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A service-driven professional, Katherine Jean Hubbell Domning spent the majority of her career with nonprofit organizations. She started out as an information system engineer at the Mitre Corporation and a design engineer at General Electric, but transferred to the American Red Cross National Headquarters after five years. It was at the American Red Cross that Ms. Hubbell Domning discovered her passion for budgeting work; she had a gift for looking at a budget and figuring out the numbers and the plan behind it. She eventually left to join the Dominion Group as a marketing consultant and the National Foundation of Women Business Owners on a part-time basis. She retired in 2002 so that she could focus entirely on volunteer activities.

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Born in Japan despite being a descendent of the Korean ruling family, Joy Powell Gebhard witnessed a lot of brutality as a child. She vowed then to fight for world peace for the rest of her life, and she has held fast to her goals. Ms. Powell Gebhard founded Healing Inc. in 1997 to help humanitarian and education needs. She remains involved in the organization, which mainly focuses on children from North Korea, to this day. Other notable achievements include founding the Meadow Peace Park, co-founding the Washington Korean Writers Association, and serving as the president of Washington Jeonju Lee Chosun Dynasty Royal Family Association. Outside of her organizations, Ms. Powell Gebhard found that another way to achieve her goals

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Motivated by her desire to help others, Lucile Mason has dedicated the majority of her career to nonprofit leadership. She started as a conference manager with Camp Fire Girls, Inc., and then became the executive director of the Association of the Junior League of America, Inc., the director of the Division of Public Affairs at Girl Scouts of the United States, and director of public relations at the YWCA of the City of New York. Ms. Mason also spent time as the director of community relations and development at the Girl Scout Council of Greater New York, the director of development at the Montclair Kimberley Academy, the director of development for Ethical Culture Schools, the development officer of foundations for

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Aiming to help the world get better, Amity P. Buxton has spent the past couple of decades at the head of the Straight Spouse Network. She founded the organization in 1991 to support the “heterosexual partners of gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender people.” She knows from personal experience how difficult this revelation can be; her husband came out of the closet in 1983 after 25 years of marriage. Dr. Buxton realized there weren’t many resources for people in her situation, so she went to various support groups and talked to a lot of people about it. She wanted to raise the visibility of this issue and to aid people in figuring out their feelings and how to move forward. Her unique nonprofit organization has since

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On a mission to alleviate the suffering people experience from domestic violence, Elaine G. Adevai will always keep fighting for what needs to be done. She believes that where there’s a will, there’s a way, and that mentality, coupled with her accepting nature and strong listening skills, has paved the way for her success. Further, she is recognized as an expert in individual and group counseling, as well as in educational administration. ​ Ms. Adevai is currently the executive director of New Vista for Families, Inc., a nonprofit organization she founded to provide advocacy, counseling, and shelter for victims of domestic violence. On a daily basis, she facilitates support groups and private counseling sessions on topics such as marriage, relationships,

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