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Martha Walsh-McGehee


With more than 35 years of professional experience, Martha Walsh-McGehee was the president of the Island Conservation Effort from 1988 to 2004. In addition to her primary role, she was the board chair of the Tortoise Preserve, a research associate with the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, and a trustee of the Rare Center for Tropical Bird Conservation from 1987 to 1991. Earlier in her career, Ms. Walsh-McGehee was a flight attendant with Trans World Airlines from 1967 to 1978. Beginning her studies by completing coursework at the University of Missouri in Columbia in 1966, Ms. Walsh-McGehee completed further coursework at Baker University in Baker City, Kansas, from 1966 to 1967 and at Marymount Manhattan College in New York

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With over 55 years of experience in her field, Mary Varney Rorty, PhD, is best known her for role in helping others teaching ethical uncertainty. She currently serves as a clinical associate professor, specializing in Aristotle’s philosophy and the new genesis. She has previously worked at the University of Virginia, the State University of New York at Buffalo, Ryder College, Douglass College, San Francisco State University and the University of California Santa Cruz. Additionally, she received a fellowship from the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics. Dr. Rorty obtained her Master of Arts in clinical ethics from the University of Virginia in 1994 and attended Johns Hopkins University in 1970, where she received a PhD. She obtained an undergraduate degree from

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Saundra McGuire


An experienced chemist and educator with 50 years of experience, Saundra Y. McGuire, PhD, serves as the founder and the owner of SYM Educational Consulting LLC. She has further flourished as an assistant vice chancellor, a professor of chemistry and the director emerita for the Center for Academic Success at Louisiana State University, where she formerly worked as a chemistry professor, an adjunct professor and the director of the Center for Academic Success. Additionally, Dr. McGuire has found success with the National College Learning Center Association, the University of Michigan, Howard University and Grambling State University in numerous executive roles. Prior to establishing her consultancy, Dr. McGuire was active with Cornell University in a variety of positions, including the acting

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Nancy Dewey


Having always loved teaching, Nancy E. Dewey would teach her stuffed animals as a young child. When she attended school, she realized just how important education was. Her first job was as a science laboratory technician, but when she got married, she figured that science lab work was not conducive to her children’s lifestyle. Therefore, she decided to go back to teaching and has been for 20 years. Ms. Dewey is most proud of the accomplishments and progress that her students have made throughout the years. Ms. Dewey began her professional career as a sixth grade teacher within the Willcox Unified School District in Arizona in 2001, remaining in this role for four years before instructing at the University of

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Marion Somers


Dr. Marion Somers is renowned as a geriatric care expert with more than 50 years of excellence in her field. She has earned a Bachelor of Arts, with honors, from the City College of New York and a Master of Science in recreational therapy from Lehman College. Dr. Somers subsequently obtained a PhD in human and organizational development from the Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, California. Dr. Somers’ passion for education has been her driving force while constantly finding workarounds to compensate for her being born with dyslexia. Notably, Dr. Somers’ work includes assistive devices for improving medical outcomes and quality of life in the aging population, and advocacy work for the families and caregivers of seniors. Prior to

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Basma El Zein


Basma El Zein, PhD, demonstrates proficiency in all aspects of her career, and is considered an expert in nanotechnology and renewable. She is currently the director general of the Governance and Sustainability Center. Since 2017, she has served as the dean of scientific research at the University of Business and Technology in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She has also been the director of the Research and Consultation Center at the institution since 2015. Dr. El Zein’s career in academia began in 1999 when she began as an instructor at the Jeddah International School. Throughout the years, she took on teaching and research positions at Dar Al Hekma University and the King Abdullah University for Science and Technology. Furthermore, she has been

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Kimberle Chapin


With more than 30 years of experience to her credit, Dr. Kimberle Chapin began her career in the Department of Laboratory Medicine at the Yale-New Haven Hospital, in which she was a resident from 1988 to 1990, a clinical fellow between 1990 and 1991, a chief resident from 1990 until 1991 and the assistant director of clinical microbiology from 1991 to 1992. Following these appointments, she worked as a clinical instructor at the Yale School of Nursing between 1990 and 1992. From 1992 until 1998, Dr. Chapin was active at the University of South Alabama in a number of capacities, such as an assistant professor of pathology, an associate professor of pathology, an associate professor of medicine and an associate

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Dorothy Chappell


Dorothy Field Chappell, PhD, is a biologist and educator with more than 40 years of service to her discipline. Inspired by her passion for helping others develop and grow, she initially pursued an education at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia, graduating in 1969 with a Bachelor of Science. She continued her studies at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, earning a Master of Science in 1973. Dr. Chappell concluded her academic efforts with a PhD at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in 1977. From 1977 to 1994, Dr. Chappell excelled as a professor of biology and the chair of the Department of Biology at Wheaton College in Illinois. She subsequently found success at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts, serving as

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Shirley Pritchett-Hilton


Inspired by America’s first female state Supreme Court justice, Justice Juanita Kidd Stout, Shirley Pritchett-Hilton, DD, ThD, PhD, is a global pastor, teacher, Christian counselor, professor of foundational hematology, oncology, neurology and biology, typist and editor, roles which she believes were chosen for her by the Lord. A retired public school teacher of the Philadelphia Board of Education, she served as an administrative judicial secretary for Hon. Judge Stout in Pennsylvania from 1974 to 1984. She was also president and senior pastor of Glory International University and Ministries in Philadelphia, and international chief executive officer of the International Warriors for Equality and Justice (IWEJ). Serving as an associate pastor in numerous churches, Dr. Pritchett-Hilton’s excellent Sunday school and university teachers

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Backed by more than three decades of professional excellence, Dr. Qinqin Liu continues to pursue her goal of transforming complex science into simplified and informative art. The combination of art and science suits Dr. Liu well, as she was introduced to both at an early age by her father and she finds the thought processes to be much the same. Her work focuses on shared ecosystems and living environments related to changing climates and human health.​Earlier in Dr. Liu’s career, she primarily sought to bolster her scientific knowledge, experience and standing. She did this by obtaining positions as a part-time ecology faculty member at the City College of San Francisco, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California Berkeley, and

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