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The founder and president of IEM LED Lighting Technologies, M. Nisa Khan has thrived in the semiconductors and engineering field. She and her company develop LED lighting technologies through research, innovation, and engineering. Their services include providing training and tutorials for R&D, manufacturing, engineering, and marketing for LED and SSL lighting. They also offer comprehensive LED/SSL luminaire product design, optimization, simulation, and testing for various existing and new lighting products.  Dr. Khan also works as an independent consultant and performs feasibility studies in various LED lighting and display industries.​ ​ ​Dr. Khan is the author of the research and college textbook, “Understanding LED Illumination.” It was described as the “most comprehensive introductory book in LED lighting,” by Professor Chou at

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At the beginning of her professional journey, Dr. Margaret Josephine Cox was dedicated to studying foreign languages. During her time as an undergraduate, however, she met some physics majors and thought their field was fascinating. She switched majors, and, by 1961, held a Bachelor of Science in experimental physics from the University of London. Dr. Cox proceeded to earn a PhD in atomic physics at the University of London in 1966, which she considers to be one of the biggest milestones of her career. While working toward her graduate degree, she measured the absorption of residents’ radiation, a component needed to be able to create lasers. The second milestone Dr. Cox reached happened around 1969, when she traveled to America

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​Passionate and hardworking, Muriel Ruth Nelson Hinkle dedicated more than three decades of service to the defense of the United States. She started in the field in 1970, when she served Analysis & Technology, Inc., as an illustrator of naval warfare predictions and computer stimulated naval engagements. After three years, she jumped to the top of the corporate ladder by co-founding Sonalysts, Inc., where she has been ever since, with her husband, David. During her time with the company, Ms. Hinkle has served as the company’s president and chief executive officer, and, when she retired in 2001, she was granted the distinguished titles of president emerita and CEO emerita.  She is proud of the business’s growth; originally an approximately 15-person

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