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Mary Morgan


Specializing in collection development, Mary D. Morgan became involved in her profession from her mother, who inspired her to go into teaching. She was always attracted to the library because of her high school mentor, Idele Wilson. When she moved to Kentucky, there were no school library positions available so she went into the classroom. After she retired from education, she went into social work. Overseeing a team of nine inmates, Ms. Morgan currently serves as a librarian at Luther Luckett Correctional Complex in La Grange, Kentucky, since 2000. She began her professional career in the same position within Ascension Parish Schools in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, in 1966, remaining in this role for two years before transferring to Jefferson County Schools

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Having been an English and theatre major in college, Carol Bennett found herself at an employment agency when she graduated. The agency sent her to a library job in the reference department at the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library at Tulane University in New Orleans. Her boss had traveled extensively working with U.S. Army Libraries and encouraged her to get a degree and do the same. Ms. Bennett subsequently traveled to Germany with the U.S. Army, where she was responsible for several military libraries. Ms. Bennett holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and a Bachelor of Library Science from McGill University in Montreal, obtained in 1960 and 1962, respectively. From 1962 to 1964,

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Active in her profession for nearly three decades, Janice L. Colmer Weston most recently served as the chief librarian of the U.S. Army Ordnance Center and School at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland from 1972 until her retirement in 1994. She began her professional career as a library clerk and education librarian at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1966, remaining in this position for one year before becoming a reference librarian at John Tyler Community College in Chester, Virginia, and branch librarian at Chester Library – Chesterfield County Public Library from 1969 to 1970. She then served as a librarian for U.S. Army General Equipment Test Activity at Fort Lee, Virginia, from 1970 to 1971 and reference

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Carolyn Robison


Initially an English major in college, Carolyn Love Robison, PhD, has loved literature for as long as she can remember. She wanted to find some way to incorporate her passion into her career, but she discovered early on that teaching wasn’t for her. While looking into other options, Dr. Robison came across the library science program at Emory University. She decided to give it a shot, and quickly found that she had made the right decision. She ended up graduating with a Master of Library Science in 1965. Degree in hand, Dr. Robison got to work making her dreams a reality. She started out by getting a job as an assistant librarian, an architecture librarian and a lecturer at the

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Focusing on a career she truly loved, Carolyn J. Else retired in 1994 after a long tenure as director of the Pierce County Library’s Summit branch in Tacoma, Washington, beginning in 1965. In this prestigious role, one of her most prominent accomplishments included funding $3 million to expand the library. The library system circulates 6.9 million items annually, hosts seasonal youth story times, teen clubs, events for youth and adults, classes for skills development and technology, an active summer reading program, and connects with social media. Ms. Else began her professional career as a librarian at the Queens Borough Public Library in New York in 1957, remaining in this position for two years before transferring to the U.S. Army Special

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Motivated by innate curiosity, Audrey Jane Wolfinger has always loved reading. Her father always loved reading and learning new things, and she picked up the practice very early on. Having all that information at her fingertips fascinated her. Ms. Wolfinger also enjoyed sharing what she learned and working with children, so when her brother suggested she become a school librarian, she figured that was the perfect career. She started out as the librarian and audio-visual coordinator at Neshaminy Junior High in 1955, and transferred to become a librarian at Neshaminy High School in 1976. She retired from the role in 1984. One of the highlights of Ms. Wolfinger’s journey was setting up four libraries in Pennsylvania. When she began her

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Denise Montgomery


Passionate about books, Denise Lynne Montgomery dedicated more than three decades to advancing library science. She started her journey at Sweet Briar College, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1975. Ms. Montgomery then furthered her knowledge by obtaining a Master of Science in Library Science from Florida State University in 1981 and by joining prominent organizations like the American Library Association and the Georgia Library Association. Degrees in hand, Ms. Montgomery set off to make her mark. Her first professional position was in the reader’s services library at St. Leo College, followed by associate professor and head of interlibrary loans at Valdosta State University. She really felt at home at the latter school; she remained there from 1984

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Born in the Philippines, Laura Balatbat Corpuz grew up with a deep appreciation for academia and the arts. She knew she wanted to contribute to the fields herself, so she obtained a Bachelor of Science in elementary education from National Teachers College in Manila, Philippines, in 1966. Ms. Corpuz spent the next three years as a teacher at Philippine Public School. She really liked her work, but she was looking for something more. When her friend suggested she move to the United States and find a job there, she decided to give it a shot. Ms. Corpuz proceeded to take U.S. history and library courses and completed tests to become a certified teacher in the state of Illinois. She also

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Born in Alaska, Julianna Elise Braund-Allen always loved taking trips to the “lower 48” states when she was younger because she was amazed by the amount of libraries they had. Libraries, to her, are about education, knowledge, transmissions, and freedom. She also loves both literature and helping others, so a career in library science seemed only natural. Goal in mind, Ms. Braund-Allen got to work. She earned a Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, in 1977 and a Master of Library Science, summa cum laude, from Louisiana State University in 1986. She then obtained her first job in the field, reference librarian at the Anchorage Municipal Library, and the rest was history. Ms. Braund-Allen’s devotion

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Passionate about both books and people, Lois C. Olsrud always felt at home in the library. She liked digging up answers and growing her knowledge, and felt driven to help others. Ms. Olsrud felt the best way to combine the two was by becoming a librarian and working in schools. Once she earned a Master of Arts in library science from Indiana University in 1966, she joined the University of Arizona as a humanities librarian and the rest was history. Ms. Olsrud really enjoyed her work, so much so that she remained with the institution until her retirement in 1996. Some of the other capacities she served in there were central reference librarian and fine arts librarian. One of the

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