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Parris Smith


Inspired to her career out of a desire to help people in the community where she grew up, Parris M. Smith made a promise to herself that she would stay in Lorain County, Ohio, following the completion of her education in order to empower and grow the community that raised her. Embarking on her studies at Lorain County Community College, she earned an associate degree before joining Cleveland State University and graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology in 2013. She concluded her formal studies at Walden University, where she obtained a Master of Science in psychology, with a focus in public administration and social change, in 2016. Working throughout her time in higher education, Ms. Smith began her

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Jessica Elliott


Jessica Elliott is an experienced nonprofit administrator bringing her natural leadership skills and financial expertise to the role of executive director of Habitat for Humanity of the Lehigh Valley since 2018. Ms. Elliott has been with Habitat for Humanity in various capacities for nearly a decade, beginning in 2013 as director of community relations before moving up into her current role. As executive director, Ms. Elliott is responsible for carrying out Habitat for Humanity’s mission to help provide housing and resources to all in the area while supervising the board of directors, an administrative staff of 25, and an annual operating budget of more than 1.7 million dollars. Ms. Elliott holds a Bachelor of Arts in human rights from Lafayette

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Holding considerable expertise in public speaking, health care, education and volunteer work, Rev. Shirle Moone Childs, PhD, has had a long standing desire to share her knowledge and expertise with others. Embarking on her studies at the William Cullen Bryant High School in New York, she graduated with an academic diploma in 1953. She subsequently joined the University of Hartford, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in 1968 and a Master of Education in 1970, both in early childhood education and teaching. From there, Dr. Childs began her career in early childhood education and eventually obtained her Doctor of Philosophy in educational leadership and administration from the University of Connecticut in 1978. After years of working with children, she

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An expert in purchasing materials, management and logistics, Shirley Leevy currently excels as the operation manager for the Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach nonprofit since 2018. With the Sisters Mission outreach, she oversees two warehouses, instructs a team of three truck drivers and schedules pickups from 93 hospitals throughout the Midwest. Prior to this appointment, she flourished as the global inventory logistics manager for T/CCI Manufacturing, LLC, from 2013 to 2018. As global manager, the organization has several locations throughout the world with a plant in China, a warehouse in Barcelona, a mini plant in Ireland, a company on Germany, a startup plant in Argentina and a U.S. based plant. Ms. Leevy is responsible for the inventory at those locations, as

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The president and founder of the Derrick B. Hart Jr. Autism Center, Audrey R. Matthews was inspired to open an autism center after her experiences raising her son, who has autism. Knowing very little about autism, she struggled at first to figure out how to help her son and how to find organizations where she could learn more and get help. Her hope for the Derrick B. Hart Jr. Autism Center is that she can provide resources to make the lives of families with autistic children easier and give them a place to turn to so they don’t have to struggle the way she did. Finding that her son responded well to sensory learning on a tablet, one of the

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Sandie Fauriol


Holding considerable expertise in nonprofit development, Sandie Fauriol retired from her position as the director of development with the AARP Foundation in 2007. She began her work with the AARP as the director of the annual campaign for the AARP Andrus Foundation in 1996, later serving as the director of development for the foundation in 1999. In 2002, she joined the Andrus Foundation’s parent organization, the AARP Foundation, as the acting chief development officer, before attaining her final posting as director of development in 2004. Ms. Fauriol cites her time with the AARP as the highlight of her career, nothing that it was a wonderful place to work and she enjoyed being able to work her way up the ranks

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With two decades of administrative expertise to her credit, Pamela D. Price, MSA, PMP, CSM, CSPO, excels as the proprietor of Priceless Dreams, with her success cemented in her affinity for teaching. Throughout her higher education, she learned that the percentage of Americans who applied to and attended college remained considerably low at the time. Likewise, as a teacher, Dr. Price realized many of her students possessed a literacy rate below the expected level for their age range. Eager to return the kindness she received from others growing up, she resolved to establish a foundation and create opportunities for the less fortunate. Over the course of her education, Dr. Price has accrued several degrees spanning across multiple areas of academia.

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Dale Coudert


Dale Coudert has, for decades, been lauded for her outstanding community leadership and her success in bringing competing voices together in dialogue. While she has amassed many academic and professional accomplishments, it is perhaps her commitment to advancing the possibilities of our shared humanity for which she is most admired. An alumnus of Northwestern University, Ms. Coudert’s professional journey has been rich with noteworthy roles, including serving as a real estate broker with Cross and Brown Company in New York, specializing in commercial and investment real estate; a broker with Brown Harris Stevens in Palm Beach; and as director of marketing for Lafer Management in New York, a hedge fund. Ms. Coudert additionally held the title of director with Hospital

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Monica Holmes


Monica Holmes has, as she puts it, “went through the fire of life and came out the other side with little scars.” After struggling with her own addictions, she has turned her life around and dedicated it to working with underserved individuals in an effort to help them reach their highest quality of life. Ms. Holmes has the unique ability to truly understand how the people she helps feel, as she is used to struggle with addiction, and is also living HIV positive, though she has been sober for more than 10 years. As the outreach GPRA specialist of Harlem United, the nonprofit health care service that specifically serves the HIV/AIDS community, Ms. Holmes is responsible for providing program screenings,

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Margie Handley


Margie L. Handley is recognized in her local area of Willits, California, as a pillar of the community where she was born and raised. An immensely successful businesswoman, she has operated a thriving asphalt and aggregate business company and spent several years in real estate development before becoming president of Harrah Industries, which was established by her father Robert “Bob” Harrah in the 1940s. Ms. Handley also served as vice president of Microphor, Inc., for just under a decade and as president of Hot Rocks, Inc. Ms. Handley continues carrying on her father’s legacy as president of the board of directors for the Frank R. Howard Foundation. The organization, which supports Howard Hospital and its mission to provide high quality

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