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As a child, Violet Imhof Meek dreamed of becoming a scientist. She was constantly curious about how things worked, and thought the field presented a great opportunity to learn. Ms. Meek worked hard to achieve her goal, earning a Bachelor of Arts, summa cum laude, from St. Olaf College in 1960 and a Master of Science from the University of Illinois in 1962. She was encouraged by a professor to turn her focus to chemistry, so she obtained a PhD in chemistry from the University of Illinois in 1964. Degrees in hand, Dr. Meek set out to advance her industry. She started out as an instructor of chemistry at Mount Holyoke College, but she left to join Ohio Wesleyan University

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Susan Kelley


Growing up, Susan R. Kelley always enjoyed science classes. She began to hone in on chemistry in high school, but didn’t have much of a desire to complete labs and lab reports. When a family friend mentioned that engineering was a real-world application of science, she was intrigued. Ms. Kelley proceeded to apply to the Georgia Institute of Technology as a chemical engineering student, and ended up earning a Bachelor of Science in the subject in 1992. While she was there, she worked as a co-op student at Hoechst Celanese in Spartanburg, S.C. The Polymer QA department gave her a chance to gather real world experience, which she highly valued. She also worked 20 hours per week on campus at

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Driven by scientific curiosity, Susan Waggoner dedicated her career to electronics engineering, particularly energy and power in batteries. She started as an engineering technician at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Indiana in 1978, and was promoted to electronics engineer of test and measurement equipment four years later. Ms. Waggoner rose again within the company in 1991, this time to electronics engineer of energy and power. She remained in the role until her retirement. One of the highlights of Ms. Waggoner’s journey was obtaining patents for methods and systems of detecting leakage of energy storage structure liquids. She was thrilled to make a difference in her field. To further spread her reach, Ms. Waggoner served as a steering committee member

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Passionate and creative, Lucille Lang Day is renowned as a poet, writer, and scientist. She put her heart and soul into her career; each of the three professions was a childhood dream, and seeing them all come to fruition was extremely rewarding. Dr. Day became hooked on writing and poetry at the age of 6, when she penned her first poem. Reading Emily Dickinson’s poem, “Success,” cemented her desire to be part of that world. Then, a few years later, Dr. Day read a biography of Marie Curie and thought that scientific research sounded like an extremely worthwhile way to spend her life. These experiences paved the way for a fruitful and exciting professional journey. Dr. Day started out by

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A Christian science practitioner, Prudence Anderson has dedicated her career to helping others see the power of God in life. She has believed in her mission for as long as she can remember; she knew it was what she was meant to do. The first stop on her journey was Principia College in Elsah, Illinois, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1965. Ms. Anderson then used the knowledge she accrued to obtain positions like international negotiator at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration in Washington and member and speaker of the Association of Pupils of Herbert E. Rieke, CSB. To this day, she continues to make strides as a Christian science practitioner in Washington. Ms. Anderson loves inspiring

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A pharmaceutical pioneer, Ilse Piippo is renowned for her expertise in drug and molecule development. She has experience with every step of the process, from the beginning to market distribution, and she understands what should and should not be done in terms of regulatory requirements. This made her an invaluable addition to any team, spurring her growth through the industry. Over the years, Dr. Piippo rose from positions like project manager at Orion Yhtyma Oy to head of analytical and pharmaceutical development and head of regulatory affairs, quality assurance, and pharmacovigilance at Orion Yhtyma Oy, vice president of regulatory affairs at BioTie Therapies Ltd, and vice president of vaccine safety and clinical development at FIT Biotech. She then became the

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Determined to make a positive difference in the world, Lisa Dunkle set her sights on the world of medicine. She particularly wanted to help kids with problems no one knew how to solve. In pursuit of her goals, Dr. Dunkle obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Wellesley College in 1968 and an MD from Johns Hopkins University in 1972. She also earned diplomas from the National Board of Medical Examiners, the American Board of Pediatrics, the American Board of Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases, and the Pediatrics Infectious Disease Society. Degrees in hand, Dr. Dunkle set out to make her mark on the field. She started by garnering experience in roles like intern, resident in pediatrics, and fellow of infectious diseases

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Growing up in a farming area in western Pennsylvania, Jacqueline Y. Miller loved wandering outside, collecting butterflies and birds, and going fishing. She decided she wanted to pursue her interests further, so she became a curator of drosophila in the Department of Biology at the University of Pittsburgh. Getting this opportunity was wonderful for her, and only strengthened her passion. Set on her quest for discovery, Dr. Miller advanced through positions like curator of drosophila in the Department of Zoology at the University of Maryland, College Park, instructor in the Department of Biology at Gallaudet College, and assistant curator and entomology associate at the Allyn Museum of Entomology at the Florida Museum of Natural History. She continues to serve as

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Growing up in the country, Pamela Hallock Muller has always loved the outdoors. She knew she wanted a career that revolved around nature, and found oceanography to be a particularly appealing niche. Dr. Hallock Muller proceeded to earn a Bachelor of Arts in zoology from the University of Montana in 1969 and both a Master of Science and PhD in oceanography at the University of Hawaii in 1972 and 1977, respectively, and to become a certified scientific diver. Her first position in the field was assistant professor of earth sciences at the University of Permian Basin, followed by associate professor of marine science at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. She currently serves the latter school as a professor.

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Education has always been a big part of T. Kay Kiser’s life. She comes from a family of teachers and scholars, and learned the importance of continuously pursuing knowledge at a young age. Her dream in high school was to use her resources to become a medical missionary to Africa, but life got in the way. Still interested in the sciences, however, Ms. Kiser decided to make the best of her situation and become an independent scholar. She was very good at analysis, particularly instrument analysis, and took pleasure in digging deep and discovering the truth about things. Over the years, Ms. Kiser garnered hands-on experience in positions like microbiologist for the South Carolina State Board of Health, teacher at

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