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Victoria Kurtz


Having aspired to be a lawyer since she was 12 years old, Victoria Watson Kurtz, Esq., serves as an associate attorney with Johnston Law, with which she specializes in all areas of employment and labor law, contract law, and general medical malpractice and complex personal injury practice. Since 2018, she has also worked as a yoga instructor. Prior to obtaining her current positions, she found success as the associate general counsel for Hire Quest, LLC from 2017 until 2018, a law clerk for the Steinberg Law Firm and a student research assistant for Prof. Jorge R. Roig of the Charleston School of Law from 2016 until 2017. Earlier, she was active as a clerk for the Akim Anastopoulo Law Firm

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An expert in sales and trading, asset and wealth management, Sonia K. Han Levovitz has been on the path to become a lawyer since college. Today, she is very happy where she is, and loves the firm and wants to continue to do her job as well as she can every day. Since 2006, Ms. Levovitz has been the managing director/senior vice president and of general counsel of equity derivatives at Jefferies Group LLC in New York, as well as a secretary for Jefferies Investment Advisers LLC since 2010. Her company is an American multinational independent investment bank and financial services company, which provides clients with capital markets and financial advisory services, institutional brokerage, securities research and asset management. This

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Martha Gifford


The sole practitioner of the Law Office of Martha E. Gifford in New York since 2007, Martha E. Gifford is an esteemed attorney who focuses her practice on antitrust law and related representation before federal and state agencies. As an antitrust counselor with extensive experience in advising and assisting in structuring business decisions on pricing, distribution, promotions, mergers and joint ventures, her goal is to achieve the best possible commercial results while minimizing competition law risks. Ms. Gifford also boasts extensive expertise in book publishing, music rights, specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, health care products distribution, among other areas. She has provided representation before the antitrust division, the Federal Trade Commission and the state Attorneys General. Ms. Gifford’s career in antitrust law

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Sabrina Glimcher


Drawing on years of expertise in banking, mergers and acquisitions, and aircraft finance, Sabrina P.R. Glimcher serves as chief commercial counsel of Global Jet Capital. She excels within the aviation company as its senior counsel, having maintained activity in this position since 2016. She liaises with cross-functional teams to document and close complex corporate aircraft financing transactions around the globe. She also assists in corporate governance, general financing and legal entity management matters. As a child, Ms. Glimcher traveled often, which piqued her interest in the aviation industry. When she was 9, she took a trip to Tel Aviv on a 747800, which is the third-largest passenger aircraft. In 1994, the Israeli airport did not have traditional gates yet, so

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Iulia Taranu


An expert in many areas of law including employment and labor law, commercial and business litigation, complex commercial litigation and national insurance coverage, Iulia A. Taranu, JD, recalls doing an internship at a law firm during her senior year at Arizona State University. Prior to the experience, she never considered going into law before. She originally had aspirations to work for the FBI, which is why she choose criminology as an undergraduate. Once she got to the stage to apply, she realized that was not the path she wished to continue to pursue. Ms. Taranu knew that she did not have many options with a degree in criminology, so she decided she would seek higher education. The firm that she

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Linda Hopkins


Linda Kay Hopkins was interested in the challenges of the law since she was in grade school. While in college, she wanted to study the law, but was told by her employer that “no one uses a female lawyer.” Discouraged but still interested, Ms. Hopkins worked in a related field. In her late 30s, her husband prevented her from enrollment in law school; following enrollment in a master’s program, he left her. Ms. Hopkins discovered how the legal system fails to protect vulnerable people. She was determined to become an attorney, despite her discouragements. Ms. Hopkins began her career as a hearing assistant in the Social Security Administration Office of Appeals in Minneapolis in 1972. She remained in this position for

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Achieving excellence early on as valedictorian of her eighth-grade class, Vivian M. Cline attended an attorney assistance program through the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). After graduating from high school and college, she held a number of minor jobs, including as a paralegal for the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) in North Hollywood, California, from 1976 to 1978, before serving as general counsel for Raymond Schuller, which is where Ms. Cline’s true interest in legal work began. Raymond Schuller was a good mentor and planted a seed in her. After receiving a certificate from the program at UCLA, she relocated from Los Angeles and got a position at Smith International in Newport Beach, California, in its legal department in

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Loving history for as long as she can remember, Rosemary F. Carroll, PhD, JD, grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, where history was all around her. Going back to her mother and as far back as her grandparents, she recalled that they all also had a love for history. As a child, her and her parents would take trips to visit various historical places. She moved to Newport, Rhode Island, when she was 5 years old to a historical home built in the Gilded Age in 1743, which her grandfather always spoke about. She later moved back to Providence, which her grandfather always spoke about. Since 2001, Dr. Carroll has been recognized as a Henry and Margaret Haegg Distinguished Professor

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