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Involved in her profession for nearly four decades, Dolores O. Morris, PhD, ABPP, has served as a private practice psychologist in New York since 1980 and supervisor for the interpersonal track of New York University (NYU)’s postdoctoral program in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis since 1992. In conjunction with this tenure, she chaired the university’s multicultural concerns committee from 2000 to 2005, served as a representative on the Council of Representatives for Division 39 and treasurer for the Women’s and Ethnic Minority Caucuses from 2006 to 2012, and was the national examination coordinator for the Specialty Board for Psychoanalysis from 2008 to 2015. In addition to these posts, Dr. Morris has also presented extensively in her field. Prior to the start of

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Knowledgeable in research and training policies, as well as experimental psychology science policy, Pamela Flattau, PhD, is very “pre-brain,” meaning that she was taught about human behavior in the 1960s. There were very good constructivist theories on how the brain operates, which have since been worn out. One theory that she was exposed to as an undergraduate led to a Nobel Prize in 2014, which involved Swedish and British neuropsychologists working together to show how the brain was “probably” wired. Dr. Flattau was the first congregational science fellow to work in Washington, DC, between 1974 and 1975. She eventually made the transition from that point from science to public policy. Since 2014, Dr. Flattau has served as the founder and

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Deborah Potts


A doyen in adolescent guidance and counseling, Debbie Reese Potts became involved in her profession because of her desire to give back. Her father served in World War II and was sent to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for classes, so education was always very important in her household. Both of her parents believed in giving back. From 2010 to 2016, Ms. Potts served as a mental health therapist at Baylor Scott & White Health in Dallas. The largest nonprofit​ health care system in Texas and one of the largest in the country, Baylor Scott & White Health was born from the combination of Baylor Health Care System and Scott & White Healthcare in 2013. Today, Baylor Scott & White

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Interested in health care since she was a child, Rosemary C. Ciullo began her professional journey with the goal of becoming a nurse. Upon taking some psychology classes in college, however, she fell in love with the subject and knew it was what she was meant to do. Dr. Ciullo particularly wanted to help children, so she got a job at St. Ann’s Hospital, a state mental institution for kids. She found the work to be very rewarding and stayed until the hospital closed more than a decade later. This experience propelled her to the Henry Horner Children’s Center, where she worked from 1987 to 1993, and to her own private practice, which she ran out of her home from

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Although Alice G. Moore Pouncey was always attracted to the idea of pursuing education professionally, it wasn’t until high school that she was introduced to home economics. Her teacher encouraged her to pursue the field further, and the idea stuck in her mind. When the opportunity to enter the field arose a few years later, Ms. Pouncey jumped at the opportunity. She had been teaching psychology, but then the home economics teacher at the school passed away and Ms. Pouncey was asked to take over. She loved the work, and quickly knew she had made the right decision. Her favorite part of the job was seeing her students achieve their goals and achieve great things. She always strove to make

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Growing up, Barbara Eloisa Mai was always told how approachable she was and how comfortable she made people. This inspired her to pursue psychology and nursing; she felt it was only natural to expand upon her affable nature for the benefit of others. Dr. Mai proceeded to earn a Bachelor of Science in nursing from Georgetown University in 1978, a Master of Science in nursing from Catholic University of America in 1982, and a PhD in transpersonal psychology from the Dove Center at Howard University in 2006. She also became a certified Reiki master and obtained certifications in bio-energy, therapeutic touch, clinical hypnosis, and behavioral medicine. Since the start of her professional journey, Dr. Mai has worked hard to build

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Driven by the belief that positive discipline is the best way to aid child development, Catherine Gruener continues to thrive at the head of Gruener Consulting and Counseling and its subsidiary, Encouragement Parenting. The former offers counseling for people of all ages, and the latter focuses on helping parents improve their relationships with their kids. Other services include individual counseling and assessments, case management, couples counseling, and assistance for parents with gifted children, special needs children, and children with behavioral issues. Ms. Gruener’s interest in the niche stems from her psychosocial-based scientific research and her eight-year involvement with the Adler School of Professional Psychology. Her desire to implement the knowledge she acquired led her to open her businesses. The main

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Renowned as a teacher and psychologist, Frances Jane Wirth is proud of the impact she had on the students she worked with. Her goal was to help the children build the courage to improve and grow, so seeing their successes was a true joy. Ms. Wirth’s first job in the field was as an elementary education teacher at Decatur Public Schools, followed by an elementary education teacher at River Trails District 26, a teacher and research assistant at the Purdue Kephert Clinic for Autism, the director of the graduate women’s residence hall at Purdue University, a guidance counselor at School District 218, and a dance teacher in Orland Park and Oak Forest, Illinois. She then became a school psychologist at

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Backed by expertise in Christian therapy, adoption, narcissism, PTSD, depression, and anxiety, Judy Sobczak continues to thrive as a licensed psychologist. She has worked out of her own private practice since 2002 and loves the fact that her job offers her the opportunity to work with clients from all walks of life. Dr. Sobczak has even treated clients who were key media figures, and although she can’t reveal their names, she takes pride in knowing that she’s part of the fabric of what’s going on in the world. Dr. Sobczak considers the highlight of her career, however, to be meeting Dr. George Kates, the director and owner of a clinic she worked in early on. He has been a key

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Inspired by people’s ability to change and learn, Nena M. Nera has dedicated herself to health care and psychology. She is currently the president and chief executive officer of The “N” Company, through which she offers both one-on-one and group mentoring for healthcare practitioners and other professionals, workshop presentations, education, and public speaking. Ms. Nera founded the health policy consultancy in 2000 with the goal of expanding her reach, and she is thrilled with her ongoing success. She recently conducted a series on communication and spoke on leadership. One of Ms. Nera’s positions prior to this was senior health policy analyst for Health Canada. The job gave her an opportunity she now considers a professional highlight: working with HIV/AIDS patients

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