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Dale Coudert


Dale Coudert is the founding director of the Coudert Institute, a non-partisan, non-ideological organization designed to discuss ideas and promote positive change in the world. Embracing open dialogue and the opinions of its members and world leaders, the institute, established in 2001, offers unique opportunities to discuss and debate various topics via lectures, seminars, discussions and debates, as well as attend private dinners with guest speakers. Over the years, some of the subjects covered have included “The Effects of Genetics and Medicine in the 21st Century,” “Religious Reconciliation,” “The War on Terror,” “Restoring Investor Confidence in Equity Securities” and “Spirituality and Health in the Age of Science.” Besides overseeing operations at the institute, Ms. Coudert has earned distinction as the

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Monica Holmes


Monica Holmes has, as she puts it, “went through the fire of life and came out the other side with little scars.” After struggling with her own addictions, she has turned her life around and dedicated it to working with underserved individuals in an effort to help them reach their highest quality of life. Ms. Holmes has the unique ability to truly understand how the people she helps feel, as she is used to struggle with addiction, and is also living HIV positive, though she has been sober for more than 10 years. As the outreach GPRA specialist of Harlem United, the nonprofit health care service that specifically serves the HIV/AIDS community, Ms. Holmes is responsible for providing program screenings,

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Margie Handley


Margie L. Handley is recognized in her local area of Willits, California, as a pillar of the community where she was born and raised. An immensely successful businesswoman, she has operated a thriving asphalt and aggregate business company and spent several years in real estate development before becoming president of Harrah Industries, which was established by her father Robert “Bob” Harrah in the 1940s. Ms. Handley also served as vice president of Microphor, Inc., for just under a decade and as president of Hot Rocks, Inc. Ms. Handley continues carrying on her father’s legacy as president of the board of directors for the Frank R. Howard Foundation. The organization, which supports Howard Hospital and its mission to provide high quality

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Judith-Rae Ross


Having accrued more than 40 years of expertise in the field of historiography, the Hon. Judith-Rae Ross, PhD, has garnered a laudable reputation as a historian, educator and writer. She attended Michigan State University, graduating in 1967 with a Bachelor of Arts in history and was proud to have succeeded as a woman in academia during a time when cultural expectations for women were limited. Dr. Ross earned a Master of Arts at Loyola University in 1971 and completed a PhD in history at the University of Illinois in 1978. From 1979 until 1980, Dr. Ross served as an instructor at Oakton Community College in Des Plaines, Illinois. She continued her career as a visiting professor at the University of

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Inspired by the example of her mother, Bernice L. Frazier was encouraged to pursue a career in community service, culminating in her current work as the president and chief executive officer of the Southern Christian Leadership Foundation, Inc. An experienced executive with considerable expertise in nonprofit organization management, philanthropy, policy analysis, volunteer management and more, she gained valuable expertise in the field as the vice president of L&B Enterprises between 1996 and 2011. Moreover, Ms. Frazier is certified as a grant writer. Before entering the nonprofit industry, Ms. Frazier worked as a manager of transportation for Dayton Public Schools, where she served between 1996 and 2000. Additionally, she excelled as a student advisor for Senegalese students attending universities in the

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Upon earning a diploma from the Wheeler School in Rhode Island, Diana Humphrey attended Smith College and earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1960. She also completed coursework at the Roland Park Country School in Baltimore. Soon thereafter, she became a licensed real estate broker in the State of Massachusetts in 1978. At the start of her career, Ms. Humphrey worked as a foreign rights sales representative for Little, Brown & Company, as well as Hachette Book Group in Boston from 1960 to 1963. Consequently, Ms. Humphrey joined the Smith College Club in Concord, Massachusetts, as a volunteer fundraiser between 1976 and 1989. During this time, she also contributed as a member of the board of development for Center Club

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Amanda Dealey


Having accrued numerous years of experience in the field of nonprofit fundraising and administration, Amanda Mayhew Dealey has remained active as the board of directors for the James Dick Foundation since 1978. Concurrently, she has excelled as the chairperson of KMFA Classical Radio since 2014 and an advisory council member of the University of Texas’ Harry Ransom Center since 2009. In previous years, Ms. Dealey held a myriad of past positions of high leadership with a variety of prominent organizations. While Ms. Dealey was a former foundation administrator, she primarily worked with two different foundations, one professionally and the other as a volunteer. Professionally, she entailed running leadership for the state of Texas, which was a leadership program that Ann

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Laurian Rauen


Always wanting to be a veterinarian, Laurian Rauen applied to veterinarian school twice and was accepted both times, but her mother told her that if she chose that path, she would be on her own from there. She decided to listen to her mother’s warnings and never pursued veterinarian school again. However, she had been involved with animals in some capacity throughout her entire life. Working with animals had always been her passion. Ms. Rauen got her first parrot between 30 and 40 years ago, and continued to rescue them for years to come. Unfortunately, her sanctuary was robbed for expensive parrots like macaws and cockatoos. She was then contacted by several people in the industry and learned “the plight

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Beth Thorp


A leading influencer in her field, Beth A. Thorp co-founded and serves as executive director of the Mitchell Thorp Foundation in memory of her son Mitchell, who passed away in 2008 of an undiagnosed illness, and they are now going on their 11th year. Prior to his passing, it was a very hard journey of taking him in and out of hospitals looking for answers, and people from all of the United States heard about their story. The community came out for them when they heard about their situation and did a walkathon for them, and they were able to raise $75,000 to help pay off a $100,000 medical bill. It truly changed her and her husband’s lives tremendously. When

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Gwyn Picerne


Encouraged by her mother, Gwyn R. Picerne really wanted to effect change in the eyes of an adoptive family. She wanted to focus on children 12 and older. It is the most unwanted group in the world to adopt, and she wanted to change that. Ms. Picerne began her professional career as the owner of Ultimate Swimwear in 1995, where she remained for a decade before co-founding and serving as president of another company, Embraced by Grace, in 2006. Since then, she has been the owner of P&P Hospitality and Sterling Trade Services, as well as the chief executive officer of Diversitas Enterprises LLC. The company helps and trains athletes not to lose money. Prior to the start of her

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