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Between the classroom and the courtroom, Bethany K. Dumas is proud to have made a positive difference in the lives of so many others over the past five decades. She initially started her professional journey in English literature, one of her main passions, but decided to switch to linguistics during graduate school. A few years later, Dr. Dumas became interested in jury selection, so she pursued a law degree to understand it better. She currently holds a Bachelor of Arts from Lamar University, a Master of Arts and a PhD from the University of Arkansas, and a JD from the University of Tennessee College of Law. ​ Dr. Dumas has served her alma mater, the University of Tennessee, since 1974. She started

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Fascinated by foreign languages and passionate about literature, Dr. Hildegard Rissel set out to find a career that would incorporate all of her interests. Her first stop was Georgetown University, where she earned both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in French with a minor in Spanish in 1981 and 1983, respectively. She returned to her alma mater in 1990 to obtain a PhD in Spanish literature. ​ Currently living her dream as an associate professor of Spanish at Virginia State University in the Department of Language and Literature, where she’s been since 2001, Dr. Rissel is proud of her growth and success over the years. She started out as a lecturer in Spanish and French at

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