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Staci Turner


Becoming involved in mortgage and banking gradually, Staci J. Turner has been an operations analyst II with J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. since 2015. She began her career with the company as a manager, also serving as a senior underwriter from 2008 to 2012. She then moved up the ranks to quality analyst and senior underwriter for loan quality review from 2012 to 2014, and associate of risk quality from 2014 to 2015. Prior to the start of her professional career, Ms. Turner pursued a formal education at Capital University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in psychology in 2003. She then received a Master of Science in clinical mental health counseling from the University of Dayton in 2010. A volunteer

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An expert in planning, allocating, forecasting, and training on testing and implementing the rollout of new systems, Angelica Podias has excelled as a project manager for JCPenney in Plano, Texas. In this role, she works to distribute apparel for women, men and children, shoes, jewelry, bed and bath products, window treatments, home furnishings and housewares internationally. Ms. Podias’ responsibilities include managing inventory, merchandising, forecasting future business, providing customer service, and managing operations and vendor relationships. Ms. Podias is currently working with the RMS Oracle Solution for purchase order systems for the enterprise. As a business user, she was able to bring knowledge of what is needed for the e-commerce channel for purchase order creation, management of purchase orders and management

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Shirley Berardo


Having earned distinction as a program manager with IBM, Shirley B. Berardo initially launched her professional journey with the IBM Club in Manassas, Virginia, as a technical librarian and middle manager at their Technical Resources Center. While progressing through her career, Ms. Berardo found success as a senior technical education manager and senior program and process manager of software and hardware in Boca Raton, Florida, as well as overseas in Japan. After serving as an IBM fellow in Bethesda, Maryland, Ms. Berardo then contributed for the years between 1973 and 1996 as a distinguished division program manager of the company’s notable software and hardware teams in Virginia, Florida and Maryland. As a result of her numerous efforts, she was twice-named

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Having accrued more than 55 years of expertise in all elements of business development, Theresa L. Lovato Blair has distinguished herself as an electrical contractor and records manager. She began working as an office secretary at Sandia National Laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1964 and knew that she wanted to attend college. While working full-time, she attended the University of Albuquerque, where she completed a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1979. Ms. Blair completed a Master of Business Administration at Highlands University in Las Vegas in 1982. Ms. Blair rose from the position of secretary to that of a records manager at Sandia National Laboratory in 1980. She would remain with the lab until 1987. In 1981,

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A celebrated health care professional, Theresa M. Thrower, RN, CRNI, OCN, worked in Hawaii, Seattle and throughout the State of Washington over the course of her illustrious career. After completing her nursing degree more than 40 years ago, she began as a staff nurse at Strab Clinic and Hospital in Honolulu and as a patient care coordinator at the Hemophilia Foundation of Hawaii. Ms. Thrower later found success on behalf of several other organizations as a staff nurse, a home intravenous nurse, a clinical nurse consultant and an intravenous program director. Attending the University of Washington, Ms. Thrower acquired a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1977. She later returned to the university, where she completed the registered nurse infusion

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Patricia Schumaker


With more than 40 years of practiced experience in management, strategic and operations planning, and quality assurance, Patricia H. Schumaker excels as the president of Schumaker and Company, a management-consulting firm that frequently works with government entities and utility organizations. Prior to establishing her company, she worked in numerous executive roles for ADP Network Services, including as the director of national accounts, the director of the professional services division, a PSD senior manager and consultant, and a PSD technical manager. During the earliest years of her career, Ms. Schumaker gained valuable expertise as an auditor and a consultant for Arthur Andersen. Due to her considerable expertise as a project management professional, Ms. Schumaker has utilized her knowledge as a lead

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Christine Burns


An acclaimed information systems manager backed by two decades of professional experience, Christine Burns, PhD, excels as a programs and acquisitions task lead manager, IT program project manager and senior information systems engineer for the MITRE Corporation in Kuwait, with which she began in 2010. Drawing on her considerable leadership skills, she competently leads teams in providing information systems, business and technological solutions for government operations. Throughout her numerous positions, Dr. Burns has developed considerable expertise in risk management, project leadership, budget management, acquisition and contracting, and much more. Prior to joining the MITRE Corporation, Dr. Burns gained valuable expertise as a business analyst for the U.S. Department of Defense between 2008 and 2010 and as a requirements manager for

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Elizabeth Byam has served as chief operating officer at Advisory Platform Solutions since 2009 and managing partner at BeneTechs since 2018. In these roles, she gets her finger into every little pie and it’s wonderful to experience, learn more about and be able to direct every aspect of the company, whether it comes from development strategies, priorities or social media. Ms. Byam makes sure the company is run with very strong and high ethics. They are a group that has a lot of fun and, at the same time, work very hard. They help companies find their own bottlenecks and things that would prevent them from moving forward. They also do a lot of messaging strategy work, swat analysis and

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C.L. Wales


Starting off in architecture in the community development department, C.L. Wales was the total sum project manager on each project. She began her professional career in the 1980s when she worked for a city community development department in for the city of College Station, Texas. She was project manager to assist those in poverty to get indoor plumbing, hot/cold running water, wall heaters, patched holes in walls and floors, reframed walls and roofs, carpeting, vinyl floors, insulated, sheet rock and painted walls at no cost to the individual. Later on, Ms. Wales was the project design manager of Actus Lend Lease Development in Fort Hood, Texas, from 2002 to 2005, also serving the company’s Beaufort, South Carolina, branch as project

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Responsible for bookkeeping, accounting, tax services and teaching financial literacy, LaTanya C. Stewart became involved in her profession because she always wanted to be able to provide services for people. People go to work to do a job and forget that they are paid for the services they offer, so she wanted to provide customer service for those employees and help reward them through their paychecks for what they do. She believes employees are the backbone of many organizations, and people take for granted what they do. Ms. Stewart currently serves as the payroll manager at Ellie Mae in Pleasanton, California, also owning her own small business, 3B Financial, in Oakland, California, since 2019. Ms. Stewart began her professional career

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