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A medical researcher with decades of experience, Charlotte G. Neumann is most proud of the work she has done in Africa. Her focus is on the malnutrition of women and children, although she also has experience in maternal health, childhood obesity, and nutritional intervention for HIV drugs. To share what she has learned, Dr. Neumann has also worked as a research professor at the Fielding School of Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles, since 2009.  She considers her favorite part of the job to be guiding the younger generations and getting physicians involved with nutrition. Dr. Neumann credits her husband for getting her involved in her field. She met him while studying at Harvard University, and found

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Coming from a family of medical professionals, Claudette Collier grew up learning the power of research. Although she initially started as a nursing student, she chose to enter the pharmaceutical industry because of the great opportunities it offers and the expansion it allows professionals. Most recently, Ms. Collier used her experience to thrive as the senior manager of global learning for AbbVie Inc., a biopharmaceutical research and development company responsible for discovering, developing, and marketing biopharmaceuticals and other drugs. She loved the job, and, moving forward, she plans to continue her efforts to advance her field in new and innovative ways. Ms. Collier has garnered more than a decade in her profession, almost half of which she spent with AbbVie.

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