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Barbara Marcks


As a child, Barbara A. Marcks suffered from ADD and did not do very well in school. She took a test given by a guidance counselor and realized that she tested very high in logic and reasoning. She was then taken to a program, which helped develop her skills. That is where she came across information technology and realized she found something she loved. Since her departure from McKesson in 2019, where she spent 17 years of her professional career, she has returned to her own consulting program Barbara Marcks LLC. In her current role, Ms. Marcks works with companies who are looking to automate or integrate acquisitions. She looks at current business processes and tries to normalize and make them more efficient,

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Now retired, Sandra “Sonee” Lapadot led a prolific career as an automobile manufacturing company official for more than 40 years. At the start of her career, she was the manager of engineering change implementation for the Terex Division of General Motors in Hudson, Ohio, from 1975 to 1977. As she progressed with the Terex Division of the company, Ms. Lapadot held the posts of a manager of production scheduling and later the general administrator of product purchasing until 1979. Soon thereafter, she relocated to Detroit and continued working with the company as a senior staff assistant of non-ferrous metals in 1979, and held executive roles within the company until her ultimate departure in 1986. Ms. Lapadot joined the staff of

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