity to assume leadership and development of an employee team. In 2005, Ms. Artz joined Computer Science Corporation as

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AJ Myers


Throughout the years, AJ Myers has found success as an energetic professional with a particular knowledge in administration, human resources, coaching and professional writing. Trained in NLP, EQ, and certified as an integrated life transformational coach, Ms. Myers serves from a foundation founded on God’s unshakable grace and forgiveness, believing we can be linked and bonded in his love. She presently serves as creative and professional content writer, and artist, in Moab, Utah. She co-authored “A Journey of Riches: Abundant Living” and “Messages from the Heart.” Ms. Myers’ articles written to help heal and inspire women have been well received by several local and international publications. Her autobiography, book one of four, “From Winter Comes,” is ready for publication with

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Carolyn McMillan


Carolyn C. McMillan served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1965 through 1968. She was a disbursing clerk, computing and issuing payroll and travel checks to military personnel. Ms. McMillan attended Los Angeles City College and California State University, Los Angeles with a major in business administration and minor in sociology. Ms. McMillan has worked for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services as an eligibility worker and for the State of California Employment Development Department, first in the disabled veterans outreach program and then as a local veterans employment representative. In 1980, Ms. McMillan became assistant director for veterans employment and training service with the U. S Department of Labor. Her service area included San Bernardino and

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